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SUMMARY ë E-book, or Kindle E-pub ✓ Grace Burrowes Gwen Hollister cousin to the Maruis of Heathgate has fashioned a life as a poor relation raising her daughter Rose in rural obscurity and focusing all of her considerable passion and intellect on stewarding the estate they l. Wow I have to say this is one of the unusual heroes I've read He's basically alone very decent human and he's also depressed Burrowes did a great job subtly building his familyand friendship but also the relationship between Gwen her daughter Watching Douglas with Rose was a delightful piece of this uiet love story And it was generally uiet It was an easy lovely read with a determined and opinionated woman and the man eually determined to just love her and her daughter

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REVIEW Douglas Lord of Heartache ✓ E-book, or Kindle E-pub Ü Gwen Hollister cousin to the Maruis of Heathgate has fashioned a life as a poor relation raising her daughter Rose in rural obscurity and focusing all of her considerable passion and intellect on stewarding the estate they live on Douglas Allen Viscount Amery En find common ground and then mutual pleasure Gwen’s past rises up in the person of the powerful Duke of Moreland who’s bent on wresting control of Rose from her mother even if it means Gwen must marry the Moreland heir. How does an author make a character like Douglas who is such an odd duck a likeable hero If that author is Grace Burrowes it's done uite beautifully He was uiet and reserved unlike Gwen's cousins yet was very strong I'm not big on kids in books but Rose was a delight in this story The relationship between Douglas and Gwen was beautiful and I spent a great deal of the book crying or feeling like I was going to cry The Duke of Moreland was not likeable here like in the other books but his Esther kept him on the right pathIt was weirdI was reading this book during the same time period that I'm listening to The Heir on audiobook while driving The Heir takes place after Douglas but many of the same characters and situations are in both books I got so confused And I'm usually confused during the best of times

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Douglas Lord of HeartacheIve on Douglas Allen Viscount Amery is sent to Gwen by their mutual relations for lessons in husbandry of the land Only because Douglas rescues Gwen’s daughter from certain peril does Gwen accept the task As Douglas and Gw. This one is FREE today always check Good heavens but Douglas has had a hard year His brothers are both gone the family finances are in hideous array his mother is a carping cowand now he needs to take lessons on the land from a woman She's really pretty and she's warm and she smells nice and she really knows how to feed a hungry manand he saved her little daughter's life Poor Douglas he didn't stand a chanceBut Gwen while she falls hard for this wonderful man has many secrets and she just can't let him in When Gwen finally spilled ALL the beans to Douglas and her cousins well they are all up in arms for her And they want to do something about it She finds this surprising as she was pretty sure that she had shamed them beyond hopeAh family Sometimes they come via a blood bond and sometimes by marriage One thing you can count on with Ms Burrowes families they all are loyal to a fault I also like that they are smart They ferret out the facts and they figure out the clues And then they DEAL with the issues I do love that about her books She also gives us the readers enough clues that we can figure things out too Have to laugh as I had to go back and really READ the climax with the Duke of Moreland to get what happened Apparently I was reading too fast to catch all the nuances the first time through I had a hard time liking the Duke Which I found odd as I had really liked him in another series I think this book was the start of him behaving a tad bit better His wife Her Grace has her work cut out keeping him in line Back to Gwen and Douglas they have some steamy scenes as the characters always do in Ms Burrowes books But as always these are love scenes and not straight out erotica I do love well written romantica and Ms Burrowes gives us thatAnother thing I love about her writing are the words from yester year that she throws in Good thing I have the dictionary on my Kindle She uses these old words correctly I might add that give us a lovely extra layer in the book As I'm currently reading MacGregor's Lady coming soon I'm reminded of the theme of Ms Burrowes books at least in my opinion is that FAMILY FIRST IS AND FOREMOST I do love how the characters hold family dear and they are THERE for them No matter what It's a joy to readOnce again a lovely way to spend a snowy afternoon Or even a lovely spring daydepending upon when you are reading my reviewCan't go wrong with a Lonely Lord in your hands Thanks to Netgalley and Sourcebooks Casablanca for an eARC of this book