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Ely I can't stop thinking about him or his gorgeous green eyes Trust me I know that he's bad for me If only my heart would listen I also find out that my parents have kept a LIFE CHANGING secret from me I need to know the truthThe harder I strive for normal the stranger things seem to ge Soi had to wait a few hours after i finished Jaded because i didn't know what to writeThat was only because i liked the booki liked the story and i wanted to write something goodWelllet's see I started reading Jaded thinking that the description was too awesome and i couldn't wait to know how the book really wasIt was good and different in a good way I won't lie that i wished some things were differentthat's not new for meEvery time i read a book i wish thatso it's pretty normal This was Scarlett Ryan's storya rock star who needed a break from everythingAfter so many years doing what she was toldScarlett was determined to finish high school and live a normal life for a little whileBut that was a little too hard I admit that in a way Scarlett was annoying just a littlemainly when she talked about herself as if she was the only important person in the worldI understand thatshe was rock star and that's what rock stars doWellthat's how i see itAnywayAnd sometimes i liked the way she was trying to help her friendsEthan mainlyand of course StephanTwo boys who received exactly what they didn't expect a rock star on their headsDamn Wellfrom the beginning i liked they way Scarlett and Stephan reacted when they were in the same placeAt first it was a little oddbut from thereLet's just say things got better Stephan was my favorite guy from this bookHis attitude made me laugh and smileHe wasn't always goodbut that's what i liked about himA bad boy attitude?Yeah This was Scarlett's chance to have something normalbut what she didn't know was that there was a secret that nobody knewA secret that will change her lifeat first in a good waybut sometimes things turn out to be a little complicated and that's when Scarlett once again does the one thing she thinks is goodshe left the people who loved her for who she wasnot the rock star Seriouslythe end was exactly what i didn't likeIt wasn't badif i don't count the fact that Scarlett did what she thought was good for everyone elsei can say that it was something that a lot of people doThe do things because they think it is better for the people they lovebut my uestionwhat about them?What about Scarlett's feelings?Yikes The characters were pretty goodespecially EthanStephanBridgett Alec and ScarlettYeahonly themcause they were the only ones who made me laugh and smileThey were the ones who made this story interesting and fun Honestlyi can't wait to read the next bookWhen it comes to stories like this one i always hope that something good happens nextAnd after everything that happened in this book there has to be something good for Scarlett and Stephan in the next bookPretty please?

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Jaded By Mercy AmaJaded is the first book in the Rock Star trilogyI'm Scarlett RyanYes THAT Scarlett RyanI live an extraordinary life millionaire rock star owner of exotic cars pictures of me in every magazine millions of fans and a name that is recognized world wide It's supposed to be my dream come true FREE today on US 8242013

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PDF Ð BOOK Jaded By Mercy Amare FREE ✓ Jaded is the first book in the Rock Star trilogyI'm Scarlett RyanYes THAT Scarlett RyanI live an extraordinary life millionaire rock star owner of exotic cars pictures of me in every magazine millions of fans and a name that is recognized world wide It's supposed to be my dream come true But my life IS aBut my life IS a fantasy and I want real I want exciting I want NORMAL So I moved from California to Florida hoping to obtain some normalcy Instead I findStephan MontgomeryHe's an arrogant jerk Seriously I hate him I swear if he tells me one blonde joke I will punch him again Unfortunat ARC copy provided by the author for an honest review4 45 starsTotally and completely unexpected Holy wowzersLet me first say that I in no way relate to high school romance but something about this book drew me in from the very beginning Scarlett Ryan is suffocating in her rock star world being run over by her managerfather She wants a break and decides to take one regardless of her fathers opinion Relocating to Hope Florida and enrolling in the local high school to finish out her senior year are really the only plans she has Cue meeting Ethan with the Thor eyes hero capabilities and Scar is feeling relaxed in her choice to live a normal life Right away And then it only gets worse Enter Stephan and I'm about to explode from the magnetism between Scar and Stephan It's angsty and funny but oh so I'm thrown though because I have no idea about the history of these two seemingly normal guys When it comes to the forefront it's a mess of twisted love affairs and car crash scenarios school rumors heart ache and then ultimately love between two adults in their lives that really give you an ache and make you want to hold on to Stephan and Another shocker hits Scarlett head on and you can practically see her falling over from the WHAT THE FUCK news It's almost crushing but so damn relieving to know that she now has someone in her life that means something to her Scar and Stephan continue to build their relationship and like any normal high school dating scene they have their moments of fall outs and bliss It's a beautiful process to watch and see how each of them grows into it Disaster strikes in the form of heart wrenching pain And within pages you're left with a hell of a cliffhanger But don't worry Mercy is releasing FADED soon I almost felt like I was re living my own high school relationship Don't get me wrong it was never perfect but I felt the fight in both Scar and Stephan and it reminded me of a time that was almost freeing that at times it really was perfect The story of Scarlett and Stephan is something to enjoy There is no steamy sex scene's in this book but even without them you can feel the temperature changes when the two of them are together Jaded is definitely a book I recommendMy cast Scarlett StephanEthan