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free read The Hungry Tide 106 Õ In de Golf van Bengalen ligt een uitgestrekte archipel van eilanden de Sundarbans genaamd In dat gebied vermengen de wateren van de Himalaya zich met het inkomend getij van de zee Dagelijks verdwijnen duizenden hectaren oerwoud in het water om uren later weer droog te vallen De plaatselijke kolonisten geloven dat wie zonder zuiveRzoek doen in de uitgestrekte en gevaarlijke Sundarbans en laat zich daarbij begeleiden door Fokir een ongeletterde man uit de omgeving Kanai wordt haar vertaler Vanaf dat moment begint het tij te keren Piya's zoektocht naar de biologische omstandigheden wordt vooral een zoektocht naar zichzelf. One of Amitav Ghosh's best books I would say The setting of the book is in the 'Sundarbans' in Eastern India– a vast forest in the coastal region of the Bay of Bengal and considered one of the natural wonders of the world There is not much of a story as such in the novel but there are excellent characters and visual depictions of the Sundarbans The landscape plays a prominent role in the book One could almost breathe 'Sundarbans' However unlike forests in Himalayan ranges in the North 'Sunderbans' display a certain kind of calm and beauty but also leave a trail of heavy suffocation especially during the monsoon; they are dark humid uninviting and there is always a sense of danger lurking in the airOn the brighter note I loved reading about the landscape shown in the book it is like I am knowing deeply a character with its varied shades in the novel The fact that such a region exists– with its flora and fauna– is delightful The immense density of these forests the presence of white tigers the Bengal tiger make this place among other things preciousThe other thing I liked about the book is the character portrayal of Fokir a fisherman a native of the place– he acts like a guide to Piya Roy an Indo American biologist who comes to Sundarbans to study the rare varieties of river dolphins in the region Fokir's character is wonderfully written; he has the same ualities and a certain uniueness about him which are similar to the landscape that sustains and nurtures him Fokir knows the region the way a lover knows the body of his beloved– deeply intimately and with an acute sense of love concern and ownership He has rivers in him the swish of a running stream the virility of fertile landscape and the agility of a wildcat His body is as smooth and supple as that for a fish the sheer force of these sensual descriptions of Fokir can easily be assigned to the landscape at least to certain aspects of itGhosh's background in history probably persuaded him to write about Sundarbans– these primordial virgin regions carrying within them treasures but the current infatuations with thoughtless development is playing havoc in the area So the human presence apart from Fokir's is largely intrusive and destructive It unfolds in regional politics and in complicated ways is shaped by the global capitalThe hungry tide the Sundarbans is hungry because it is one of its kind; it is ferocious because it is just nature at its best– wholly unmediated by any external presence On the other hand the hungry tide is hungry in the sense of 'deficient' due to the aggressive and ever increasing human interventions in the region It is probably this that makes Ghosh write this bookAnd he wrote it brilliantly

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In de Golf van Bengalen ligt een uitgestrekte archipel van eilanden de Sundarbans genaamd In dat gebied vermengen de wateren van de Himalaya zich met het inkomend getij van de zee Dagelijks verdwijnen duizenden hectaren oerwoud in het water om uren later weer droog te vallen De plaatselijke kol. If Shadow Lines enthralled you Amitav Ghosh's latest masterpiece the Hungry Tide will sweep you off your feet and into the precarious waters of the SundarbansIn the typical Ghosh style the narrative moves fluidly between past and present You will be transported into the mindset of the superstitious yet brave folk who have adapted themselves to the constant ebb and flow of the tide and are living in continuous fear of the Bengal tigers The tide begins to turn with the advent of two seekers from the outside world Piyali Roy an Indian American marine biologist in search of the Irrawaddy dolphins and Kanai Dutt an urbane translator from New Delhi who's there to retrieve his deceased uncle Nirmal's journal Their lives become intertwined particularly with Fokir an illiterate but proud fisherman who has the rivers in his heart As the narrative progresses they are forced to respect nature in order to survive and to communicate with people who differ not only in language but also in euations of existence It is a story of love revolution brutal history and the place of man within the treacheries of nature It seems to underscore Nirmal's observation that nothing escapes the maw of the tides

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The Hungry TideOnisten geloven dat wie zonder zuiver hart het waterlabyrint in gaat niet terugkeertDe komst van Piya Roy een jonge onafhankelijke vrouw Indiaas van geboorte maar Amerikaans opgevoed en Kanai Dutt een zakenman uit Delhi verstoort de gevoelige balans van het lokale leven Piya wil ecologisch onde. Amitav Ghosh I must say is an amazing story teller and in this book he proved beyond doubt that literary skill of the Bengali is redoubtableAbsolutely engrossing this book is one such where you come across a great story which is amazingly written and make you an instant fan of the authorThis book is well researched and the story is set in the 70's and it revolves around the Sundarbans and have this lovely descriptions of the land the people and the animalsI would actually call it informativeWhy 4 stars to this book even though it is such an amazing book Yes because at times the writer seems to me a bit too cynical and calculativeAnd I'm bit ashamed of myself that I read just one book by this finest Indian writer However I'm planning to read his other books soon and I grant his books a permanent position in my reading listuntil they disappoint me