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For Violet Eden the decisions between right and wrong are getting harder and harder You'd think as a half angel Grigori warrior she'd automatically be on the side of good But how can she. I don't know If I'm the only one here But I love Phoenix I have since book 1 and I will until the last one How anyone can blame him for how he is is beyond me He was judged and cast out before he said a word He's finally experienced love a completely new unknown and very scary feeling and he has no clue what to do or how to act He's fighting the darkness inside that he never asked for and struggles for control every single day he only wanted her to live him and he may have gone about that wrongly but how can he know this when no one has taught him right from wrong He had no role models no life education to tell him how to cope with these feelings he's experiencing Instead he has to helplessly exist and stand there seeing the person he loves love another Yeah I hate Licoln He's done nothing wrong but because of him Phoenix is miserable and will never be with the person he loves This love triangles getting boring Anyway the bombshell at the end of this book Was well WowI hope book 4 is out soon thats all I have to say Poor James Blaming himself for being a bad dad thinking it was all his fault He's finally starting to get his life back on track and he comes home to find his daughter back from frickin Greece and his 'dead' wife standing in the kitchen Yeah that's normal Can't wait to see how that turns out;D

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Emblaze The Violet Eden Chapters #3Choose between the life of her best friend and the lives of all Grigori Between the soul crushing need for her training partner Lincoln and her desire to keep him safe at all costs And wh. I don’t know if I have ever been as conflicted as I am right now by this book I read Embrace last year and became a fast fan of The Violet Eden Chapters and I loved Entice even than the first Did I really like Emblaze Yes Will I continue on with the series I don’t think so So I am going to do this review in two parts I’ll start off with what made me like Emblaze and then move onto why even though I really liked the book I won’t continue on with the seriesSo what did I love about Emblaze This series so so action packed and Violet is one of the most kick ass female MC’s I have ever had the pleasure of reading about She is so head strong and physical it’s awesome She takes charge of every knife in the road that is thrown at her and refuses to sit back and be protected by the men around her She is than capable of kicking ass and taking names and is by no means afraid to do so I also adore Lincoln he is a total alpha and utterly oozes sexiness to me He knows Violet so well and is perfectly willing to take a back seat because he recognizes just how capable she is and is constantly praising her for it Those are the two characters that are most talked about from the series but I have to say that the supporting characters here are just as great as the main ones Everyone from Hades bar owner Dapper to Violet’s father are so well developed and feel like they are just as important as the heads of the taleI also have come to really love the uniue angel lore that Shirvington has so expertly weaved The back history of the exiles and the role of the Grigori in the grand scheme of things all comes together so well to create a backdrop of an epic war of the worlds I definitely appreciate that while this is a tale of angels and those that have fallen it does not feel like a religious tale at all There was even a scene where Violet had mentioned seeing someone praying and was uncomfortable with doing so herself because that had never been a part of her life I am always so pleased with the authors ability to have such religious figures be so present in the story and yet make religion feel like a subtle undertone to it allSo at this point you are probably thinking “that is all so positive why would you not continue on with the series” Well I really think that the angst is what has killed it for me Through the three books in this series that I have read I have loved Lincoln and Violet and thought that there reason for fighting their attraction to one another was well done and believable I understood why they fought it so adamantly and while I wanted them to be together it made sense why they weren’t But by the end of Emblaze I have to say I am over it I am done with the back and forth I mean these two people KNOW that they are soul mates they ache when they are around each other and they ache even when they are apart I had hoped that we would get some resolution and togetherness from them by the end of this one but I really felt like there relationship went no where and I can’t deal with them fighting it any The worst part is had they decided to stop fighting the attraction when Emblaze ended I most definitely would have continued on with the series so I could have had the pleasure of finally reading about them together But this is an instance where it’s just getting dragged out far too long and it’s really becoming uite tedious and too annoying for my tasteMy reason for not continuing on is totally a personal reason and I know a lot of people prob

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Emblaze (The Violet Eden Chapters, #3) free read Æ 6 ✓ For Violet Eden the decisions between right and wrong are getting harder and harder You'd think as a half angel Grigori warrior she'd automatically be on the side of good But how can she choose between the life of her best friend and the lives of all Grigori Between the soAt if the darkest exiled angel of all Phoenix isn't as bad as she thoughtWith the power to raise a being from the Underworld in her hands Violet only has one chance to make the right choi. This book was so freaking good it was action packed and full of romance which I loved I really enjoy this series and I'm looking forward to reading the next books