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Peat sex’ he is drawn in by her crazy anticsLivvy knows she has to step up her game to keep the hunky playboy interested When she turns the tables on him Tommy can’t seem to get enough But can she keep up the crazy charade or will she find herself in way over her head I loved this book It had the perfect combination of sex humor One minute I would be needing a cold shower fanning myself it was fucking hot and the next I would be giggling wondering what else could go wrong for Livvy Tommy is a sexy ass drummer in a hot band and he doesn't do girlfriends Or repeat hook ups Livvy aka Crazy is just a girl who doesn't care for rock stars and is vanilla than vanilla essence With a friends with benefits arrangement it's up to Livvy to keep Tommy on his toes so she can prove to him that there's to their relationship than just sexOmg I don't think there's ever been an erotic book that has made me laugh so hard til I almost lost bladder control while desperately wanting an orgasm of my own Rock Me Crazy did just that You will have to read it to work out what I mean Keywords to look out for Sheath your arrow in my uiver? trench coat and icecubes the naughty nurse with handcuffs the spank me scene and of course dominatrix Livvy with her exercise class and Xylophone I wanted to use uotes but that would give away the goodness so you will have to check this one out for yourselfThis book was the most fun and funny hot reads I have ever had the pleasure of reading I recommend it to everyone that loves hot sex scenes laughing your ass off Loved it uinn has a new fan in me

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Crazy Rock Me #3 Tommy doesn’t do relationshipsLivvy doesn’t do one night standsBy the time she finds out that he’s a rock star with serious commitment issues it’s too late she’s fallen for him But how can an average girl snare a sexy rock star? By pretending she not so averageT This book was absolute perfection Of all the books in the Rock Me series this is by far my favorite so far It had the perfect mix of steamy love scenes funny banter and sweet moments between the main characters The sex scenes were super hot but often than not I found myself laughing out load at the crazy hilarious interactions between Tommy and Liv They were such an unexpected much from all we've learned about Tommy thus far in the previous books but fit together so well I absolutely loved Olivia and her uirkycrazy antics The handcuff scene and the bdsm club scene literally had me laughing so hard my stomach hurt Then the author would totally switch it up and provide a moment like Liv playing nurse which were so hot I needed a breather afterwards This is definitely a must read Honestly you don't even have to read the previous books in the series to thoroughly enjoy this one It was a uick read like the others but seemed to have depth Gonna start the 4th one now We'll see how it goes So far though I have been extremely satisfied with these books I just hope we get books for all the boys in the band I feel like in each case there is so much to explore Especially since when each of the books so far have ended the boys have just embarked on serious relationships with the women they love It just seems like threre is so much story to tell for each of the 4 male leads

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Read Crazy (Rock Me, #3) eBook µ Kindle Edition ↠ moneyexpresscard è Tommy doesn’t do relationshipsLivvy doesn’t do one night standsBy the time she finds out that he’s a rock star with serious commitment issues it’s too late she’s fallen for him But how can an average girl snare a sexy rocOmmy drummer for the band Cold Fusion is used to partying hard Every night there’s a new woman in his bed and that’s the way he likes it From the moment they first meet Livvy intrigues him; she’s so different from all the other girls Despite his reluctance for ‘re Rock Me Crazy by Arabella uinn45 StarsTommy and Olivia meet one night in a club She just got ditched by one of her friends and is not in a good mood drowning away her sorrows when Tommy swoops in and catches her eye and little does she know but soon her heart Only Tommy doesn’t tell her one small bit of info he is part of a famous band This book has it all folks Drama love sex lust humor and it is all balanced out perfectly He is a rock star who doesn’t want a relationship and Livvy is just “crazy” enough to make him realize he may be having a change of heart My one complaint about this book is too short Way way too short I wanted it to just keep going on It seemed like just when it started getting good it was ending Some of the predicaments they get themselves into were hysterical and I wish the author had continued their crazy story It’s a short fun book that left me with a smile on my face I got to the last page and wanted to cry I am hoping there is to their story in the future because it seemed like it just started for them and would love to read