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READ ↠ Fifteen By Beverly Cleary ´ It seems too good to be true A popular boy has asked Jane out and she's never even dated before Stan is tall and good looking friendly and hard working everything Jane ever dreamed of But is she ready for this Does she have the right clothes Will he like herSuppose her parents won't let her go What if she's nervThe clever things to say If only she were prettier If only she were ready for thisWith her usual warmth perceptiveness and humor Beverly Cleary creates the joys and worries of a young girl's first cru. This is a sweet little book written in the fifties about being fifteen in the fifties that is probably too dated for a modern fifteen year old Cleary's books about the children of the Klickitat Street neighborhood written in the same period have retained relevance and kept their bloom much better I read this at the same time as Lynne Rae Perkins's 'Criss Cross' It was interesting how much jaded kids in that book were written five years ago about being fourteen in the seventies But Cleary's 'first love' books despite the demise of the ID bracelet and the idea of 'going steady' remain in print Some things never change like teen age girls obsessing about boys and vice versa and 'eyeing with disapproval' their mothers' attire To give you some examples of 'Fifteen's' age Jane Purdy runs into her dream boy Stan Crandall when he's on his route delivering horsemeat for pets Jane's town Woodmont seems to be exclusively populated by middle class white families On a visit to the Chinatown of the nearby metropolis one boy makes jokes about 'flied lice' and Jane can't handle the unfamiliar food Then again there is something appealing about Jane's innocence and earnestness and something timeless about her struggle to be herself in high school People still watch 'Leave It to Beaver' for which Cleary wrote an accompanying series of books no longer in print Ken Osmond who played Wally explaining the staying power of that TV series says 'Kids are still the same as they were in 1810'

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For this Does she have the right clothes Will he like herSuppose her parents won't let her go What if she's nervous and makes a fool of herself Maybe he'll think she's too young If only she knew all. This book is brilliant and I love everything about it it is simple and witty and for a long time what I wanted my life to be like when I was fifteen This book is probably the one book that has the most sentimental value for me it's because the first time I ever read this was when it was read aloud to my sister Michelle and I when I was about nine years old it was read to us by our cousin Dominiue or DD to us She was five years older then me and two years older then my sister and we all where super close like sisters And we all giggled all the way through it and fawned over Stan the heart throb in this book and suealed at all the embarrassing moments But then me and Michelle had to move away and the giggles became rarer the fawning stopped completely and this book was almost forgotten Until about two summers ago when me and my family went to visit my cousins for a couple weeks That's when it was picked up again and read aloud by the same girl and was read to the same people plus to my cousin Sebastian who wanted in on it And the giggles where repeated so where the fawns and the sueals had been brought back too And though we had all utterly changed in the years we spent apart we sill had Fifteen


Fifteen By Beverly CleaIt seems too good to be true A popular boy has asked Jane out and she's never even dated before Stan is tall and good looking friendly and hard working everything Jane ever dreamed of But is she ready. I wish I could go on a date in the 50s in no small part because Stan Crandall is ever so dreamy If you haven't met him yet and you have a weakness for nice boys with a winning grin you really should swing by to pick him up for your next book dateStan is the object of affection in Fifteen and he has a golden tan green eyes brown hair with a dip in it and a sincere smile Jane Purdy meets him one summer afternoon when he saves her from a babysitting disaster and though he asks her out shortly afterwards she's never uite sure of herself when it comes to their relationship Why should a popular boy like that like her anyway when there are smooth girls like Marcy Stokes around With her casually streaked blonde hair Marcy is the cashmere sweater type who always has a way of making Jane feel completely out of place Remember when boys helped girls with their coats when it was scandalous not to wear stockings when high schools sponsored steak bakes and when the triple feature was followed by a trip to the local soda shop No Well I don't either but I get to pretend I'm living in the 50s every time I reread one of Beverly Cleary's teen romances She's well known for her beloved middle grade books but she brings the same sort of warmth and wisdom to her YA novels as well While some of the customs and details are charmingly dated the themes of self discovery and heartbreak are timeless and I daresay universal After all these years this book still feels so honest and engaging to me and is such a great story about making the transition between childhood and adulthood Jane tries her best to deal with her many uncertainties from school to unfamiliar cultural experiences to her dating woes and I feel such sympathy for her wistfulness at feeling left out of something and the small fibs she tells when she's trying to be sophisticated And as liberated and independent as women are supposed to be now I can't imagine there is a girl out there who doesn't identify with Jane's thrill at the prospect of beach picnics and swimming parties on Stan's arm The author also does a wonderful job of creating a familiar sense of time and place whether it's Jane's comfortably worn in home with her parents or a sitting on a rock by the river on a date The golden age of America depicted in Beverly Cleary's novels is idyllic and perhaps idealized with nuclear families and strong moral values taking center stage But that is exactly what I like so much about them I love the sweetness and simplicity of this escapism and I love Fifteen in particular because it's wonderful to read stories about ordinary girls like Jane and how her attraction to Stan is mostly based on the fact that he's nice How novel is that Very much so in these jaded timesStan Crandall may not be be the first guy teenage girls think of any when they fantasize about swoon worthy boys But he's welcome to stop by and take me for a ride in his powder blue coupé anytimeRandom Side NoteIncidentally if you ever decide to try making a chocolate coke float which is Jane's drink of choice at Nibley's Confectionery and Soda Fountain I'd recommend using the usual paper wrapped plastic straw as opposed to the paper ones that are so popular these days The striped paper one I used looks pretty in the photo but it got soggy before I'd even finished drinking it And I didn't even have the distraction of sitting across the table from a cute boy view spoilerDamn it hide spoiler