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For the past four months Natalie Carmichael and Nolan Young have been complete Everything still feels right in their passion filled world It still feels natural that is until Nolan's mother passes awayThings begin to turn for the worst for Nolan and his brother Mills After los Gold 45 stars Review to comeI've been saying since I finished the first book that Nolan better not break my heart and he did But not like you might think or it might be exactly like your thinking I can't really say how without giving too much away and I don't want to spoil it for anyone so I'm not going to but it's also fair to say Nolan got his heart broken too I'm so happy the author Shanora wrote this book from both Nolan and Nat's POV and is talented enough to pull it off In order for her readers to experience why Nolan is acting the way he is and making the comments he is to Nat we really have to be inside his head On the other hand in order for us to know the damage he's doing to Nat and the part of her past she is relating to how he's treating her we also have to be in her head Again Shanora did an awesome job keeping us in both their heads even when we didn't want to be Angst? Jealously? Doucheness? Stupidity? Assholery? Yes we get some of all that in this book Some from Nolan and some from Nat There were times I was reading with my mouth hanging open thinking WTF is Nolan doing Why is he saying this shit? Then there I am a little while later asking Nat what the heck she's thinking and to stop it right now Believe it or not It was Nat that was giving me whiplash and Nolan was really the one out of the 2 that knew what needed to be done in his life Now unfortunately we are introduced to some new characters We have Slutty Sharon which is Nolan's ex girlfriend grrrrrr and the hottie Tyler that Nat meets at school We get to see of Harper Dawson Dawson's so sweet and Harper has her own issues Nolan's brother Mills is around giving his advice and attitude too We learn about Brittany's history and in the end we read about her and Jordan's future tooAnd of course you can't forget about the poems Those aren't missing either One particular poem that Nat gives Nolan blew me away It wasn't elaborate or long it just fit so perfect to the situation I can't wait for this book to be released for everyone to experience it It's perfect

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Hard to Hold On Hard to Resist #2 Ing their father from previous years before it's a tragedy on top of a tragedy Along with the loss Natalie and Nolan will face obstacles that they aren't so sure they can handle From the NY Times and USA Today bestselling novel Hard to Resist Natalie and Nolan will realize tha Holy Freakin' Hell What a total angst fest It was enough to make me want to pull my hair out and smash my kindle and made me stay up til almost 2 am when I have to get up for work at 5 am Bad Bad ShanoraThis is the seuel to Hard to Resist and it takes place a few months after the separation of Nolan and Natalie in book one when Nolan went back to California to take care of his mom Nolan and Nat have been apart but were doing okay until Nolan goes through a traumatic event and Nat tries to be there for him But now the tables are turned and Nolan is depressed and closed off and it is Nat's turn to try to reach him I don't want to hurt you BunnyI need space right now I can't deal with anyone's emotions outside of my own Nolan picked me up after being hurt once before but this has just crushed me completely My heart is bursting and the pieces are scattering throughout my entire bodyThis begins a roller coaster of miscommunication running away avoidance jealousy trouble from outside influences fear anger and insecurity It put me through the wringer I was seriously angry at at least one characters in every part of the book First Nolan then Nat then Nolan then Tylerthe new guy then Sharonthe ex then Nat and so on Nolan and Nat drove me crazy They just had such a hard time getting back on the same page and they have a tendency to make rash decisions pass uick judgments and allow insecurities to interfere Their pasts still haunt them and have an effect on their present relationship It was emotional whiplash with them going back and forth so much But again I still felt like they needed to be together We're not ending Natalie I don't care what I have to do to keep you I will I don't care what I have to go through to keep you with me You're mineThere were people trying to keep them apart and friends trying to help keep them together But through it all I still felt that they truly loved each other had something special and belonged together And they still have very hot chemistry and steamy encounters Even though their communication skills are still seriously lacking and they both make poor choices It was a really rough road for them I loved getting to see of Harper and Dawsonit was great to see how their relationship is developing And we were given insight into his brother Mills in this story I grew to like him than I did in the first book There are two new characters that seriously needed to get their butts kicked Tyler is a new guy that Nat meets at school He seems too good to be true And Nolan's ex Sharon cannot seem to keep her nose out of their business Like they did not already have enough drama going on already And there are some twists and turns that make you keep flipping pages We get both Nolan and Nat's POV so you feel the heartache the fear the loss the anger the insecurity all first hand Finally things seem to be calming down in Nolan and Nat's world and we can breathe a little bit Will it all be too little too late? In the end will they find it harder to hold on or harder to just let go?Looking forward to another book in the series featuring from Harper and DawsonThanks to Sh

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mobi Ü Hard to Hold On ð Hard to Resist À moneyexpresscard ☆ For the past four months Natalie Carmichael and Nolan Young have been complete Everything still feels right in their passion filled world It still feels natural that is until Nolan's mother passes awayThings begin to turn for the worst for T there is something in their relationship that will have them either wanting to run away or trying to stick through itWill Natalie and Nolan stick together? Can they hold on to what they've worked so hard to keep going?Love was found Their only hope is that it never gets lost This book was hard for me to get a hold on I was up and down and just all over I wanted no NEEDED Nolan and Nat to get their Happily Ever After Both had already been through their share of trials and tribulations and I wanted to bask in the sexy sweet Nope I got snot tears butterflies like bats in my tummy and really wanted to slap Nat than onceHere's a bit of running commentary18 24% Sobbing Crying like a big baby Packing for the airport Wahhhhhhhh I felt so sad SHANORA WHYYYYYYYYY34% Biting my nails Dread sitting in the pit of my belly Please no Please please please no 37% I wanna slap a bitch Nat is KILLING ME I know Nolan is not handling things well but dude He's grieving What's her excuse? Come on Nat Please image error