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Mira Corpora is the debut novel from acclaimed playwright Jeff Jackson It's a coming of age story for people who hate coming of age stor. Right so I wrote this But if you're my Goodreads friend I think there's a solid chance you'll like it too A uick rundown The novel received advanced praise from Don DeLillo Dennis Cooper David Gates Chloe Aridjis and Justin Taylor And it's a Finalist for the Los Angeles Times Book Prize Slate picked it as one of the Books You Shouldn't Overlook in 2013 Salon chose it for their Year End Book Guide Flavorwire selected it as one of the 10 Best Debut Novels of 2013 It's also gotten positive notices in The Wall Street Journal Bookforum and Vice It's being described as a coming of age story for people who hate coming of age stories A journey across a shifting dreamlike landscape featuring feral children teenage oracles mysterious cassette tapes abandoned amusement parks and a reclusive underground rockstar It's definitely a dark book but there's also plenty of beauty and tenderness and even a strange sort of redemption The novel aims to be adventurous with the prose and structure while still having a propulsive plot that keeps the pages turning To see if it's your kind of thing you can check out excerpts from the book at Guernica and The Collagist Finally here's an interview that just appeared at Tin House Tin House called it a beautiful and intense book a grimy fever dream in the shape of the fictional autobiography There is a mesmerizing episode involving a society of runaway children led by a teenage oracle a cassette tape that might or might not call to mind certain elements of Infinite Jest and a take no prisoners writing style that made me read the entire book in one sitting

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Mira CorporaIes A journey across a shifting dreamlike landscape featuring feral children teenage oracles mysterious cassette tapes and a reclusive u. This is what Scott Bradfield tried and failed to do with his novel A History of Luminous Motion But whereas Bradfield's exuisite prose and young narrator were a conflicting mismatch of form and figure Jackson hits the right tone at the right time for the narrator as he grows from age six to eighteen and beyond The book starts with short terse paragraphs memories as vignettes with the staccato lurching of fragmented memories in a similar style as Ben Marcus' early works As the narrator ages the writings and the situations become complex though never too complex until we reach the drug addled chapter My Life in Exile in which all direction is lost and the narrator's voice becomes as confused as the circumstances being reflected upon though they are never so blinding that one completely loses the thread That's not to say that the reader doesn't occasionally wake up alongside the narrator in the same state of confusion and blackout memory loss about what preceded the present and where exactly one was or is at that moment At times the thread is so bare that the narrator and hence the reader uestions if he is the same person as the one who relatedread the previous chapter There's no doubt that the narrator has lost his mind but the uestion is How much was lostThe author's caveat at the beginning of the book Sometimes it's been difficult to tell my memories from my fantasies does not help to clarify matters And perhaps that's what gives the book some of its power Though a work of fiction there is enough verisimilitude to believe that perhaps some of the work is not fiction but autobiography Then again is autobiography ever anything other than fiction reallyOne thing that is clear is Jackson's ability to invoke heartbreak and emotional confusion Though the book has some surreal situations a colony of runaways living in the woods an amusement park inhabited by feral monkeys an enslavement to drugs and the very real enslavement to another human being the mental dissonance caused in the mind by these dark strange scenes never seems to overpower the angst of broken heartedness that the narrator himself suffers from but of which he seems nearly unaware This is a descent into emotional numbness and it hurts going down Here the hero doesn't write the uest the anti uest writes the anti hero

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Mira Corpora Free download Á 109 µ Mira Corpora is the debut novel from acclaimed playwright Jeff Jackson It's a coming of age story for people who hate coming of age stories A journey across a shifting dreamlike landscape featuring feral children teenage oracles mysterious cassette tapes and a reclusive underground rockstar With astounding precisiNderground rockstar With astounding precision Jackson weaves a moving tale of discovery and mad hope across a startling vibrant landscap. I record the events of my life filling up one notebook after another Maybe I’m not getting the details exactly right but it doesn’t matter The strict facts hold no currency here What counts is the saliva I just spat on this very sheet of paper Jeff Jackson’s first book considers the formative years those crucial years that see us coming into our own individuality and subjectivity while faced with traumas trials and in this case ever so many dogs who seem to be hungry for their pound of flesh Like many childhood coming of age stories Jackson’s inverts reality like Alice’s world in the looking glass like Pip literally turned upside down in the opening pages of Great Expectations and like Lacan’s subjectival model of the inverted bouuet in the mirror stage Jackson insists that in order to fathom the depths of childhood one must approach it back to front

Here our narrator also named “Jeff Jackson” reveals his childhood in sketches or fragments but whether these are “real”—the prologue mentions how the author chanced upon old notebooks that eventually became the finished product Mira Corpora—or “imagined” scenes of childhood needn’t matter at all Isn’t one’s childhood filled with as many unreal or exaggerated scenes as it is populated by intense realities and crushing blowsJackson’s narrator meanders through fantasized realities through waking nightmares There are intense yearnings for intimacy—an alcoholic mother a glimpse across the street to catch the eye of a young girl who is similarly albeit differently captured—as well as battles for self discovery at the hands of exploitative authoritative figures who capitalize on childhood “innocence” and the social and cultural fantasies and anxieties about any transient state How can the individual triumph when the oracle—a teenaged girl doped up on some yellow pill—delivers the prophecy on a blank sheet of paper How can the many figurative and literal bodies—dead or all but dead—be laid to rest by funeral pyre or through some means of automation consisting of dehumanization and brainwashingThe scope in Mira Corpora is wide indeed and one can only be vague in discussing a book like this whose beauty lies in the rhythm and the power to disturb and disorient Jackson has immense skill in his reinvention of cultural myths and in moving almost seamlessly between ancient lore to an almost Dennis Cooper influenced world of sex drugs and longing; from a David Lynch inspired cinematic world of interlopers outsiders and doppelgangers to an almost Carnivale esue examination of reality and its discontents With declarative prose that mimics the poise of the narrator as he navigates between dreaming and intense self revelation this is a book that can invoke the smell of burning flesh just as succinctly as it can make the reader feel the tongues of wild dogs licking skin the pang of nearly getting away and the sad drone of a singer’s voice who might have lost everything yet still possesses the most important thing of all the power to affect to entrance to heal