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Зависть Read & Download Ý 4 Î A Dutch translation of EnvyRoman over de beginperiode van het Sovjet regime waarbij uiteenlopende mensentypen hun plaats in het leven trachten te bepalenEntypen hun plaats in het leven trachten te bepalen. If it were not for the first 50% of this or less being a normal book and an interesting one too I would have given this 1 star The first 50% 4 stars the last 0 to 1 Perhaps I just don't get Russian literature What's wrong with having an actual narrative What's with this need to make everything absurd to get whatever obscure point you're interested in across I didn't get the point AT ALL There's an obnoxious drunk again Russia what's with the unlikeable main characters a fat and loved man of activity an idealized New Man an uninteresting girl that gets as much substance as the New Man she's just something all the men seem to want to possess because she's young and pretty almost a child in her pink dress blablabla an old widow who actually gets some plus the obligatory beating etc and the machine and the stolovaja or whatever it is Chaos In order to have any clue what this was all about except for the envy that's pretty self explanatory I'd probably need a week of daily classes picking the story apart Not so sure I'd be interested though

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A Dutch translation of EnvyRoman over de beginperio. This book made me realize the way that satire if taken to a linguistic if not necessarily logical extreme can actually turn inside out and become a form of praise Olesha's narrator keeps talking about how much he hates but his language is so lively that eventually you come to see him as a creature posessed not by anger but by a strange and uncontrollable joy He's a Mozart of hate so excellent at it that the simple practice of his gift makes him smile despite himself The record of his facility is a pungent reeking monologue whose images have nonetheless been cleaned by their vitriol to a metallic shine Also on the short list of books that are actually funny Another way to look at this book is to think of what Nathaniel West might have been like if he hadn't been Puritanically terrified of his own comedy West's loathing remains for me at least loathing untransmuted But Olesha's book is practically a fairy tale

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ЗавистьDe van het Sovjet regime waarbij uiteenlopende mens. This starts off well Mornings he sings on the toiletIt’s an observation made by Nikolai Kavalerov our narrator of Andrei Babichev Andrei has managed to play the Soviet game and has done uite well for himself well enough anyhow to sing on the toilet in the morning It was Nikolai whom Andrei found drunk in the gutter one day and rescued sort of taking him into his household and giving him a gopher kind of job But Nikolai will turn ingrate as anti heroes often do He’s spends his time lamenting his existence Soup served to me never coolsAnd so Nikolai looks at Andrei a great sausage and pastry man and one of the state’s most remarkable men And Nikolai just Andrei’s jester feels EnvyThis is a satirical novel about 1927 Stalinist Russia cryptic enough apparently not to get Olesha thrown in jail or worse but pointed enough that he got the message to stop writingWhile this is political enough to warm the hearts of those feeling nostalgic for the Cold War it left me well cold I get that that was then and this is now and I’m hardly politically correct but when Olesha to continue his theme of Envy has Andrei’s brother observing a little girl a very typical girl twelve years old dainty feet short dress all pink satin and ruffles she looked like the flower known as a snapdragon and then grabbed her by the nape and rammed her forehead into a column a few times well it was then that I hurried to the end Not fast enough though to escape another woman being beatenWait they did what And we Oh no