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Read & Download ☆ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB á Kat Zhang Inside their body Then one day they discover there may be a way for Eva to move again The risks are unimaginable hybrids are considered a threat to society so if they are caught Addie and Eva will be locked away with the others And yet for a chance to smile to twirl to speak Eva will do anythin. 45 stars ABSOLUTELY AMAZING My half star complaint is for the somewhat anticlimactic end see belowWhy did I love this book so much Because the concept was actually mind blowing To be born with two souls and to become the dominant soul and to have the other naturally fade away I can't even imagine how it feels to lose a part of myself like that The prologue had me hooked and the rest of the story sure didn't disappointBut what made the book so great was that Zhang let Eva be the narrator even though she was the recessive soul To let herself just fade into the background but never totally fade away is so heartbreaking knowing you could never BE But instead of feeling resentment Eva supported Addie in places where Addie fell short but with reminders and words of encouragement rather than taking action The bond that Addie and Eva have and the dialogue that goes on between them is just indescribable Zhang did a truly amazing job putting readers there making us sympathize with both Addie and Eva Both girls had their strengths and their weaknesses and they compliment each other very wellI'm really curious to see what direction Zhang plans to take this series Of course readers would naturally want things to work out with Addie and Eva where both will be able to have their time in their body But we already see how different the two are and how this can cause a problem in their future if they were both to survive view spoilerie Ryan hide spoiler

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What's Left of Me Free read Ý 106 ´ I should not exist But I doEva and Addie started out the same way as everyone else—two souls woven together in one body taking turns controlling their movements as they learned how to walk how to sing how to dance But as they grew so did the worried whispers Why aren’t they settling Why isn’t one of them f I should not exist But I doEva and Addie started out the same way as everyone else two souls woven together in one body taking turns controlling their movements as they learned how to walk how to sing how to dance But as they grew so did the worried whispers Why aren’t they settling Why isn’. When compared to most other dystopian novels I've read this year What's Left of Me is pretty good overall I found it very easy to get into and the characters uickly became ones I cared about But once again there's just too little explanation for this to get than three stars The dystopian genre was born with novels like Nineteen Eighty Four which so expertly explored the political and social implications of having a society under strict government control and surveillance More modern examples from the genre often fail to give us any idea how the society came about or the details of why things are like they areIn this story people are born with two souls in every body But as time progresses one soul becomes the dominant and the other will fade away and eventually disappear usually by age ten However some never lose the weaker soul and they remain paralyzed inside their shared body unable to move or speak and completely controlled by the will of the dominant soul Addie and Eva are one example of such a case they are called hybrids and must hide their secret from society or face being institutionalised When the possibility of restoring the control of Eva to how it was when they were younger arises the girls face tough decisions harsh realities and risk putting themselves in danger of being found outWhat I most want to know is why the hybrids are such a massive threat to society There was a brief discussion about this on one of my status updates and one of the suggestions seems to be that the government feared that two souls would heighten the risk of insanity and therefore lead to possible chaos I'm sorry but after completing the novel I'm just not buying into that I like this whole idea of bodies having two souls and the problems it would cause but I can't really see it as a threat to society I also think that Hally's arrest wasn't very smooth and the reasons for it weren't convincing; it felt unnatural and an obvious ploy to get the plot to move in a certain directionOne of the best things about What's Left of Me is the relationship between Addie and Eva they have such distinct personalities but work extremely well together too I could feel Eva's frustration and sadness but I also could feel Addie's doubt and reservations The romance thankfully is very much in the background and is almost non existent until the end which I think works far better in this kind of life threatening scenario It also begins to raise uestions which I've always wondered about in Siamese twin relationships what do you do about having a romantic relationship when you share your body What happens when you like someone but your twin doesn't I may have to read the seuel just to find out some answers about thatI liked it I did But there were too many of the same old issues that I just get sick of writing about now The personal level of the novel was brilliant even though I would uestion the behaviour of the girls' parents but on a bigger scale it just didn't deliver We know very little about this alternative United States beyond the government's obsession with hybrids we are told vaguely something about the rest of the world being overrun with hybrids and we are also told that hybrids are sent off to special clinics where they are never seen again Hopefully there's some upcoming twist about this reason for the fear and hate of the hybrids because I'm not believing it so far Even forgetting the fact that it's uite a weak explanation they're saying that being a hybrid increases your risk of insanity right This belief must either be correct or incorrect right So they should obviously be observing the hybrids they have in captivity right What I'm saying is there's an answer to this uestion and the government must know it are the hybrids at risk of mental illness or not The only way I can see the author rectifying this little issue is if she has a big twist up her sleeves about some other real reason the hybrids are seen as a problem So I shall read on and find outA copy of this was provided free in exchange for a review from the UK publisher

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What's Left of MeT one of them fading The doctors ran tests the neighbors shied away and their parents begged for time Finally Addie was pronounced healthy and Eva was declared gone Except she wasn’t For the past three years Eva has clung to the remnants of her life Only Addie knows she’s still there trapped. I don’t get it I mean yeah I understand the premise the plot the characters the problems the basic story behind What’s Left of Me but even after the last page I’m struggling to figure out what the point of this book is and I really don’t see one Pity because otherwise there’s a lot of positive things I can say about the story highly original thought provoking well written but what it comes down to is I sort of feel the entire thing was rather pointless so I really can’t say I liked itI guess that’s the downside to all the originality Thoughts provoked but they didn’t really go anywhere Yeah the concept of hybrids people having two souls in one body is fairly uniue even in today’s glut of dystopians and Addie and Eva have some pretty tough choices to make over the course of the story But when I’m reading a book I’m really interested in the why particularly with a setup as uniue as this one and it’s here that I’m sorely disappointed Why have hybrids Why persecute them Why is Addie and Eva’s world the way it is And after going through the entire book trying to figure out the point to this uniue premise the only thing I got out of it is thanks to some sort of government conspiracy hybrids are bad Must be eliminated Oh and view spoilerthey’re also apparently the norm whereas non hybrids are the unnatural product of the conspiracy hide spoiler