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Summary The Accidental Mistress ä PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ✓ He will expose her masuerade but she will expose his heartTo escape an arranged marriage spirited Lily Bainbridge has staged her own death and disguised as a boy she fled to London and a life of freedom Yet her plans to live masuerade as an independG lady a woman bold enough to scheme her way to London who tempts him with her mystery and her sensuality Kiss after kiss caress after tender caress Ethan vows to discover all of Lily's hidden secrets For beneath the layers of her clever ruse lies a burning passion that will ignite a tempestuous love neither of them can den. Lily Bainbridge is desperate to escape a arranged marriage So she fakes her death to escape her step father and his schemes and dresses as a boy until she gets to London On her way she meets Ethan the Maruis of Vessey a man who tempts her in a way she has never been tempted before But she manages to resist him until she gets to London Then she receives her inheritance and poses as a widow to escape detection from her past But then she comes across Ethan once again and soon she can't resist his charm or rakish ways and gives into temptation to be his lover At first she is afraid that he will break her heart but she can't seem to stop being with himhe makes her feel passion and desire and she feels alive than ever The Accidental Mistress is the second book in the trilogy and what a sweet story this one is Not my favorite by the author but still uite enjoyable I really loved seeing this couple together and its the type of story that you can just enjoy on a calm day and I loved the style of this author once againshe has astounded me with her writing I just can't seem to resist her bookseach and every one is charming and this story was beyond delectable I had fun with Ethansuch a bad boy he isbut sweet and tender too He may be a rake of the highest order but he also is soft as a marshmallow when it comes to Lily A story to impress and delight youand keep you coming back for UTTERLY CHARMING

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He will expose her masuerade but she will expose his heartTo escape an arranged marriage spirited Lily Bainbridge has staged her own death and disguised as a boy she fled to London and a life of freedom Yet her plans to live masuerade as an independent widow are thwarted by an encounter with a powerful and dangerously attra. This book gets much better well after the halfway mark Before that I really did get sick of the heroine Sure the hero was incredibly arrogant but he was very nice to her The whole thing just wasn't happening for me and I would have set it aside if it weren't a TAWWhen first we meet Lily she's escaping from a forced marriage by faking her own death in a very daring way It looked like we were in for an exciting ride Then she becomes kind of stupid as she has to make her way in the world And hypocritical She's the poster child for hypocrisy As I said in an earlier comment there was a point when I didn't even want the HEA to happen she was so annoying But she got better once the manufactured contentiousness was dispensed withAfter they finally get together the story gets a lot enjoyable As usual TAW's leads do NOT do well apart That's always when her stories lag So the entire first 60% of the book being spent on separation is not all that fun IMO And then neither is the chunk toward the end where we have the inevitable break up before the reconciliationThere's a very nice romantic ending but I really felt like there was a lot discord than accord in this book and that doesn't make me happy Especially when the whole reason to love TAW's books are the stretches when the leads are together There are ways to have the Hh together most of the time without losing opportunities for tension and suspense As with My Fair Mistress there was an outside threat that could have served to further the story and fulfill the needed antagonism arc without the characters ever being at odds with one another to the point of separation Find a new template Tracy please Three stars for the ending and the segment when they're together as a couple otherwise it would have been two

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The Accidental MistressCtive maruis who wants to make her his mistress Lily is afraid that if she gives him her innocence he'll steal her heartHaving agreed to a marriage of convenience to honor his family duty Ethan Andarton the Maruis of Vessey has no intention of abandoning his rakish ways Then fate intervenes in the guise of an impetuous youn. It was kind of a fun romp through Regency againLily Bainbridge fakes her own death after her mother dies and her evil step father tries to force her into marriage with a horrible suire Disguised as a boy she makes her way to London where her mother told her Lily's grandfather had invested money for her Lily is making her way alright until her disguise is seen through by the Maruis of Vessey Ethan Insisting on accompanying her to London for her own safety she accepts a ride in his carriage but makes him drop her off then successfully escapes Re inventing herself as a widow for she is underage 20 and unmarried she gets her inheritance then she was expecting yea interest Weeks later she meets the Maruis again at a party unbeknownst to her he has been looking for her thoroughly captivated by her and her fake story and their association starts up again He tries to woo her at first and she is having none of it Slowly he wins her over and they become lovers and eventually admit to themselves that they have fallen in love with each other Before either can actually tell each other though Ethan's mother ruins everything by announcing an engagement to another girl that he never proposed to but had made inuiries about trying to force his hand They have a bad fight and Lily kicks him out thinking he has been lying to her the whole time hello potkettle and that she was right all men are evil and she'll never marry etc Then the evil step father finds her and takes her away to marry her off and steal her money Ethan manages to marry off the other chic to her own true love and goes to find Lily only to hear that she has been taken Riding hell for leather he finds her back in Cornwall and beats the men to a pulp before riding off into the sunset with her They find happiness and wedded bliss together Then end