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MOBI Ó DOC First Thing I See ↠ VI KEELAND ↠ Hope York transformed her boring self into flawless beauty on the outside But inside she never changed Kennedy Jenner was a successful wealthy and jaw dropping handsome man that could have whatever he wanted on his own terms And he wanted Hope But would he still want her after heAn that could have whatever he wanted on his own terms And he wanted Hope But would he still want her after he saw her for who she really was instead of what she carefull I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest reviewHope has recently moved to New York and started her dream job as an event planner at a five start hotel On her first day of training she meets Kennedy Jenner a wealthy business man who is staying at the hotel They start an intense relationship complicated by her insecurities his past demons and the thousand miles in between Chicago and New York I was a little bit annoyed at the female main character when the book first started; she seemed weak and self conscious It took me awhile to warm up to Hope and once I got the background story I respected her a lot Kennedy was a rich gorgeous man with a damaged past and an overprotective streak that made me want to slap him at times The problems that the two of them had were realistic and not over the top The cheerleader best friend was a good influence on Hope with her encouragement and understanding Hopes dad was endearing and I felt bad for him because the step mom was a raging bitch with a side helping of slut The Jenner family was supportive of Kennedy and his niece was beyond adorable The love scenes were scorching hot and I really liked that their whole relationship was not based on sex The couple seemed to share a genuine connection that kept them together when other people would have given up I liked the book but I really wish it had an epilogue

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Y planned for everyone to see? And will his own secret past stand in his way for getting what he really wants? Sex secrets and dominance with a little love story in betwe Sometimes u should never read reviews before reading bookI feel head over heel before reading just after reading the review which said just like FIFTY SHADES but hell when i read the book all my i taught was how did review writer think its like fifty shadesNew observation Well about the book the book is great and has a different plot than the vi keelands usualWell a little disappointed that all my chocolates melted as there was no vi keeland mid read #mademecry#why does this always happen in vi keelands books only plotThis is a very smooth story with two most loving characters that a reader may never forget because they are all shorted and cleanHope is a very caring person Kennedy Jenner is also caring but is a little reserved in the whole storyKennedy NEVER acts like a wild alpha always always drooling over the heroine that acted like a life saver after reading 5 books with drooling heroesBest part was that the heroine did not drool over the heroTHIS IS A 5 STAR CHOCOLATE MELTING STORY

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First Thing I SeeHope York transformed her boring self into flawless beauty on the outside But inside she never changed Kennedy Jenner was a successful wealthy and jaw dropping handsome m “I looked up to see the next guest approaching the desk for check in  My heart skipped a beat and I stuttered “WwwwwWelcome to The Monet how may I help you?”Wow This is insulting to womankind We aren't dogs We don't drool We can see gorgeous men and the creme de la creme on the internet and in day to day life without tripping over ourselves and being rendered incapable of speech Without having our tongues hanging out of our mouthsIt was a really bad regurgitationimitation of FSOG and Bared to You which I love Remember the way Gideon wanted Eva and asked her if she was sleeping with anyone? Well here we have the poor imitation Are you sleeping with anyone?”  The way he asked the uestion was so direct but relaxed he could have been asking for directionsThe uestion caught me so off guard I stared up at him in confusion Am I sleeping with someone?” He took one step closer “Yes that is the uestion I asked  Would you like to know if I am sleeping with anyone before you answer?”I took one step back and a deep breath “Why is it any of your business if I am sleeping with anyone Mr Jenner?”This had really crap writing With the obvious trope of a heroine being a prude vs the sexually confident alpha man He stops whatever fuck buddy arrangement he has They are lusty He wipes her down intimately afterwards She wears his big shirt She has the typical bitchy step mom shes annoying she's secretly insecure etc etc But this heroine has no brains She agrees to literally anything he says Stay with me? Okay Kiss me? Okay Strip for me? Okay Poop on me? Okay Let me buy you lots of shit because I have money and want to lavish you? Okay but I have good clothes Let me? Okay you are the controller of my fate and destiny What's worse is that she doesn't google him In this day and age it isn't fcking invasive A smart woman would but noo she wants to learn about it from him Eventually she doesafter he temporarily kicks her to the curb His little sad past is revealed “The organization was founded in honor of Kelly Preston Mr Jenner’s high school sweetheart  Ms Preston disappeared seven years ago at the age of 15 while walking to a friend’s home”He's 32 now How is this 7 years ago? Unless the article she's reading is old Because he couldn't have been 25 to a 15 year old girl Plus it's mentioned he was 15 I didn't appreciate the inconsistencies The grammar was atrocious I'm willing to forgive the author because I've read books of hers before and this was really really really bad