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characters Her Two Billionaires Her Billionaires #3 ☆ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ´ TWO MEN WITH TWO ENORMOUSSECRETSDylan Stanwyck and Mike Pine are looking for a certain kind of woman The firefighter and ski instructor aren't picky blonde brunette Asian African American Caucasian athletic Rubenesue boTWO MEN WITH TWO ENORMOUSSECRETSDylan Stanwyck and Mike Pine are looking for a certain kind of woman The firefighter and ski instructor aren't picky blonde brunette Asian African American Caucasian athletic Rubenesue boyish any type will do but there is one pesky little deal breaker she needs to want a long term threesome So far that's caused some problems as Dylan took to the dating field and found no takers search for someone he and Mike could share Laura Michaels fits the bill they hope Working class stiffs who become accidental billionaires in a mysterious turn of events involving their dearly departed longtime lover's estate the men are looking now for a third to complete themWhen Dylan discovers Mike's gone behind hi. It’s not uite a full two stars yet it wasn’t as terrible as the first instalment meaning I couldn’t round downHer First Billionaire failed to pull me in I forced myself to finish it I told myself I wouldn’t read any of the series Then I found the entire collection was free for a limited time only Like the idiot I am I downloaded it From here my curiosity won out I went on to read the second book Her Second Billionaire was a massive improvement upon the first book I’m unable to pinpoint the exact reason for this but as a whole there was improvement I no longer felt the need to throw my Kindle out the window It was far from being a brilliant book but it was better than the firstHer Two Billionaires sits somewhere between the two It wasn’t as bad as the first book yet I didn’t enjoy it as much as the second book As a whole it continues to move the story forward In fact a lot happens in this one However we also regress back to the attitudes of book one – the things that left me unable to deal with the main character Everything is so overly dramatic with moods changing far too uicklyAs I have it I will read the last one However I’m not holding out for a wonderful read

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S back and slept with Laura the deception makes them both realize that they want Laura desperately to be their permanent third The uestion is how can they untangle the web they've caught them all in Will Laura flee when she learns the truthWHAT THEY DON'T KNOW IS THAT SOME OF THEIR SECRETS ARE HERSLaura Michaels took a last ditch chance at online dating and hit the jackpot twice After waking up in Dylan's apartment and being surrounded with pictures of his wife she follows the advice to DTMFA so she dumped him Mike popped up out of nowhere on the online dating site where she met Dylan and in a whirlwind two days she managed to sleep with both Adding insult to injury when Dylan appeared at her workplace disguised as a flowe. Dylan can’t take it any and goes and see’s Laura wants to know why she still won’t talk to him She tells him about all the photos and freaking out and running He tells her about Jill passing away Then in true form he has wild monkey sex with her on her desk Dylan and Mike are sure she is exactly whatwho they need to make their life complete but how to broach the subject with Laura Little do they know she is getting herself off to the images of all 3 of them together Boys being Boys come to the douche bag idea that they should “surprise” her that they know each other It just so happens that Dylan is running really late and Mike and Laura end up in bed when Dylan arrives Then there is a scene like a bad porno but yep all 3 end up in bed Don’t get me wrong it is HOT but yeah bad porno sceneThey all decide to give this Menage relationship a go as long as no lies are told YEP UH OH The boys still haven't told her they are Billionaire'sAnd another sneak up and finish before your at 100% so YEP onto the next

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Her Two Billionaires Her Billionaires #3R delivery guy the truth came out the pictures were of his dead lover Passion overrode reason and Laura found herself caught between two incredible menAnd wishing she could have bothDylan and Mike might be in for the surprise of their life because maybe just maybe Laura has some threesome desires of her own that she's finding it harder and harder to control When Dylan and Mike give them all an opportunity to consummate their brewing desires the result is hotter and passionate than any of them ever imagined yet as Laura realizes she'd been manipulated her old insecurities come back Fleeing she leaves Mike and Dylan wondering whether they've ruined their second chance at a perfect triad but they haven't seen the last of Laur. I fell in love with this trio even after reading this book I think it's the best of the series thus far I can't wait for the next installment