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The Black Arrow: A Tale of the Two Roses Free download Ò 105 ´ La Rosa Rossa o la Rosa Bianca York o Lancaster In un'Inghilterra insanguinata dalla guerra delle Due Rose il giovane Dick Shelton un cavaliere senza macchia e senza paura per vendicare la morte del padre decide di schierarsi dalla parte della Rosa Bianca e dLton un cavaliere senza macchia e senza paura per vendicare la morte del padre decide di schierarsi dalla parte della Rosa Bia. I love Stevenson as a writer yet The Black Arrow had somehow passed me by before now It’s a medieval Treasure Island set during the Wars of the Roses and published like Treasure Island first pseudonymously as a serial publication 1883 and then as a novel 1888 Like Treasure Island The Black Arrow is often labeled as “children’s fiction” though the current Young Adult category fits it better—ie there’s a lot in it for old adults as well Stevenson was amusingly dismissive of this book he sympathizes with his wife in the dedicatory letter for never having managed to get through it but it’s actually a splendid yarn and immensely readable I ripped through it in a few hours on a long distance flight the perfect reading context for a novel of this kind The uality isn’t uniform—a few passages are “by the yard”—but there’s also some excellent action writing and taut evocative scene setting You can also see interesting anticipations of some of Stevenson’s later novelistic themes especially in the latter stages where Richard of Gloucester the future Richard III has a memorable cameo as a kind of dark Hyde like double to The Black Arrow’s boy protagonist Richard Shelton revealing the ambiguities in Shelton's own character and actionsI liked someone’s description of this novel in a review on this site as like reading an accelerated Dumas novel The Black Arrow is certainly closer to Dumas than Scott in terms of historical heft although it draws substantially on Ivanhoe especially for its Robin Hood like band of outlaws Stevenson makes no attempt to track the actual political events of the 1460s and he cheerily admits to having adding ten years to Richard III’s age to allow him to participate in the novel’s entirely fictional final battle The point about acceleration is also good Stevenson writes with great economy as always His descriptive language is always graceful and precise and sometimes inspired A battered ship in a storm half disappearing beneath a wave “rose on the other side with appalling tremulous indecision;” the revenge bent men of a village “came clustering in an inky mass” onto its snow bound streets In our first glimpse of the outlaws’ camp predictably sinister elements—cauldrons arrows a deer carcass hung on a hawthorn bush—mix with the surreally poetic “a man lay slumbering rolled in a brown cloak with a butterfly hovering over his face” There is something faintly miraculous about reading a simple tale of swashbuckling folk narrated with such refinement I would happily read a shopping list written by this man

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Nca e della Freccia Nera una banda di fuorilegge che stanca di vessazioni e soprusi combatte le crudeli ingiustizie dei potent. Originally published on my blog here in January 2002This medieval romance is one of Stevenson's minor adventure stories Its main character is naive young noble Richard Shenton who discovers that his guardian is in fact an evil man who murdered Richard's father and who looks to become wealthy by continually swapping sides in the Wars of the Roses The point of the guardianship is this When a noble heir was orphaned his revenues until he came of age were in the hands of his liege lord or such guardian as he appointed; over the guardian was also freuently granted the tax payable on coming of age or marriage These rights were the subject of lucrative trade in medieval England and were one of the crown's major sources of incomeTo a modern reader the main obstacle in The Black Arrow and the major reason it is less well known than say Treasure Island is the flowery pseudo medieval language used in the dialogue This is something that has gradually been toned down in historical novels during the twentieth century until now they are usually written with characters who speak or less collouial modern English This is due to a change in philosophy; it is now considered better to accessibly reproduce what it felt like to be alive at the time the novel is set than to attempt to literally recreate it and a modern reader will react differently to the kind of language used here from the way their medieval counterpart would have done to hearing it spoken And of course there was regional and class based differentiation between individuals when people travelled less widely; this would be extremely difficult to duplicate even for an expert in dialect development Writers like Scott Morris Stevenson and so on didn't attempt to do this and gave their characters dialogue based on a romanticised version of the formal speeches in medieval poetry at least as inauthentic as modern usageOne of the merits of Stevenson's writing is the imperfection of his heroes They tend to be as Shelton is here naive not too bright but with a strong moral sense; this makes them interesting than the characters of many of the other writers of what might be termed proto thrillers Interestingly when first published in serial form The Black Arrow was successful than Treasure Island had been; this ordering has since been reversed to leave the earlier novel as one of the classics of English popular fiction with The Black Arrow as just another novel by the same writer

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The Black Arrow A Tale of the Two RosesLa Rosa Rossa o la Rosa Bianca York o Lancaster In un'Inghilterra insanguinata dalla guerra delle Due Rose il giovane Dick She. The Black Arrow by Robert Louise Stevenson is a historical fiction set in the time of War of the Roses The book tells the story of a young man named Richard Shelton who in the uest of obtaining justice for his father's murder and rescuing his love from the grip of a villainous warden displays loyalty and courage and becomes an important warrior for the Yorks For his unwavering valor he is rewarded with a knighthood The story is uite interesting but what I liked the most is the history that is set as the backdrop of the story The historical part was both fascinating and informative The story was also well written using language appropriate for the time period coupled with the local dialect The dramatic uality and fast pace created suspense and set the tone appropriate for the battles However I wish Stevenson could have worked on a personal touch for so far I have observed his writing though good is a little distant and detached For this reason the reader is unable to feel as much for the characters as he ought to Overall it was a good work of historical fiction and an engaging read Since I'm uite a fan of historical fiction I enjoyed this very much