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Download Monsters ¶ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ✓ The Changed are on the move The Spared are out of time The Endis nowWhen her parents died Alex thought things couldn't get much worse until the doctors found the monster in her headShe headed into the wilderness as a good bye to leave everything behind But then the end of the world happened aEvolvingAndthey've had helpWith this final volume of The Ashes Trilogy Ilsa J Bick delivers a riveting blockbuster finish returning readers to a brutal post apocalyptic world where no one is safe and hope is in short supplyA world where from these ashes the monsters may ri. OHMYGOD This book was so absolutely amazing that I can't even find the words to describe itThrough the course of only three books Ilsa has taken me on a journey I will never forget and made me fall in love with truly inspiring characters This book was so intense so detailed and so carefully written that I was left completely breathlessI love how Ilsa has made all the characters who most of them we're complete strangers before the EMP blast connected in so many ways For example Chris just happens to find Ellie the little girl Alex was so desperate to save Tom knows Weller who had met Alex Tom was with Mellie and she turns out to be Finn's sister All these small details connecting all of the characters building up to the breathtaking finale when all of the main characters come together in RuleAnd the ending It's killing me In a good way I'm not one to cry over books too often but boy I cried like a baby during the last part of the book The Long Walk when Chris and Ellie scattered the ashes of their loved ones over the waterfall I'm not sure what I cried over ; the death of some beloved characters or the fact that the book and this stunning series was coming to a close And the very last part of the book with Alex and Simon had me wanting I needed so badly to know whether he picked up that chocolate bar or not but I also love how Ilsa has allowed the reader to picture the ending in the way they desire it to beThank you Ilsa J Bick for one of the most beautiful enthralling and inspiring series I have ever read I will never forget this amazing journey

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The Changed are on the move The Spared are out of time The Endis nowWhen her parents died Alex thought things couldn't get much worse until the doctors found the monster in her headShe headed into the wilderness as a good bye to leave everything behind But then the end of. so apparently THERE IS A WHOLE BACK MATTER SECTION of this book with a refresher list of CHARACTERS and THINGS THAT HAPPENED in the first two books it is not as complete as it could be you are still going to have to sort out the whole jarvisjasperjayden situation yourself but THIS MIGHT HAVE BEEN USEFUL FOR ME TO KNOW BEFORE i read the whole 600 plus page book had i been reading a regular book there is a chance i would have flipped to the back of the book and said AHA but e books are just not designed to have exciting hidden treasures at their end so i am telling you this now in case you are in the same boat i was in and you have no idea what is going on CHECK THE BACKyou're welcomenow that's that out of the wayso yes do visit the helpful reader's guide at the end of this book because bick has a lot of confidence that you will have remembered everything that happened in the first two books and ignores the fact that an entire year has elapsed between their release dates full of other eually complicated books and she is not gentle to your failing memorythis is all woe and whining that i covered in my review for Shadows but it does deserve to be reiterated because phooo she sure does write thick books thick in pages and thick in detail and actions and it took me about 300 pages to find my bearingsbut even though i freuently felt confused and cursed with forgetfulness that doesn't mean that i wasn't enjoying it for those first 300 pages this is a tremendously violent book and i like tremendously violent books and i remembered enough that even in those instances where i was doing the huh thing i was still really digging the story and the charactersbick is great in that she doesn't write down to her audience there is so much detail in terms of weapon capabilities medical details and military strategy that it makes the story seem plausible than it might otherwise and even though i got lost in a few of the action seuences i know that this is another one of my readerly weaknesses and not a fault of her writing which is again very very thick plus bonus several near drowning seuences and like the second book one involving ice which is something that kills me every timeher characters are eually complicated they aren't all heroic or noble; they suffer from self doubt and fear and even though many of them are very strong and have skills beyond what regular people have there are completely believable explanations for their special knowledge and specializations so you never feel like they are unrealistic there is a difference between superheroes and people with trainingshe doesn't wrap everything up as far as what the root cause of the situation in the books were but she cheekily skirts the issue a few times saying something like well if this was a book thus and such would happen now but it's not so but it doesn't read cop out it just reads this is the part of the story i am tellingi think the ending is perfect it is a great blend of hope and realism and ambiguity and i didn't find it unsatisfying at all despite it ending on a shadow rather than a spotlightthere's not a lot i can say this is one of those books that if you have read the first two you will probably read the third one and i think it is a really strong conclusion to the trilogy i cannot be informative without spoiling i love the sensitivity with which she treats her characters while still being totally willing to kill 'em off if need be it is a difficult balance to achieve but she succeeds completelyread itcome to my blog

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MonstersThe world happened and Alex took the first step down a treacherous road of betrayal and terror and deathNow with no hope of rescue on the brink of starvation in a winter that just won't uit she discovers a new and horrifying truthThe Change isn't overThe Changed are still. The odds are if you were one of those people who didn't like the second half of Ashes or you were really angry after reading Shadows or you like your endings all wrapped up in a neat little bowyou may be less than thrilled with MONSTERS the final book in The Ashes TrilogyI am not one of those peopleso I kind of loved itimage error