SUMMARY ñ Her First Billionaire Her Billionaires #1

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SUMMARY ñ Her First Billionaire Her Billionaires #1 Ç COULD SHE REALLY FIND THE RIGHT GUY ON THE INTERNETHot luscious piece of ass who can suck a golf ball through forty feet of garden hose seeks rippling ab'd firefighter who has a tongue that thrums like a hummingbird and enjoys painting my toenails and eating Ben Jerry's out ofMe maybeSo when hot firefighter Dylan Stanwyck responds and asks her out it's just too good to be true When she searches him online and learns he offers himself up for date nights in bachelor charity auctions she wonders if she's on the right planetBecause what could a guy like that see in a fat girl like herOR WOULD HE NOT BE WHO HE SEEMEDTrawling through the online dating profiles isn't Dylan's idea of fun but it's been than eighteen months since their lover Jill died and Dylan and his unconventional partner ski instructor Mike Pine need to find a new love While their threesome situation is complicated than a contract from 50 Shades of Grey at least one aspect is simple Laura Michaels the cute soft blond from the online dating site seems like a good fit for at least a first date Soft curves gorgeous hair eyes that light him up from the computer alone and a profile that makes her see. I need to stop being enticed by the word ‘free’ Whilst free is not a synonym of bad if I had read the reviews I would not have been so disappointed by what I was readingHonestly I’m not sure what to write in this review There really wasn’t much to the story I understand that it is the first of many parts – and it does set up for the rest of the story – but outside of that I cannot think of anythingI didn’t particularly enjoy any of the characters The self deprecating ways of the main character were totally at odds with her behaviour She was a bunch of clichés that exist to make women feel as though they can get any man they want Our male was another cliché He lacked in any real substance There was the possibility of some real story in regards to where the money came from yet that was pushed aside so that we could focus upon the down and dirtyAll in all this highlighted how I should read reviews rather than clicking the buy button when I see the word free At least it was only a handful of pages even if it did feel like much my eyes constantly drifting to the percentage read and asking how I wasn’t closer to the end


COULD SHE REALLY FIND THE RIGHT GUY ON THE INTERNETHot luscious piece of ass who can suck a golf ball through forty feet of garden hose seeks rippling ab'd firefighter who has a tongue that thrums like a hummingbird and enjoys painting my toenails and eating Ben Jerry's out of the carton while watching Mad MenLaura Michaels stared at the online dating site's registration screen and frowned That's what she really wanted to write Here was the truthNeedy insecure overweight twenty six year old Business Analyst with three cats a corporate job with pension and no debt seeks Mr Impossible for way than friendship and lots of ice cream I'm desperate for some physical affection and oral sex with a guy who doesn't view it as some sort of favor he's granting me and then expects to be praised like he cleaned my toilet One night stands are better than nothing as long as you brush your teeth So call. TWO AND A HALF TO THREE STARSThis will teach me to one click a book without first reading its synopsisDear LauraI totally get your insecurities I can relate to your character and definitely understand where you're coming from view spoilerBut how the hell are you too afraid to ask your one night stand who the lady in the picture is when the virtual stranger just jizzed all the hell inside you without any sort of protection from STDs and an unwanted pregnancy since you've been rather forgetful with your pill regimen hide spoiler

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Her First Billionaire Her Billionaires #1M smart and interesting he has no problems asking her outThe problem is letting her inDylan and his not uite partner have secrets than their unconventional romantic relationships and this latest snafu is a mixed blessing for both became billionaires overnight after the third in their threesome Jill died With her estate finally settled and Dylan and Mike the recipient of an annual income that gives them enough to buy entire towns in the Midwest the two were left reeling Months after the lawyer explained their new found fortune Dylan still works his regular shifts at the station while Mike remains on the slopes as a ski instructor but with a caveat; now he owns the entire resortBut if they tell Laura everything they risk losing a chance at a new bondTwo problems may have one lush ample solution as Laura meets her first billionaire on her date with Dylan but with a stunning twist at the e. Her Billionaires was a typical can't resist the 049€ offer one click buy read I should have been less tempted by the price and have read reviews; conseuently ’s mojo wouldn’t have won out The story is about a cookie cutter ménage involving a BBW who previously had mostly bad experiences with the male gender due to her pin up model buxom size 18 body and two average gorgeous hunks made billionaires as they inherited a brick load of money from their late wifelife partner Considering some serious spelling mistakes and the rather unimaginative and generic plot the story's first two instalments turned out ok but underwhelming What made me discontinue the series ultimately during the third part was the actual “ménage à trois” sex scene itself Double penetrating a woman with zero anal sex experience and only using two fingers and a splash of lube to prepare her is well hurtful to say the least and not at all realistic Ten years ago these scenes were aplenty in ménage stories I have less knowledge how this is handled today as I tend to avoid love triangles but I sincerely hope the genre can do better DNF