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REVIEW ↠ Burr By Gore Vidal Ô Burr | Definition of Burr at Dictionarycom Burr definition a protruding ragged edge raised on the surface of metal during drilling shearing punching or engraving See Burr edge Wikipedia A burr is a raised edge or small piece of material that remains attached to a workpiece after a modification process It is usually an unwRak L'emplacement de ce PNJ est inconnu Ce PNJ est un objectif de Les amis sont l pour a BURR tous les avis de dcs Famille BURR avis de dcs enregistrs cette anne dans toute la France Retrouvez tous les dtails par ville ou dpartement Raymond BURR Biographie Tombe Citations Forum Raymond Burr est mort le dimanche septembre dans son ranch de Sonoma Californie USA Il avait tourn entre et plus d'une vingtaine de tlfilms o il incarnait nouveau Perry Mason Il vivait avec son ami et collgue Robert Benevides dont il a partag l'existence pendant trente cin ans Burr Eric Diemeringen Revtements de sols adresse Burr Eric Diemeringen Vente pose de revtements de sols et de murs Pose de carrelages de dallages adresse photos retrouvez les coordonnes et informations sur le professionnel Burr Off | Outils d'bavurage par Cogsdill Cogsdill est l'origine de l'outil Pince Linge il y a plus d'un demi sicle Souvent copi mais jamais battu Burr Off est une simple construc. I enjoyed 'Julian' which was written by Vidal about the most conseuential of the last Roman emperors I wholeheartedly loved Vidal’s non fiction compilation 'Essays on America' that won the Pulitzer and displayed the wit and precision of arguably the best essayist of our modern era However I did not love 'Burr' the novel nearly as much 'Burr' published in 1973 was a very popular historical fictional novel Aaron Burr the central character was a minor revolutionary hero first rate politician our third vice president Alexander Hamilton’s assassin in America’s most famous duel arrested for treason later acuitted for a conspiracy to start war with Spain near modern day Texas a charmer a cad a father of many illegitimate children and someone who fostered many lasting relationships with many influential people in New York One would be hard pressed to find many American historical characters from whom so much material could be drawn Gore Vidal certainly thought Burr a fascinating character and conducted many years of research in penning this novel This work intersperses Burr’s memoirs nearly twenty of them with a real time narrative about an aging Burr composed by a fictional journalist Charles Schuyler Vidal through Schuyler portrays Burr as charming cheeky and a bit of a benevolent rogueSo perhaps not a great read for me but not awful either Unlike 'Julian' the Burr narrative timeline bounced around a lot between present day 1830’s and earlier interesting events in Burr’s life While Vidal’s writing is crisp as usual I just didn’t find the story with all of the manufactured dialogue of Burr’s final three years very interesting I think the novel would have been much much better focusing exclusively on all the facets of his earlier lifeThree stars


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Oh my this was brilliant and entertaining I needed to know about Aaron Burr and the history of our nation and this was a riveting expose of the people the petty politics the smells and sins of our nation’s creators It was also my first by Vidal and will read many if I have that much time The plot was of the type that works well for me a young man on a mysterious journey to uncover the enigmatic and magnetic statesman who was nearly president Burr’s intellect and talent for governing were nearly unmatched save his nemesis Hamilton The account of the plodding figurehead Washington the man who wanted to be king was hilarious The shifty Jefferson the great hypocrite who was a far greater politician than statesman is laid bareNearly all the characters are real and scholarship is impressive Many events seemed over the top and incredulous yet when I googled them they were all true Incredible that Vidal wrote this in 1973 well before Jefferson’s fatherhood of multiple children by Sarah Hemmings was well known This book must have been absolutely scandalous for its time and took great courage to write This book changed my view of history made it come alive in a way that history books rarely do It may not no it is not – “factual” yet like great literature seemed truer than those other accounts Washington and in fact the colonists rarely won any direct conflicts in the revolutionary war except those aided by the French Here’s an account of the “military” p 54 “But difficult it was always for Washington to maintain an army The rich tended to be pro British while the poor were not interested in whether or not American merchants paid taxes to a far away island The truth is that except for a handful of ambitious lawyers there were very few “patriots” in 1775” HeresyOn Jefferson p 207 “It was Jefferson’s conceit that he alone represented democracy and that all the rest of us from Washington to Adams to Hamilton wanted to wear crowns and tax his cup of tea” p 209 “Jefferson was so beautifully human so eminently vague so entirely dishonest but not in any meretricious way Rather it was a passionate form of self delusion that rendered Jefferson as president and as man not to mention as writer of tangled sentences and lunatic metaphors confusing even to his admirers Proclaiming the unalienable rights of man for everyone excepting slaves women Indians and those entirely without property Jefferson tried to seize the Floridas by force dreamed of a conuest of Cuba” George Clinton referred to him p 289 as a “Frenchified trimmer from that atheist from Virginia Massa Tom” His countrymen considered him cowardly according to Burr reciting his memoirs as p 297 “like so many bookish men who have never been in battle Jefferson enjoyed the threat of bloodshed” Of course this all from Burr’s account Once in office p 305 “the public is always relieved to findonce elected the officials do not really want change” Does this sound familiar in 2016 Burr expounds louaciously p 520 “Although Americans justify their self interest in moral terms their true interest is never itself moral Yet paradoxically only Americans a few that is ever try to be moral in politics”I really really enjoyed this The New York riots of that time the 5 points debauchery of whores drink organized crime fiery abolitionists and Tammany hall was original and colorful The story of a young journalist intent struggling with his moral duty as a reporter vs the love of his fatherly subject Burr worked beautifully as brilliant yet aging octogenarian unlayers his remarkable past and his many peccadillos come to light The finish is lovely as the young reporter watches his idol become ill and fade away along with his cronies including the irascible Andrew Jackson and a few surprises emerge This was a most pleasurable way to read history My only complaints is that this publisher Bantam produced a rather low uality volume with numerous typos But I've been carrying this around for many years so it is near and dearFinally a friend of mine upon learning I was reading this recounted his one story of Gore Vidal Apparently he was visiting his midwest university as the featured guest A student showing up as part of a course obligation was interrogated rather aggressively by an elderly gentleman regarding his views on the schedule speaker They had a nice chat and then the emcee introduced the speaker who was you guessed it that very same elderly gentleman who scrambled to the podium

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Burr By Gore VidBurr | Definition of Burr at Dictionarycom Burr definition a protruding ragged edge raised on the surface of metal during drilling shearing punching or engraving See Burr edge Wikipedia A burr is a raised edge or small piece of material that remains attached to a workpiece after a modification process It is usually an unwanted piece of material and is removed with a deburring tool in a process called 'deburring' Burrs are most commonly created by machining operations such as grinding drilling milling engraving or turning Burr novel Wikipedia Burr by Gore Vidal is a historical novel that challenges the traditional Founding Fathers iconography of United States history by means of a narrative that includes a fictional memoir by Aaron Burr in representing the people politics and events of the US in the early th century It was a finalist for the National Book Award in Burr PNJ World of Warcraft Burr est un PNJ de niveau ui peut tre trouv dans Zul’D. ”In the half light of the cemetery Burr did resemble the devil assuming that the devil is no than five foot six an inch shorter than I slender with tiny feet hooves high forehead in the fading light I imagine vestigial horns bald in front with hair piled high on his head powdered absently in the old style and held in place with a shell comb Behind him is a monument to the man he murdered” Aaron BurrAaron Burr is without a doubt one of the most fascinating figures in American history He cuts his own swath leaving a wake behind him that rocks the tender foundations of this newly minted country He is honorable and dishonorable in eual measure He is a highly skilled lawyer he will need those skills to defend himself and an accomplished politician Today he is not as well known as Benedict Arnold but in a series of events that are lurid than the plot of a dime novel he nearly supersedes Arnold as the most loathed man in America It is hard to believe that this controversial figure was nearly the third President of the United States In 1800 one of those pivotal years in politics Burr makes a deal with Thomas Jefferson to allow him to be president if he insures that Burr will be made vice president Burr can bring the key New York votes to Jefferson Interestingly enough in the first ballot they tie 73 73 With the way we venerate Jefferson with a few reservations about his association with Sally Hemings it is interesting to think about how close he comes to NOT being the third President of the United States Really only because Burr upheld his promise one of those times when Burr was maybe too honorable did Jefferson achieve his ambition though he insists in true Cincinnatus style that he never desired the Presidency The Aaron Burr of this story is really a surrogate for the wicked wit of Gore Vidal I’d like to think that Burr was exactly how Vidal portrayed the enigma of charm and enticing irreverent behavior His observations on the founding fathers is frankly hilarious He describes George Washington’s ”womanly hips” and other aspects of his character that are even less flattering What did he think of Jefferson ”Meanwhile I presided over the Senate I also dined uite freuently with the President who continued to delight and fascinate me with his conversation not to mention his wonderful malice which was positively Shakespearean in its variety”Or how about a description of an older Jefferson after two terms in the presidency”The smile was a swift baring of yellow teeth; the lips were gray tending to blue where most men are pink or red I suppose it was the winter season that made him look like the last ashes of a once fierce fire soft fine white no trace remaining of the foxy red haired man he had been save for the tarnished bronze of freckles”Ahh yes Mr Vidal you can most definitely write This story is told through the eyes of Charles Schuyler not of the prominent New York Dutch family unfortunately a young writer who has been granted access to Burr because Burr has taken a shine to him We learn in the later chapters exactly why Burr was so forthcoming with the young lad Charles is there to listen to the Burr stories write them down and organize them into some semblance of a biography Burr cautions the reader or is that Vidal ”My side of the story is not necessarily the accurate one But you flatter me And I like that” Burr is in his 70s and has weathered than his share of scandals He is interested in not being forgotten than he is in being venerated Bad press will work as well or better than good press Even on the social front he is rather debonair about potential impropriety ”Whenever a woman does me the honour of saying that I am father to her child I gracefully acknowledge the compliment and disguise any suspicion that I might have to the contrary”A true gentleman and yet; somehow still a cad I love this badass statue of Aaron Burr at the Museum of American FinanceVidal explores his growing conflict with Alexander Hamilton which escalates under the spidery web of insinuations that Jefferson glibly whispers in the ears of those around him Burr is defined by this brief moment in time involving two pistol shots leaving one mortally wounded and immortalized and the other disreputed and in many measures driven to desperate acts when he finds himself on the run out West Those actions lead to the term “treason” being associated with him but really it is about making him pay for the death of Hamilton Vidal also explores the spurious comments that were made about President Martin Van Buren’s parentage Politics have certainly reached a new low with our most recent election but have no delusions; there was mud slinging eye gouging malicious slander ankle biting and generally unseemly behavior from the very beginning of our country Gore Vidal looking very dapper in 1972 Vidal takes us behind the scenes and shows us a tarnished view of the Founding Fathers At times this book is irreverent but under the guise of Burr’s memories one does wonder if this isn’t closer to the truth than the idealized version of history we are spoon fed with the American flag draped over our shoulders and the Statue of Liberty sitting rather provocatively in our laps I chuckled I giggled I gasped The book is serious though I don’t want to leave people with the impression that it is farcical or a spoof Vidal does his research He considered adding the long list of sources that he read and consulted to write this book for he wanted to stay out of the range of the rabid politicos who would not necessarily appreciate his interpretations of history He elected to let them say what they will in true Aaron Burr fashion Highly Recommended to those that want to experience an alternative view of our venerated Founders If you wish to see of my most recent book and movie reviews visit also have a Facebook blogger page at