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Helen Wilbur who wrote the lively M is for Meow A Cat Alphabet brings the same wit and wisdom to explaining Greek mythology Colorful entertaining artwork from Victor Juhasz the illustrator behind D is for Democracy and R is for Rhyme keeps pace with the lively subject matt. Reading Log Title Z is for ZeusAuthor Helen L WilburIllustrator Victor Juhasz Genre MythThemes Greek Mythology Ancient Greece Opening linesentence type directly from text “A is for Ancient Greece Every day we should thank a Greek myth or legend from times antiue”Brief Book Summary 2 3 sentences in your own words This book is an alphabet picture book geared towards book that introduces Greek figures of mythology like King Midas the Fates and the Delphi Each page has an illustration of the figure being introduced and a few sentences of introduction On the sides of the page there are long paragraphs describing the figures portrayed in the text Professional RecommendationReview #1 cut paste details below Rochman Booklist With a rhyme and a large colored pencil cartoon of monsters and heroes in action for every letter this picture book may look like it’s for preschoolers Like others in this publisher’s alphabet series however it isn’t The lengthy detailed sidebars of text unfortunately the type is very cramped are packed with complex commentary; and the wry irreverent tone is definitely for readers who already know something about the myths Browsers will have fun moving from the dramatic sometimes gruesome stuff such as Odysseus Escaping Circe and the Sirens song the one eyed giant the cannibal throng to the origin of words such as hubris phobia and panic A final page includes a detailed glossary of the gods and their symbols Grades 3 6 PUBLISHER Sleeping Bear Press Chelsea MI PUBLISHED c2008Professional RecommendationReview #2 cut paste details below Ann Lloyd Stanger Children's Literature Sleeping Bear Press has created a number of clever picture books that provide unexpected clever takes on standard topics Here the attempt is to provide an overview the elements of Greek mythology that is suitable for preschoolers The topic does not really match the audience So many of the Greek myths deal with fairly mature topics eg beasts chasing maidens the underworld that telling any such tale reuires extensive background information The text attempts to cover enormous ground by combining a short rhymed passage that would be appropriate for the target audience with several paragraphs of side matter that early readers would probably not understand The material might work well for older elementary school children studying mythology but they would likely be put off by the childish rhyming passage The illustrations would also be appealing to older readers All in all this is a good collection of information that lacks a clear connection to a specific audience 2008 Sleeping Bear PressGale 1795 Ages 4 to 8 PUBLISHER Sleeping Bear Press Chelsea MI PUBLISHED c2008Response to Two Professional ReviewsBoth reviewers believe that the book looks like it is geared to a preschool audience but the real audience is much older I agree that the illustrations would be appealing to preschools but I believe that picture books could be beneficial to older audiences like reluctant readers or emergent bilinguals This book does a great job introducing a plethora of information on Greek mythology Evaluation of Literary ElementsI love the illustrations in this book but I am not sure how I feel about the format There are little snippets of text in the middle of the pages about each figure in Greek mythology then there is information about them on the sides of the pages in small text I wonder how many readers would actually take the time to read the detailed factual text because of the small text and interest levels of the readers Consideration of Instructional ApplicationThis book could be used in a unit on mythology in the classroom So many different ancient civilizations had myths and I think it would be wonderful to have students choose an area of the world to study and find mythology from that region Students could present their research and we could do a classroom museum walk like we did in class for our critical inuiries I think this book would make a good mentor text for this unit

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Z Is for Zeus A Greek Mythology Alphabet General AlphabetWhose face launched a thousand ships Who dropped an apple to win a race What creature has the head of a woman the body of a lion the wings of an eagle and always wakes up on the wrong side of the bed The Oracle knows and so will young readers after they encounter the stran. Although the author's textual information and especially the supplemental details on the side panels are interesting engagingly presented and thankfully also neither too extensive nor too simplistic I really cannot say that I have actually all that much personally enjoyed Helen L Wilbur's Z is for Zeus A Greek Mythology Alphabet on a reading pleasure level For while I have definitely appreciated and yes even much loved reading the printed words perusing the featured narrative of Z is for Zeus A Greek Mythology Alphabet I really have not at ALL liked Victor Juhasz' accompanying illustrations which to and for my eyes which according to my personal aesthetics appear as much too cartoon like as often even ridiculously silly and really not all that specifically Greek in many instances and especially the pictorial rendition of the priestess of the Oracle at Delphi well she truly looks downright uncannily evil with in particular her staring and half closed eyes giving me the total creeps so to speak Combined with the fact that there is also NO bibliographical information provided period which lack really does majorly limit the supplemental study and research value of Z is for Zeus A Greek Mythology Alphabet I can personally only consider a two star ranking at best although I do think that Z is for Zeus A Greek Mythology Alphabet does for the most part provide a good basic but not too basic general introduction to Greek mythology but really and sadly the illustrations they do totally rub me the wrong aesthetic way and the complete absence of even minor and basic bibliographical information such as source acknowledgements does totally annoy and majorly massively disappoint

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Z Is for Zeus: A Greek Mythology Alphabet (General Alphabet) Download Û 104 ´ Whose face launched a thousand ships Who dropped an apple to win a race What creature has the head of a woman the body of a lion the wings of an eagle and always wakes up on the wrong side of the bed The Oracle knows and so will Ge creatures exotic gods and exciting stories in Z is for Zeus A Greek Mythology Alphabet Human endeavors are often at odds with the whims and the will and the ways of the gods Although they're up in Olympus without any cares they just can't stop meddling in human affairs. This is one of those “alphabet” books that pop up on lots and lots of subjects What I like about the format is that for each letter there is the letter part ex Z is for Zeus followed by four rhyming lines about whatever it is Then there is much in depth information on that subject on the side of the page So for younger readers you can just read the alphabet parts and the brief rhyming text and older andor independent readers can get additional information When you read the in depth stuff on every letter there is a good bit of information to be had I really enjoyed this one and there were some things that I didn’t know This series is a good non fiction resource