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Welcome to New York Here burning figures roam the streets men in brightly colored costumes scale the glass and concrete walls and creatures from space threaten to devour our world This Photographer Phil Sheldon experiences what it's like to live in a world of super heroes from the rise of the Human Torch in the late thirties all the way to the dawn of the mutants the first appearance of Galactus and the death of Gwen StacyWhen Marvels first hit scene I was a wee lad of 17 The internet was in its infancy and comic shops were dying by the dozen As it became easier to come by comics or graphic novels if you're too cool to read comics I always had a mind to read this but didn't pick it up until recentlyMaybe it was just nearly twenty years of expectations but I wasn't wowed by this Sure the premise is cool and Alex Ross is still Alex Ross but not a hell of a lot happens Busiek's writing has never done much for me and this is no exception I think Busiek should send Alex Ross a fruit basket or something every week considering this is the book that moved Busiek on to bigger and better thingsDon't get me wrong I like Phil Sheldon's odyssey through the Marvel universe from an everyman's point of view It's cool seeing what he thinks about things and how his life unfolds alongside superheroes fighting in the streets and sky of New York for decades A brief sidebar if I may One thing that always bugged me about the Marvel Universe is how the mutants are continuously feared andor shat upon but the regular superheroes are idolized for the most part Really Is it likely that the X Men are going to destroy your house during a battle than the Avengers Is a mutant dangerous than someone like the Spider Man Anyway back to the showMaybe my less than stellar reaction to this book is due to almost 20 years of speculation on my part I kept thinking when is stuff going to happen I feel like Alex Ross's artwork was wasted and should have been used on a story with action like Kingdom Come which I rated higher than this but probably won't hold up well under a re read So yeah Marvels Fantastic art kind of a meh story for me It may have been a case of wrong book wrong time Your mileage may vary

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Marvels Author Kurt BusiIs the Marvel Universe where the ordinary and fantastic interact daily This is the world of MarvelsWitness the birth of this fantastic universe from the inside See the world's greatest 25 starsI think I get what Marvel was aiming for with Marvels and I've been a fan of their legendary roster of 'super' characters for nearly 40 years but this book was dull Said characters aren't even the stars of this storyline they're strictly limited to 'featured' status noticeably detached in a senseThe plot focuses on a fictional New York City photojournalist the second time I've used that job title in a review today how odd from 'The Greatest Generation' who specializes in covering the notable superheroes who debut during the WWII era Captain America Sub Mariner etc and then later in the 60's Fantastic Four the Avengers the X Men Spider Man and many The illustrations were often first rate and the humor was sly on occasion eg look for the Beatles among other celebs attending the nuptials of Mr Fantastic and Invisible Girl but the story just seemed creaky

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Marvels Author Kurt Busiek Book é 216 pages Ý Moneyexpresscard ☆ Welcome to New York Here burning figures roam the streets men in brightly colored costumes scale the glass and concrete walls and creatures from space threaten to devour our world This is the Marvel Universe where the ordinary and fantastic iHeroes in a different light with a new awe and a touch of fearFor the first time experience the Marvel Universe from a whole new perspective yours Collects Marvels #1 4 and Marvels #0 Kurt Busiek and Alex Ross’ Marvels is their love letter to the superheroes of the Golden Age and Silver Age of Marvel Comics Theirs is a tale that examines the Marvel universe through the eye of an everyman character Phil Sheldon Like his fellow unpowered denizens he and his family have to live through every invasion super villain attack and the coming of Galactus fearing that each crisis would bring about the end of their worldThe story brought it acclaim and the theme explored in several other books featuring painted art But it is Alex Ross’ art that would be the true reason this work stands out Each cover and page is lovingly painted in the photorealistic style that becomes Ross’ trademark It is not traced or done by light box but every line is rendered by freehand Every detail is in there rendered by a key eye who certainly knows his comics Some of its panels are even recreated from key moments in Marvel comicsIt is a joy to read or even just to scan the beautiful art Every comics fan should a copy of this masterpiece Even if you don’t appreciate comics this is a book that will improve your opinion of comics as this a product of high production values and a keen eye for detail