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The Cost of Loving Unconditional Love #2Ok his life and his feelings for Matt added guilt to his burden of grief Confused and lonely Darian clings to Matt despite his inner strife But small town realities keep intruding and if Matt and Darian hope to make a life together they must first take a stand for what they believe in even if they fear the cost DNFI hate books where the solution for everything is sex

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Download The Cost of Loving Unconditional Love #2 Ebook ☆ 350 pages Ç Wade kelly À Matt Dixon a young firefighter is the golden child of his family and he never dreamed that coming out would challenge than the way his church sees him For years Matt has led a double life hoping to avoid rMatt Dixon a young firefighter is the golden child of his family and he never dreamed that coming out would challenge than the way his church sees him For years Matt has led a double life hoping to avoid ridicule When a self righteous pastor’s statements provoke him to defend his recently deceased best friend Yes it's been a long wait but totally worth it 5 stars total keeper and a little warning First of all thanks and a big hug to Wade a for the shout out to her fans at the front of the book and b for keeping us informed all the way so we knew what was happening Secondly a big thumbs up to Tina for her awesome review pre ordered this book but your review made me push it up the ueue Right let's get this show on the road Book 2 picks up where 1 endedMatt has 'come out' to everyone at his church and has also confirmed that Jamie was gay No one has had any time to grieve Matt and Darian are still at it like rabbits Dan doesn't know whether he's coming or going and the lovely Joan instigator of Jamie's suicide with her beatings and bigotry is still 'innocent' to all and sundryno one other than Matt who's been reading Jamie's journals knows what went on in their house Matt also discovers from reading the journals that Jamie deliberately didn't introduce him to Darianhe realised that they were perfect for each other and didn't want to be the one left by himselfso Jamie wasn't the 'whiter than white' guy we thought he was after allMatt realises that he and Darian can't continue as they are that they are both consumed by grief and guiltMatt because he should have been a better friend and been aware of the problems that Jamie was having with his mum AND that he's now sleeping with Jamie's boyfriend and Darian because he's lost his lover and boyfriend AND he's started sleeping with Jamie's best friend before Jamie's body is cold in the ground Darian is severely depressed is seeing Jamie's ghost everywhere and the 'ghost' is saying some dreadful things to himhe's using sex with Matt as an escape valve for his feelings but his underlying problems still remain Matt has been having problems at home since his very public 'coming out' at church his dad only speaks to him when necessary and when he does speak he says to my mind anyway some unforgiveable things but he is extremely uncomfortable and unhappy with the fact that Matt has 'outted' himself and because he can't deal with it it's Matt's fault his brother's being a right little st and definitely needs a good spanking and his mum is finding it difficult trying to reconcile her faith and Matt's confession but at least she's still talking to himthe only member of his family that is OK with him is his sisterAt work everything is same old same oldhe still hasn't come out and they think he's dating a girl but Matt figures it is only a matter of time before what he announced at church filters through to the fire station and he knows he will have problems there with some of the guys Some of his regular customers from his other job have already made their displeasure known and he's finding it hard to pick up work and then one day Darian turns up at the stationMatt is seen kissing him and the st hits the fanI'm not going any further into the story I still can't understand why the church thinks it has the right to go poking it's nose into things that have nothing to do with it but some people are still wrapped up in religion and if that's what makes them happy then so be it BUT they shouldn't be allowed to force their bigotry down other people's throatsI found the church the pastor and most of the congregation in this book really creepy HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for those Wade Kelly fans who've been patiently waiting and don't forget there will be a book 3

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’s honor and subseuently out himself he suffers the brutal aftermath of his revelation Everyone in his life including his family and his new lover Darian must deal with the ramifications as Matt struggles to come to terms with guilt shame and his very belief in God Darian Weston lost his fiancé when Jamie to When Matt Dixon of 'The Cost of Loving' by Wade Kelly comes out of the closet it's freeing especially since he no longer has to lie about who he is but there are conseuences His family friends and coworkers thought they knew him When they find out he is gay it is a shock; they feel betrayed and deceived Regardless of how they feel about him being gay their faith in him is broken Matt has a lot of trust building to do especially with Darian the boy he lovesIn many aspects Matt lived his life on the surface avoiding emotional entanglements trying to keep his two worlds separate This necessitates him to lie most of the time to bob and weave never being able to settle down and be the honest sincere person everyone thinks him to be So deep is his deceit that it prevents him from recognizing what is important and is slowly destroying him Until he meets Darian his best friend Jimmy's fiancé he never sees a reason to change Instead of building trust and understanding what they are both feeling they plunge headfirst into a tempestuous affair with neither one sure about what their involvement means just needing the mind numbing result of their physical encounters to stave off their grief The end result is two very confused people torn between love and guilt for moving too fast dishonoring their friend and earning the disapproval of almost everyone around themDarian is such a sweet loving person who has never been treated with the respect he deserves He is so fragile before Jimmy commits suicide that afterwards things get even worse Riddled with guilt he goes back to drugs and cutting himself as a way of coping Even that only helps so much He is so broken that he begins to hallucinate personifying his guilt in the form of his dead lover letting the anger and bitterness pour out of this ethereal monster causing him to have a total breakdownThis book confronts a lot of complicated issues ie homosexuality homophobia sex addiction cutting drug addiction mental illness etc in a direct and at times brutal way The story is uite long detailed informative and heart breaking but there are also moments of joy happiness and forgiveness I recommend this story to fans of the first story of course and to others who want to read a book about serious subjects which will make you think feel and react Thanks Wade for continuing Matt and Darian's storyNOTE This book was provided by Dreamspinner Press for the purpose of a review on Rainbow Book Reviews