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Ebook Þ Die Leiden des jungen Werthers å 149 pages Download µ Moneyexpresscard ä This is Goethe's first novel published in 1774 Written in diary form it tells the tale of an unhappy passionate young man hopelessly in love with Charlotte the wife of a friend a man who he alternatelyYears before the novel was published Goethe had passed through a similar tempestuous period when he lost his heart to Charlotte Buff who was at that time engaged to his friend Johann Christian Kestner The Werther effect The book that caused collective suicides all through EuropeThe Sorrows of Young Werther is one of the most popular novels of the 18th and often referred to which makes it worth reading if you are interested in literatureThe book is about a young man named Werther who is drowning in love sickness to a girl called Lotte The story is told through Werthers letters mostly send to his friend Wilhelm For him it’s love on first sight but she is already engaged and about to get married Werther indulges in self pity and constantly tries to approach her even though she tells him not to endangering her marriage and reputation When he shows up at her house without permission and starts to kiss her she clearly rejects him ultimately causing him to commit suicideWerther Werthers character in one pictureThe entire book is about Werthers self absorption and love sickness He is narcissistic depressed egoistic pathologically emotional irrational and delusional almost stalking Lotte He spends the entire book whining and drowning in self pity being downright annoying His egozentrism is ideolized to some extend but it‘s absurdity and destructiveness is also displayed by his suicide The focus on himself is isolating him; nobody can temper his actions perceptions or emotions because he won’t listen to anyone else The only relief from Werther’s narration comes when he has descended so far into his madness that he kills himself and the editor has to take over and explain Werther‘s deathHis self absorption is tied inextricably to his insistence on prioritizing emotion over reason While reason is a powerful moderator of impulse and emotion Werther insists that reason is unimportant Werther’s idea that his behavior is outside of his control allows his selfishness to rule him In this way Werther’s egocentrism allows him to justify whatever behavior his emotions lead him toward And this behavior in turn is destructive He is a character who has to an extreme extent allowed his egozentrism to rule him and it leads him to mistreat others Werther allows himself to be fully driven by his passions and desires and he actively rejects any tempering that either his own mind or the advice of his friends supplyHis Love to Lotte The really not so happy Lotto about his inability to take a no as an answerThough Werther claims to love Lotte above all else his actions towards her lack empathy and respect which casts doubt on the maturity of his definition of love When Lotte asks Werther to stop courting her and offers him her friendship only Werther cannot honor her reuest or even understand the difficult position he has put her in Werther utterly disregards Lotte’s needs in favor of his own desires which ruins their ability to interact in any way Lotte is his primary object of affection but his love for her is not about her but about himself which makes her almost replacable When he realizes that she has no intention of leaving her fiancé for him he sees Lotte’s kindness towards him as evidence that she has led him on intending to hurt him and even suggests that she has made a reprehensible habit of doing the same with other men Lotte however is utterly heartbroken by the situation and highlights the great trouble she went through to try to save their friendship The Suicide Even Werthers suicide is egocentric by describing his suffering for 12 hours until he is finally dead He doesn‘t receive a christian funeral due to the suicide The Sorrows of Young Werther is most popular for his infamous suicide that ends the novel when Werther is most definitely rejected by Lotte Werther is overwhelmed by his excess of emotion which seems to be the sole cause of his death the only way to overthrow his emotion As his emotions gain increasing command even his usually elegant language begins to fail him His sentences become progressively unstable and interrupted marred by gaps in thought and a failure to find the proper words His narrative becomes as painful and burdensome as Werther’s emotions themselvesUnfortunately the popularity of Werther did indeed cause a wave of mass suicides all through Europe called the Werther effect The term is still used for causalities between media and suicide ratesSturm und Drang Johann Wolfgang GotheWerther was written in 1774 and majorly influenced by the enlightenment movement and it‘s philosophies The novel created a new epoch called „Sturm und Drang“ which focuses on the „genius“ of the individual as centre of attention It stands for the abandonment of rationality and the utter focus on emotionality It’s the opposite of restricted emotions and feelings like social standards dictated at that time and introduced tragic hero’s Back then Werther was a huge scandal contradicted the romantic literature and raised conflicts with the church By non Germans Werther is often mistakenly read as a romantic novel which creates disappointment because it’s not a romantic story or even from the epoch of romanticism Werther was the enlightenment from the romantic area and reading him as anything different is not doing the book justice “I have so much in me and the feeling for her absorbs it all; I have so much and without her it all comes to nothing” I‘m not a great fan of the Sturm und Drang period but what Goethe is rightfully valued for is his use of language He wasn‘t just a literate but also a poet something unfortunately lost in translation You could think about him as the German Shakespeare but Werther is not about romance but the progression from it The novel is not a love story but an emotional outburst of a love sick and extremely egocentric individual Werther is a very annoying and obsessive character who in todays world would be accused of sexual harassment while Lotte is nothing than the object to obsess about The pictures present the vibe of the book and Werthers self obsessed character perfectly which is the aim and purpose of the novel I appreciate Goethe but Werthers character is hard to tolerate even though his emotional outbursts are deliberate

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Y admires and detests 'The Sorrows of Young Werther' became an important part of the 'Sturm und Drang movement and greatly influenced later 'Romanticism' The work is semi autobiographical in 1772 two Thackeray wrote this very glib verse synopsis of the taleWerther had a love for Charlotte Such as words could never utter;Would you know how first he met her? She was cutting bread and butterCharlotte was a married lady And a moral man was WertherAnd for all the wealth of Indies Would do nothing for to hurt herSo he sighed and pined and ogled And his passion boiled and bubbledTill he blew his silly brains out And no was by it troubledCharlotte having seen his body Borne before her on a shutterLike a well conducted person Went on cutting bread and butter

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Die Leiden des jungen WerthersThis is Goethe's first novel published in 1774 Written in diary form it tells the tale of an unhappy passionate young man hopelessly in love with Charlotte the wife of a friend a man who he alternatel “I have so much in me and the feeling for her absorbs it all; I have so much and without her it all comes to nothing” A lot of classic novels contain certain things that make us cringe a little today but The Sorrows of Young Werther is one that than most really hasn't aged well I do not know if some people consider this tragically romantic but it is not my idea of romance Werther is a serious pest and borderline stalker He needs to let it goIn this story Werther falls head over heels for the first pretty girl who wants to dance with him obsesses over her and continues to pursue her even after learning of her engagement to another man; even after she openly refuses him He turns up at her house constantly He attempts to force kisses upon her We suffer through accounts of his sex dreams about her They're not called that but that's basically what they areThe book is written as a series of letters to Werther's friend Wilhelm It's a tiny book but it feels so much longer because these letters mostly consist of Werther's repetitive internal struggles Of course he believes he is the only person in the history of the world to feel like he does and he repeatedly insists that Charlotte the object of his obsession secretly loves him too despite her protestations I can sympathise with the pain and angst of young love even when it is wrapped up in a flowery introspective package I liked Call Me By Your Name after all However any sympathy I had for Werther uickly dissipated when he continued to harass both Lotte and her now husband Albert I guess this is just an old example of predatory behaviour being excused because of passion and men's emotions being perceived as important than the damage they do to the women they're directed atIt also romanticizes view spoilersuicide as Werther eventually kills himself over the rejection by his beloved In fact it apparently led to some of the first known copycat suicides in Europe hide spoiler