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Deadly Harvest Detective Kubu #4 characters ↠ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ç Deadly Harvest in Michael Stanley’s beloved Detective Kubu series tracks a series of murders and a mysterious witch doctor whose nefarious potions might hold the key to a web of missing personsWhen young girls start to go missing Samantha Deadly Harvest in Michael Stanley’s beloved Detective Kubu series tracks a series of murders and a mysterious witch doctor whose nefarious potions might hold the key to a web of missing personsWhen young girls start to go missing. Deadly Harvest – A Hot ThrillerThe writing duo who make up Michael Stanley have written a hot thriller based out under the hot sky of Botswana where the Police have to combat corruption and the belief in witch doctors This Sunshine Noir has all the darkness of Nordic Noir but at a relaxed approach with some excellent charactersWhen a young girl goes missing and then not long after another girl disappears in to thin air the police seem slow to react and show very little interest It is not until Samantha Khama a new recruit in the Botswana Criminal Investigation Department that she takes a look at what seems like a set of cold casesHer boss Assistant Superintendent David ‘Kubu’ Bengu is charged with leading an investigation in to the death of a politician and the threats of ‘muti’ and other witchcraft do things start getting rather complicated He is also trying to advise and guide his new recruit in the art of investigation when he realises that their cases might be relatedThe relationship that builds up between Samantha and Kubu is that of old hand wary of some of the practices of old and Samantha a young buck and keen to get on with things The investigation process they work the case methodically and with a little bit of ingenuity making sure they do things correctly and only cut corners when they need tooWhat we get through out is that Kubu and Samantha are aware at every turn they are accused of being in the pocket of the government and when they realise they are dealing with witchcraft and corruption they know they need to be careful They know to find the answers they need to read the clues throughout the book with care and not be afraid to see the misdirection as part of a plan which they need to overcomeWill they discover who is corrupt Will they be able to overcome the superstition that witch doctors are held in As they recognise all criminals make mistakes clever criminals clever mistakes stupid criminals make stupid mistakes they know they have to recognise them and use them to their advantageThis is a richly atmospheric thriller under the African sun that deals with the darkest of crimes that of murder including children for ‘magic’ and challenges the conventions The book is beautifully written and the descriptions so illuminating you can feel yourself at the centre of the scenesThe thriller is set against the clash of cultures modern verses ancient an intelligent read that is both dark and compelling and the twists you do not see coming A truly awesome thriller

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Samantha a new detective on the Botswana police force suspects that muti a traditional African medicine is the reason She and Detective David “Kubu” Bengu race to stop a serial killer all as the father of one of the victims thre. Deadly Harvest is my introduction to The Detective Kubu series set in Botswana I’m looking forward to getting my hands on the rest and devouring them Detective Kubu is wonderful and it’s eye opening discovering a rich African culture The writing team of Michael Stanley Michael Sears and Stanley Trollip are at their fourth adventure for Assistant Superintendent David Benga known as KubuThe story is fascinating dark and beautifully written Botswana is a modern country that still clings to the old ways of black magic and superstition It seems very understandable at times yet bizarre Imagine wanting to get promotion at work and seeking the advice of a witch doctor to become powerful It’s a whole different belief systemSamantha Kharma is new to the Botwana Criminal Investigation Department She is a tough cookie and want to make her mark She is drawn to the missing child case suspicious about what may have happened to the girl Kubu and Kharma are soon on the trail of a killer witch doctor who has no ualms about using humans in his potionsThe Michael Stanley team have got the tone just right Those of us who have read The No 1 Ladies Detective Agency series by Alexander McCall Smith might feel a little familiar with Botswana Yet we get a whole new approach here Much darker in tone yet balanced by the decency of Kubu Kubu is a lovely family man devoted to his job His understanding of the superstitions of his culture and how to use them to get results was fabulous And who knew that AIDS was so prolific in that part of Africa I had no ideaThis is a perfect read for those lazy hot summer days Detective Kubu is a detective worth knowing I now have a taste for Kubu tales More please

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Deadly Harvest Detective Kubu #4Atens to take matters into his own handsWeaving together a thrilling mystery with a fascinating look at modern day Africa Deadly Harvest is filled with elements suspense and plot twists that will keep you captivated until the very e. Some of the very best crime fiction explores issues that are relevant to the society in which it is set Michael Stanley's Kubu series set in Botswana seems to have really hit its straps in that department in the last couple of books with DEADLY HARVEST reaching a particular high The fourth book in the Detective Kubu series here the authors are exploring the disappearance of a number of young girls The suspicion is that these girls are the victims of a powerful unknown witchdoctor looking for victims to incorporate in his muti or traditional African healing potionsThis is needless to say a rather confrontational storyline Built as it is into uestions of the powerful and powerless in society and the ravages of AIDS and HIV within families throughout BotswanaThe confrontational is handled well though The style of these stories is slightly mannered for want of a better description there's a tone in the writing that fits with the style and personality of Detective Kubu Measured careful considered and slightly formal Kubu is an interesting man with a balanced life The storytelling itself is also nicely balanced with time in the personal and family life which doesn't pull focus from the main investigation line In DEADLY HARVEST the authors have also introduced a new female investigator in Detective Samantha Khama A serious foil to Kubu's measured nature Khama is driven impulsive emotional if you like Mind you that doesn't come across as a male versus female thing rather the senior experienced policeman and the young gun with things to prove and a few things to learnI must admit I love this series and DEADLY HARVEST as much as I loved the last book It's current day it's got that educational look into real life in a developing nation It is measured and polite and somehow feels very very African If you've not read any of the Kubu series then there's no time like the present Each book would work on its own if you need to dive in but as is always the case with these series if you can start at the beginning of Kubu's journey and work through it with him then so much the betterhttpwwwaustcrimefictionorgrevie