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In Philadelphia good girl Kate is dumped by her fiance the day she learns she is pregnant with his child In New York City beautiful stay at home mom Vanessa is obsessively searching the Internet for news of an old flame And in San Francisco Dani th I received the book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review It is a part of the TLC book tour published on on May 30 2013I wasn’t enad of this book Its plot is simple Three twenty nine year old women best friends since kindergarten are at the crossroads in their lives In Philadelphia Kate discovers that she is pregnant Her revelation occurs on the same day her boyfriend dumps her Despite her successful career as a lawyer she wallows in gloom and loneliness; understandably so She doesn’t know how to go on with her life In New York Vanessa is a stay at home mom of her two year old daughter but her husband committed indiscretion – kissed another woman Nothing worse happened and he apologized but Vanessa can’t forgive him She she wallows in gloom and loneliness She doesn’t know how to go on with her life Should she divorce him? Should she go back to work?In San Francisco Dani is a drunk and a druggy She just lost her latest job – 12th in seven years She she wallows in gloom and loneliness with no money no home and no one to care for her She doesn’t know how to go on with her lifeAll three decide to meet for the Fourth of July weekend in their favorite summer spot Avalon NJ where they were happy as children Perhaps the familiar and beloved beach town will rejuvenate their lives and rekindle their friendships? Throughout the length of the novel the friends talk a lot dig into their souls to dredge out old lies and contemplate their past mistakes And that’s all Nothing else happens across 260 pages although the author provides her readers with plenty of small inconseuential details Atmosphere – yes brooding and hazy palpable like the summer heat Action – no I don’t consider driving a car or drinking beer an actionThere is one prominent character in this tale – Kate’s twin brother Colin Colin has been dead for eight years He died from OD the last summer they spent together in Avalon and all three friends have been carrying guilt over his death ever since Instead of the three living women the dead Colin seems to be the protagonist of the story Everything revolves around him He is the only one in the novel allotted any action by the author the only colorful personage in the entire book He did stupid things repeatedly and unrepentantly until he died Even after his death he is affecting everyone who had ever loved him Kate Vanessa and Dani are perpetually rehashing his death in their recurring mournful recollections Their three lives seem on pause trapped by Colin related secrets and regrets Because of their story wise immobility the friends though alive seem unreal and shadowy in contrast with Colin dead but ubiuitous Frankly the Mobius strip of the women’s mental process repeatedly punctuating the same groove of Colin’s tragic demise made the story dead ended and frustrating just like Colin himself had been How long can one dwell on a death that happened many years ago I wonder? In my experience people tend to forget even if they feel guilty Especially if they feel guilty Most people I know re write history in their heads to absolve themselves of any past wrongdoings Psychologically we’re not wired to carry guilt for long In this respect the novel feels ultimately untrue Another facet of this book that had me gnashing my teeth was grammatical the constant juggling of tenses The story is told in the present tense which I dislike but wouldn’t hold against the author Unfortunately every page or so all the POV characters – Kate Vanessa and Dani – slide into retrospection and the narrative switches to the past tense The tense fluctuating techniue becomes confusing fast Eventually the entire book feels like a memory clip Anything of interest happened exclusively in the past In the present there is only a frame a skeleton of a story and not very alluring at that

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All the Summer GirlsNed by the seductive cadences of the shore the women being to realize how much their lives and friendships have been shaped by the choices they made one fateful night on the beach eight years earlier and the secrets that only now threaten to surfac I have to start by saying that this book should not be titled All the Summer Girls it is way too juvenile I assumed it would be about a group of college girls during the summer I really liked the characters in this book They were all distinct with clear voicessomething that is hard to find in pov booksKate Vanessa and Dani decide they should head back to the beach of Avalon after eight long years away to face their demons This is mostly the plot The girls are supposedly best friends You honestly do not get that vibe from them I feel like they love each other because they grew up together and know they cant leave each other although they all live miles away from one another with completely separate livesKate's character is pretty annoying and you get this every time the story is told from her view point She goes on and on and its a bit much I really wanted to like Vanessa at first and I really did she was poised and elegant It wasn't until later when of her character was revealed that I began to dislike her She played with emotions for a game and was pretty snobby I wished the author would have touched on her features I know she was supposed to be biracial but she was painted as a typical white girl while Kate and Dani's characters received plenty of descriptions Dani was ultimately my favorite for two reasons One she's a writer I can appreciate that She also struggles to finish her first novel that she's been writing for eight years Two she has a real sap story 12 jobs in 7 years? Fired from all of them? Struggling writer with no real since of direction? Alcoholic and pill popper? I love itWhat I absolutely loathed is that all of these women were grown ups almost 30 yet they acted like they were 21 It annoyed me because even Kate who was supposed to be mature and Vanessa who was supposed to be well composed all acted catty and territorial like high school girls I wished they would have actually acted like adults then they wouldn't have all held an eight year grudge they couldn't tell their best friends about

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PDF ¼ BOOK All the Summer Girls FREE ¹ MONEYEXPRESSCARD ñ In Philadelphia good girl Kate is dumped by her fiance the day she learns she is pregnant with his child In New York City beautiful stay at home mom Vanessa is obsessively searching the Internet for news of an old flame And in San Francisco Dani the aspiring E aspiring writer who can't seem to put down a book or a cocktail long enough to open her laptop has just been fired againIn an effort to regroup Kate Vanessa and Dani retreat to the New Jersey beach town where they once spent their summers Embolde I love chick lit as much as the next chick lit chick And since I am a Jersey Shore girl I really expected to fall right into this one and come out with a tan and a smile I love a good beachy frothy light summer girlie caper This book was not that I made it up to page 59 and decided that my life is too short It has been 59 pages describing the 3 main characters and their lives Just describing And I hate to say I didn't like or wouldn't want to be friends with any of them Nobody is doing anything They're dopey Even Kate's breakup was a non event Her dog Gracie has personality than these 3 So I have given up on this one Sorry Meg I won't be eating cupcakes either