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REVIEW Nine Princesses ô PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ↠ Nine Renaissance era maidens overcome obstacles to happiness and romance in this book of short tales 76000 words The book is most likely to appeal to fans of Jane Austen Georgette Heyer Shakespeare's romantic comedies andor the enneagram typology of personality Each of the prinHe True Princess Emilia can keep a secret if it will further her ambitions Courtship is a game like any otherThe Princess Who Was Loved By All Though the Earl of Lyndon is Roxanne’s best friend she sometimes yearns for a deeper connectionThe Princess and the Pirate Helena is betrothed to a man who is the soul of honor How strange that she should feel so restless and oppressedThe Princess Who Rode on a Mule King Valentine is a mad tyrant and belike he will force his daughter Hadley to marry someone e’en worse than himse. This was an interesting group of stories Some of them were the expected light hearted princess tales but there were a couple of unexpected exceptions The tales were uite varied and I found them enjoyable It was interesting to note tie ins between different stories building a larger comprehensive view of this made up world I found myself checking back to find who was who in previous tales This book was worth the time and money

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Nine Renaissance era maidens overcome obstacles to happiness and romance in this book of short tales 76000 words The book is most likely to appeal to fans of Jane Austen Georgette Heyer Shakespeare's romantic comedies andor the enneagram typology of personality Each of the princesses represents an enneagram typeThe Melancholy Princess Princess Anne detests life at Court and has almost decided to become a nun but a midnight encounter proves to have unexpected conseuencesThe Princess Who Would Not Be ueen ‘Tis unjust that. Nine Princesses Tales of Love and Romance is an unexpected pleasure In a world where we are bludgeoned with hormonal excess brief infatuation and instant lust disguised as romance it is refreshing to delve into the world of courtly love The author uses the manners of that time to reveal the subtleties of human interaction that make real relationships workYet this group of short stories is not a nine step workshop toward a better relationship They are told using the language of yore and put me in mind of my favorite Grimm fairy tales I am not an expert on Elizabethan English grammar but I think the author seems proficient even comfortable working in this style The phasing and word usage took some time to get used to but then the well crafted stories flowed oft times melodically and the arcane language greatly enriched the telling I enjoyed the touches of humor and that the later tales briefly referenced characters from earlier ones They were smartly organized to uietly build a history of the imagined kingdoms which helped clarify the plots in the later tales This was highlighted in the telling of The True Princess where a prince is collecting paintings of potential mates planning on selecting one in the future This story is about one of the princesses and the woman who paints two portraits of her one for the prince and one that no one can ever see Later in The Princess and the Pirate we meet the chosen bride and the pirate who gathered the paintings for the prince The stories are cast in a subtle feminist light; not one of the princesses is a typical damsel in distress Though they may encounter hardship and difficulty they are portrayed as intelligent and talented women The women do not change to please the men Even the large Princess Drusilla finds a man who appreciates her for who she is without having to lose a pound Many times the Princess is the hero instead the man and she is appreciated for it if only by the reader

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Nine PrincessesBecause Bernadette is female she will not inherit her father’s throne She vows to become a ueen through marriageThe Clown Princess Gwyneth has a multitude of interests and never thinks of marrying Mayhap she is too lively and high spirited to settle downThe Very Large Princess Drusilla loves Prince Aubrey but knows not if he can reuite her love 'Tis a pity that she is so largeThe Princess in the Armory Theresa would rather be alone reading books than in the company of handsome Prince Lateef who clearly cannot be trustedT. Having thoroughly enjoyed the single tale The Princess Who Was Loved by All I picked up with pleasure Sheela Word’s full collection of nine stories of romance These stories bear the author’s distinctive voice told in archaic prose that remains true and consistent throughout Each tale offers psychological insight gentle humor and interesting surprise twists in the relationships between the characters The writing is imaginative with unusual metaphor lovely descriptive passages and foreshadowingPerhaps in days of yore the typical Renaissance maiden was not uite so free assertive and heeded as the maidens in these stories—but how are we to know The strengths in these female characters are easily accepted because the fantasy is so realistically rendered It’s nice to believe that a Renaissance princess might independently aspire to be and ultimately become the first female warden of the royal lands or a scholar and inventor all with the acceptance of her parents and male peersOne reviewer on another website noted there was not enough love and romance here I would disagree The charm in these tales is the subtlety The intelligence of the reader is respected The motivations feelings and subconscious desires of the characters are suggested and left to be discerned We are not hit over the head with obvious predictable results or steamy passion The understated nature of the romance is what intrigued me and often the protagonist does not end up with the man she is expected to followIf you are a fan of mass market paperbacks hot love scenes and Harleuin romance these tales are not for you However if you love literary fiction admire beautiful writing and look for a uniue reading experience pick up the Nine PrincessesWhile a strong point of this writing is the understatement I did feel that some transitions between scenes and the endings of a few of these tales were a bit too abrupt and needed just a little padding The book would also benefit from copyediting I look forward to seeing from this author and would love to see a complete family saga in a full length novel or novella in the same style