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Vexed author S.K. WhitesiEft for deadonly she is immortal and death never comesWith the help of some unexpected allies Isis escapes and sets forth on a path of revenge Vengeance will be hers and she makes it clear to her enemies that hell hath no fury like a woman scorn. This book is definitely a different take on the gods and goddesses ancient Egypt Felt it was uite an interesting mix of the paranormal and ancient mythology I feel it flows along well and that it's very fast paced as it kept me turning the pages on my Kindle to find out what was happening next Could probably read the book in about an hour Was looking for a short read at the time and this story was recommended can't say I was disappointed and look to read from this author

Free read Vexed author S.K. Whiteside

Free read Vexed author S.K. Whiteside ò PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ✓ Everyone has heard the story but not everyone knows the truth Isis was ready to give up Her mate Osiris we murdered by the very person he trusted most his brother Set Envious of his brothers growing power and his father’s affection Set killed OsEveryone has heard the story but not everyone knows the truth Isis was ready to give up Her mate Osiris we murdered by the very person he trusted most his brother Set Envious of his brothers growing power and his father’s affection Set killed. Vexed by SK Whiteside is an interesting story It's a new take on an old tale It is a refreshing and intriguing read but it really could do with some work Sadly there were than a few bumps with this story it lacked reading flow there was a lack of punctuation sentences didn't make sense and the font and font size changed so often it gave me a migraineVexed has plenty of story potential but it needs some help with the telling a decent edit and perhaps even some restructuring because it really is all over the place; and for such a short read it took me forever to get through due to the poor formatting aloneI don't care what I'm reading bad grammar and messy sentence structuring is going to diminish my reading pleasure and sadly for me Vexed was riddled with problems making it a dissatisfying read 2 stars

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Osiris and scattered his remains across the lands of Egypt With the love of her life out of the picture Set imprisoned Isis in attempt to claim her as his own When she spurns his advances Set locks Isis in a tower where she is raped beaten and l. Vexed is a short story written to introduce us to SK Whiteside's Guardians series Eerily set up like a Cain and Abel the book begins with two brothers sons of the god Ra Osiris becomes king and god of the Undead His brother Set becomes jealous of what is given to Osiris; rulership the throne servants etc and devises a way to kill him By killing his human form and cutting it into pieces Set is then able to hide away the pieces so that no one of their bloodline is ever able tofree Osiris' spirit and his body In order to insure even further that Set will remain ruler he has Osiris' bloodline terminated and claims his mate the goddess Isis Unwilling to yield to Set he has her abused and sexually assaulted then imprisoned Her escape seems impossible until she is set free by an unlikely ally; one who has ulterior motivesIt is now that Set should fear a hostile reclaiming of what he stole and yet he hunts for Isis Never underestimate a magical goddess who's husband and family you murderedThis short story was good It focused on mythological gods and goddesses and really set the stage for the upcoming full length novel Inheritance The World of Guardians which has been recently released There is a vampiracle twist to the mythology that is really interesting It gives a whole new outlook to the gods and goddesses we have grown up reading aboutThere were some inconsistencies that I couldn't overlook in the grand scheme of reviewing however The killing of the children Isis has with Osiris is unclear At the beginning of the short it says that Set orders the murder anyone of the bloodline that can potentially take the throne Later in the story Isis indicates that her children are indeed dead pg 14 but not four paragraphs later the Scribe states that Set is hunting not only Isis but her children too A couple of lines later Isis agrees that her children are scattered hiding So at that point in time are the children dead or hiding Also in the beginning chapter it is stated that Set is Osiris' younger brother but Set claims on pg 20 that he's is the oldest not Osiris and Set should have been the one claim the throne Much of the plot is pretty strong there were just a couple of puzzling issuesReview Copy Courtesy Of SK Whiteside in exchange for an honest review