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Iały szyld z nazwiskiem właściciela Nagle powracają odległe wspomnienia które szybko przeradzają się w obsesję Jej konsekwencje dotkną nie tylko dziewczyny lecz także kierującego policyjnym dochodzeniem komisarza Christiana Tel. Camilla Ceder's Frozen Moment is a long slog through the Swedish countryside and its psychological rot but the author does make up for her snail's pace by enriching our understanding of how a Swedish crime team works together in a fairly humane manner Ceder is herself a psychologist and so it is not surprising that she wants to show both how and why crimes happen as well as the strong romantic and friendly feelings that can undermine an investigation As far as verisimilitude I wondered why it took so long for one junior inspector to draw up a flow chart that solved the final mystery This is an impressive debut of fully realized characters

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Fruset ögonblickW grudniowy poranek dzwonek telefonu wyrywa Seję ze snu Telefonuje roztrzęsiony sąsiad Åke który natrafił na zmasakrowane zwłoki na terenie starego warsztatu samochodowego Zaalarmował już policję ale zepsuł mu się samochód i p. Yet another very well done Swedish crimethriller novel either I'm just really in sync with the Swedish writing style or the Swedes are tops in this genre I haven't run into one I haven't really liked yet Anyway this one is put together very nicely It has a strong plot which isn't always the case in thrillers and the characters are well developed This isn't really a whodunnit as the story unfolds in such a way that you are privy to information as it goes along which is right up my alley Glad I read this one hope to read by Ceder

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Fruset ögonblick Free download ↠ 105 ´ W grudniowy poranek dzwonek telefonu wyrywa Seję ze snu Telefonuje roztrzęsiony sąsiad Åke który natrafił na zmasakrowane zwłoki na terenie starego warsztatu samochodowego Zaalarmował już policję ale zepsuł mu się samochód i prosi Seję żeby go tam podwiozłaPo bolesnym rozstaniu z partneRosi Seję żeby go tam podwiozłaPo bolesnym rozstaniu z partnerem Seja odzyskała nareszcie spokój i poczucie wolności Ale kiedy wjeżdżają z Åkem na podjazd do warsztatu wszystko przewraca się do góry nogami Seja zauważa zardzew. 35 out of 5In an interview with crime writer Michael Dibdin he spoke about his Aurelio Zen mysteries and how they weren't necessarily whodunnits or even whydunnits He compared the stories with lifting up a rock in a garden and looking at all the activity that goes on beneath it that no one is aware of A murder or some other crime is an excuse to lift up that rock and see what's going on Dibdin mentioned that one of his daughters had read a recent novel and noted that she had guessed the ending and he laughingly replied 'but that wasn't the point' Although I love the puzzle aspect of mysteries and crime novels the piecing together of clues to solve the crime I also like the social and psychological aspects of seeing how a society ticks and what makes a member of that society commit murder Camilla Ceder's debut novel Frozen Moment reminded me of Zen's comments While not without flaws I thought she made a very respectable showing in her first Christian Tell novel The denouement was not especially surprising and the ending was even a little anticlimactic but what I found impressive for a first time author was her handling of a fairly large cast of interesting characters and the presentation of motive behind the crime She lifted the rock in one little part of Sweden and showed the reader all the nastiness that goes on underneath Inspector Christian Tell is called to attend to the murder of an unknown man at a service station in a small community outside Gothenburg Not only was the man shot in the head but the killer in a moment of apparent rage ran over the body with a heavy vehicle The discovery is made by an older man on his way to work who is experiencing car trouble The scene of the crime is so horrific that he flees and calls a neighbor to come pick him up and wait with him for the police to arrive Seja Lundberg would rather remain in bed on this cold snowy morning but Åke Melkersson is so distraught she agrees to go pick him up Seja is a journalism student with hopes of becoming a successful writer so her peculiar behavior at the crime scene and desire to see the body seems somewhat plausibleRunning parallel to the murder investigation but set some dozen years prior is a second storyline Maya Granith only seventeen has left home to attend a folk high school in rural Sweden Life at home is difficult with a mother who is not only manic depressive but controlling Although she is one of the youngest students at the school and feels very much a loner but she connects up with another student and begins an all consuming affair When Maya returns home for a brief stay a tragedy occurs that will cause repercussions far into the future The two storylines of course will meld into one but not before a second man is murdered The victim is again shot at close range and run over with by a car but Tell and his team of detectives are unable to find any other link between the two cases It would seem as if the paths of the two men never crossed and the line of uestioning the detectives are following yield no good resultsThe paths of Christian and Seja have crossed before however without either realizing it initially Christian takes an interest in Seja but not just due to her inexplicable behavior at the first murder scene The two begin a clandestine affair one that would surely be frowned upon by his superiors were they to know Christian were sleeping with a witness to a crime Both are alone after failed relationships and both are under a great deal of stress Christian is leading a difficult investigation while trying to keep his affair secret and Seja because she is doing a little investigating on the side and hiding the fact from Christian which will of course ruffle many feathers when this is discoveredI think the most successful aspect of the story is the development of the characters and their relationships with each other and this was also my favorite part of the book Most interesting are Seja and Christian but the other detectives each has their own backstory which I can imagine Ceder fleshing out in later instalments Christian has an especially close relationship with his boss and the team includes a very young detective of Spanish ancestry It's interesting to see Swedish society through the eyes of an immigrant family The characters are varied and not always in agreement with each other which only makes things interestingDespite an occasional wrinkle in the telling of the story Camilla Ceder is definitely someone worth watching Thanks to Maxine for recommending Frozen Moment You can read her thoughts on the book here Marlaine Delargy gives a very smooth translation from Swedish