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Time FliesIn this heartwarming novel from the bestselling author of Must Love Dogs and Wallflower in Bloom a recently separated woman faces her highway driving phobia and takes a road trip with her best friend to their high school reunionYears ago Melanie followed her husband Kurt from the New England beach town where their two young sons were thriving to the subu So grateful for these lovely pre pub reviewsLike all of Claire Cook's exhuberant novels TIME FLIES will make you laugh make you cry get you thinking and leave you with the feeling that the best part of your own life has only just begun Jill Miner Saturn Booksellersdon’t let Claire Cook’s humorous style fool you She is one heck of a writer with pitch perfect comedic timing and plenty of heart Trust your instincts women everywhere and read TIME FLIES Ellen Ward Foxtale Book ShoppeThis book is another winner for Cook and most of all for the rest of us who will get to enjoy what will surely be the most fun must read of the summer for women everywhere Joan Lang Front Street Book ShopClaire Cook always satisfies as she has an uncanny knack for finding the humorous in the everyday lives of her female characters I found myself laughing out loud and expect to hear laughter at the beach from other readers this summer Karen Vail Titcomb's BookshopAlong the way memories are shared song lists are played bridges are crossed phobias are revealed apologies are made awareness is heightened and laughter is abundantCook has a talent for transforming the familiar into the funny Her characters are woven from the school of experience and their actions will make you LOL laugh out loud as you join them on the way to the reunion Totsie McGonagle Buttonwood Books ToysI always enjoy a book that brings out a variety of feelings or emotions and then when you come to that last page and close the book you feel it was time well spent with the characters and their journey Perhaps even sparking some personal soul searching Claire Cook's TIME FLIES does just that Cat Blanco Book ExchangeIt wouldn't be summer without an absolutely delightful story by Claire Cook that deals with family and friends in situations that are hysterical Sit back relax and enjoy your road trip' with Melanie Joanne Doggart Where the Sidewalk EndsTime Flies is the perfect summer read for any women looking to go on another journey into Cook's witty writing style that will make you cry so hard you will laugh and laugh so hard you will cry and be eager for life's next adventure Lindsay DiTocco The Book ShackAfter accompanying Melanie and BJ on their hysterical road trip readers will feel like they’ve made friends for life Kirkus“A spunky lighthearted road trip down memory lane The banter is a lot of fun and the characters’ realization of what is important is certain to make readers yearn for reconnections of their own Another delightful beach read from the author of Wallflower in Bloom” Booklist

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Her she’ll be going she fantasizes that returning to her past might help her find her futureuntil her driving phobia resurfaces and threatens to hold her back from the adventure of a lifetime Time Flies is an epic road trip filled with fun heartbreak and friendship and explores what it takes to conuer your worst fearsso you can start living your future Originally reviewed at Novel EscapesI had high hopes for this novel and although there were aspects of Time Flies that I liked I found it slow and difficult to get attached to in the endThe main character Mel was undeveloped I didn't really feel for her and given that she'd just been through a separation from her husband it could have been made of so we had that feeling of sympathy for her I loved her artistic sensibilities and the fabulous sculptures she made throughout the novel but that was really the only thing that gave her any personality Cook made a particular point of describing the sculptures so that themselves came alive but I wish she had put some time into the relationships with Mel’s sons her friends apart from best friend BJ and her sister background about her sister and their growing up would have helped me immenselyThe road trip and high school reunion were fun and I liked all the references to songs from their school years but there wasn’t enough about their friendships Also peculiar for me was the developed fear of highway driving it was made a point of but never delved into just brought up and then somehow she copes with driving when BJ takes a nap? Other things came in and out too the contact with her ex the email flirting with the ex from high school the constant eating of French fries all of these things were peppered throughout the story but didn’t do much for me to link the people togetherMy favourite character was the man who bought her sculpture for his restaurant but he wasn’t given enough time in the book All in all I'm still not entirely sure what the focus of the story was supposed to be a voyage of rediscovery or a story of friendship? Either way it left me a bit bored I’m afraid not what I would usually expect from Claire Cook I’ve read her novels before and enjoyed them so this one was a bit disappointingThank you to Touchstone for our review copy All opinions are our own

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Free Time Flies kindle ✓ eBook 9781451673678 ✓ Claire Cook ´ In this heartwarming novel from the bestselling author of Must Love Dogs and Wallflower in Bloom a recently separated woman faces her highway driving phobia and takes a road trip with her best friend to their high school reunionYears ago MelanRbs of Atlanta She’s carved out a life as a successful metal sculptor but when Kurt leaves her for another woman having the tools to cut up their marriage bed is small consolation She’s old enough to know that high school reunions are often a big disappointment but when her best friend makes her buy a ticket and an old flame gets in touch to see whet Yes it's officially summer now because there is a new book by Claire Cook on our shelves Time Flies is a good one but aren't they all? This time it deals with a divorced woman and single mother trying to make her way in the world with her metal sculptures She has two looming problems her fear of driving on highways and her high school reunion This is a wonderful book about becoming yourself again celebrating it and flaunting it when you can I really identified with Melanie and ended up doing no small amount of cheering for her mentally and occasionally physically Cook's characters always leap off the page and into your heart and this one is not different Trust me you want to hang out with Melanie this summer so read this book