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Read & Download The First Affair ì PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ✓ Jamie McAlister has resigned herself to the fact that in this job market her painfully expensive degree might only get her a position at Starbucks when she suddenly lands a prestigious internship at the White House Although she doesn't hit it off Nity while it lastsAn unexpected encounter late one evening with the charismatic President Gregory Rutland seems like just a fleeting flirtation but when he orchestrates clandestine meetings and late night phone calls their relationship uickly escalates Jamie knows what she is doing is wrong he's married he has kids he's the President Yet each time she tries to extricate herself Greg pulls her back inWith the confl. I really wanted to like this story I’ve read Between You and Me by the same author team and I had high hopes for this book But I found several issues that disappointed me beyond the usual ‘hope’ I have for a storyInitially this book reads far like a ‘what if’ retelling of the Monica Lewinsky story – the setup is the same 20 something intern in DC in a ‘relationship’ with the POTUS But far from feeling like it could be possible and that Jaime has something to offer beyond her degree Jaime was possibly the most dislikable and vapid character I have ever met Unable to get along with anyone without first considering the conseuences and benefits FOR her the small pieces of her vast insecurities were left untapped and gave me no reason to find her remotely engaging beyond the watching a train wreck sort of way Unfortunately the majority of the first half of the book does not fit with the uality that is finally appearing in the latter half while I don’t pretend to be an expert on ‘co writing’ their other efforts did not show such a marked difference in uality and cohesion When we finally are exposed to Jaime’s thoughts about the POTUS’ marriage – her justifications are nothing new and actually very realistic for someone who is 20 something and thoughtlessly self involved Of course there is betrayal – why wouldn’t there be with her refusal to compromise and get along with others not always sparked by simple jealousy but often a career move her own ignorance and lack of self examination as to her role just was infuriating But I soldiered on and the second half was a bit better not gravitating to depth or even finding a way to redeem or even car about Jaime the light and fluffy read was one that was hard to put down despite my frustrations And perhaps the fact that the authors were able to create characters for this story that alternated between my wanting to strangle them or hoping for the karma bus to run them over is the real treat I have however read better by this team of writersI received an eArc copy from the publisher via NetGalley for purpose of honest review I was not compensated for this review all conclusions are my own responsibility

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Jamie McAlister has resigned herself to the fact that in this job market her painfully expensive degree might only get her a position at Starbucks when she suddenly lands a prestigious internship at the White House Although she doesn't hit it off with the other interns lockjaws who come from so much money that ten weeks without a paycheck doesn't faze them; she is eager to work hard and make the best of the opportu. If you haven’t met an Erica McAlister in your life then you should consider yourself a lucky bastard You can whistle a lovely tune as you march down to The White House roll around on the eagle’s wings in the Oval Office and then high five the Secret Service—the guys with the earpieces and dark sunglasses—before your hands are slapped in cuffs and you spend the next several years of your life contemplating your own stupidity in a maximum security prison somewhere in the middle of Kansas This friend Erica has enough problems to cause a psychiatrist to start pounding whiskey faster than he can fill the glasses in the middle of her agreed upon appointment time She’s a princess a ueen and the entire court rolled into one; she’s the main attraction; she’s been coddled and worshipped since she was in diapers; this is her universe and everyone else merely gets to play in the sandbox; and she tells you her issues just so you can tell her how great she is and maximizing her sympathy points like stock tipsBut by the end of THE FIRST AFFAIR she’d somewhat redeemed herself Not to the point that she and I could have coffee together but to the point that I didn’t need to wipe her existence from my brain via a metal probe and possibly a soldiering ironJamie McAlister her younger sister isn’t without her own issues Being completely starved for attention to the point that she would have adopted a pet tarantula if he would just give her a hug she devoted her time and resources to a completely unattainable man simply because he had given her a look and possibly melted her thong in the process She’s a starfucker of epic proportions The President of the United States POTUS may have made googly eyes at her but she began to view her life as some sort of fairy tale where she was Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty and Rapunzel all rolled into one big happy family If naiveté were a full contact sport she’d have the shoulder pads and uniform and helmet and she’d be poised for the ensuing kickoff But instead of rooting for her I felt sorry for her and the massive number of ensuing missteps that somehow completely enclosed her life Instead of being a likeable character she had turned into the princessBrooke Betsy James Greg Lena Peter Paul and Rachelle all lost my sympathy at some point during the novel or never had it at all and I sat back and waited for the hammer to drop on their lives When it did I took some sort of sick pleasure in their ensuing half existenceNone of this is to say this is a bad novel It was light and airy and breezy like a bag of popcorn and it filled me up about as well as cotton candyI received this book for free through NetGalleyCross posted at Robert's Reads

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The First AffairIcted desires of the most powerful man in the world driving her to her breaking point Jamie can't help but divulge intimate details to those closest to her But she must have confided in the wrong person because she soon finds herself and everyone she cares about facing calculated public destruction at the hands of Greg's political enemies and perhaps no matter how much he cares about her at the hands of Greg himsel. I loved this novel I know I know it WAS Monica Lewinsky esue but how could it not A young intern a charismatic President a dark hallwayyou get the picture Perfect vacation read