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Al Samt Wal SakhabAvailable in English for the first time The Silence and the Roar is a funny sexy dystopian novel about the struggle of an individual over tyranny    The Silence and the Roar follows a day in the life of Fathi Sheen an author banned from publishing because he refuses to write propaganda for the ruling government The entire populace has mobilized to celebrate the twenty year anniversary o. A 1984 ish political allegory by a Syrian author We’re in a dystopian society in the Middle East where The Leader always capitalized has created a society that not only worships him but exists to worship him His picture and uotations from his speeches and poetry are everywhere Government offices are literally wall papered with his photos “Any hint of individuality is a threat directed at the Leader’s supremacy” Periodic parades with reuired participation by all males are constant During these well organized demonstrations the speeches by the Leader or those praising his brilliance are broadcast throughout the city full blast over speakers Those not in attendance are reuired to view the speech on television with the volume turned up full blast Because of the heat everyone has their windows open so you can’t escape the ROAR of the title The Leader and the ruling elite spend all their time watching re runs of the parades and his speeches No one can leave their house or enter any building without an ID card Police goons are everywhere Our main character is a 31 year old man who used to be a columnist and a writer of novels with a political bent poking fun at those in power He can write no because of the complete control of the society by the Leader All his former works are banned He lives off his wealthy mother’s money Yet the writer had been well known and the political leadership is not happy with his being silent They want him now to write slogans and speeches for the establishment His father has died but his mother is shortly to marry a high official in the government a friend of the Leader The author’s woman friend helps him see how this is all a set up to force him to comply with their wishes His mother is actually under threat of personal violence What is he to doI liked this story It’s short and frightening The constant tumult created by the regime comes across as well as the constant heat No one appears to have air conditioning just fans He intervenes with the police beating someone up and gets his ID confiscated He has to walk his way through a byzantine bureaucracy with goons and threats to try to get it back His friend tells him don’t sass them back just do what they say but of course he can’t do that Is this going to end well for anyoneWe also get a bit of hot sex with his woman friend And some philosophy about leadership – how Alexander the Great expected worship in the East but was not silly enough to expect that in Greece – although worshiping emperors eventually came about in Rome We read the thoughts of Hannah Arendt about how the masses need a leader but vice versa too In addition to three novels the author 1950 has written scripts for TV series The Silk Market and about Kahil Gibran This book was banned in Syria and the author eventually fled Syria to live in Berlin Photo of a street demonstration in Yemen from telegraphcoukImage from gstaticcom The author from enantarade

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Download Al Samt Wal Sakhab ä PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free × Available in English for the first time The Silence and the Roar is a funny sexy dystopian novel about the struggle of an individual over tyranny    The Silence and the Roar follows a day in the life of Fathi Sheen an author banned from publishing because F the reigning despot in this unnamed Middle eastern country The heat is oppressive and loudspeakers blare as an endless parade takes over the streets Desperate to get away from the noise and the zombie like masses Fathi leaves his house to visit his mother and his girlfriend but en route stops to help a student who is being beaten by the police Fathi’s iD papers are confiscated and he i. This largely plotless parable esue little novel is worth reading it's an effective evocation of a world that sounds like a dystopian satire until you set it alongside dispatches from Syria when it suddenly starts to seem brightly optimistic than reality But while the narrator's voice is compelling and the sense of stifling heat noise and bureaucracy shines through it's unsatisfying as a novel full of stagnant sketched out characters and unresolved plot points

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S told to report to the police station before night falls   When Fathi turns himself in he is led from one department to another in an ever widening bureaucratic labyrinth His only weapon against the irrationality of the government employees is his sense of irony Tinged with a Kafkaesue sense of the absurd The Silence and the Roar explores what it means to be truly free in mind and body. This well written novel by Syrian author Nihad Sirees conveys what life is like in a country ruled an oppressive totalitarian regime His storytelling is compelling as the reader follows a day in the life of a writer who clearly has a lot in common with the author who has been banned by the government for his critical writing Sirees has written a number of plays and tv series and this is evident in his writing In fact this novel would make a good movie I wish people in the West would read books like this so they might have an idea of what people in other parts of the world live with I must add that I had this book for awhile but kept putting off reading it because I thought it would be too depressing While the subject matter is not light this novel is uite readable and even rather humorous It makes one realize and appreciate how people manage to cope with an atrocious situation