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Boats on Land characters ´ 108 Ý Boats on Land is a collection of short stories that offer a new way of looking at the world and in particular India’s little known northeast Set in and around Shillong Cherrapunjee and pockets of Assam these tales are shaped against a larger historical canvas of the early days of the British Raj the World Wars conveRyday is infused with folklore and a deep belief in the supernatural Here a girl dreams of being a firebird An artist watches souls turn into trees A man shape shifts into a tiger Another is bewitched by water fairies Political struggles and social unrest interweave with fireside tales and age old superstition. Beautiful set of stories set in Shillong and nearby regions The setting is what makes the book for me Janice Pariat takes her time describing the wondrous locations helping you imagine all the beauty that surrounds you She contrasts this with stories that are often sad with a touch of ethereal to it evoking in totality the same feeling you have standing on a beautiful mountainside and looking down upon an empty vastness There is some sombreness because of the lack of all things human around and there is a timelessness as well These things are again brought by the timeline that is depicted in the stories By the end of the book you feel like you've taken a tour through Shillong both physically and historically The titular story was a standout for me Having read her Seahorse already I can see that Janice has a fascination with sexuality and I would like to see that explored Her writing has a sensuality and that is brought to the forefront in these stories It was perfect coming of age story of lesbian love and would perhaps make a good novel too There was also another story set in a girls' school that was also similarly intriguingOverall a good and promising read There may be a whiff of the familiar here and there but the languid prose and the wondrous setting than makes up for that

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Boats on Land is a collection of short stories that offer a new way of looking at the world and in particular India’s little known northeast Set in and around Shillong Cherrapunjee and pockets of Assam these tales are shaped against a larger historical canvas of the early days of the British Raj the World Wa. I started school in Shillong My father was in the Indian Air Force and my memories of the small hilly radar station are blurred but they bear some of the fondest memories of my childhoodIt was the early 90s and it was a strange place to a boy from Pondicherry but I grew to love it and my love affair with hills and rain stemmed from then Been years now but Janice Pariat has made me long for the Scotland of the East with a lust only people who've lived in Shillong will ever knowMe and my sister used to listen to mountain stories as we absorbed the warmth of a blazing fireplace in the wild broken Hindi of the old Khasi lady who worked as a maid in our Air Force allotted uarters Reading 'Boats on Land' is the closest I've ever gotten to the crackling of burning wood I used to know so intimatelyIt's a stunning book filled with legends and ghosts and spirits wild waterfalls and overflowing rivers white mists and ancient trees and a people scarred by land and time There are so many moments in Janice's stories when I gasped with the weight of words so beautifully strung togetherThis is a lovely lovely book Read it and don't lend it to anyoneThis one's a keeper

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Boats on LandRs conversions to Christianity and the missionariesSpanning a sweep of centuries from the mid 1800s to the present day the stories work as a historical sociological documentation of a place and its people interweaving the uotidian and the mythic the mundane and the extraordinaryThis is a world in which the eve. As a reader whenever I express my interest in reading to others the next uestion is a no brainer “What’s the book you’ve liked the most so far” or “What’s your current favourite” This uestion always throws me off because I am a sucker for uotes Most books that I’ve read have them Perfectly articulated and timed Oh all the wonderful That is exactly why I became best friends with my best friend Well one reason definitely We used to completely understand this feeling pass on the book to the other person to make her read the treasured line that made our lives beautiful at that exact moment And the book that became my favourite gave me this contentment over and over Janice Pariat through her collection of short stories in her book Boats on Land weaves the melancholic tale; albeit beautifully written almost poetic of the transformation of her native place Shillong and the areas nearbyThe stories bring out ancient folklores myths rituals and traditions of those regions The most fascinating aspect of the book is how vividly Janice paints her characters which takes us through the changes they experience due to modernization abandonment of local beliefs for western culture and other events in history For instance to describe a heartache she writes “It was a corpse cold evening in mid December when Josephine broke his heart The sky was the colour of razor blades lying flat and suare outside the windowThe air both numbed and sharpened his sensesIn his ears was the echo of her silence when he asked about Ashley the Anglo boy from the neighbourhood”Reliving a biker’s escape out of the mundane town she writes “Cocooned in plastic and metal in parched pages within the arms of suffocating love And everything goes by scenery and life unfurling at a safe and careful distance a flat democratic hazeOn a motorbike the world rushes up at you from all sides so do the wind and the colours of the trees and the sky You are exposed” I’ve had my fair share of road mishaps but believe me when I say these words evoke all the thrill and need for speed that the said biker talks aboutTo put it out there Boats on land makes me want to go to uaint places and simpler times; when young love meant stolen glances and hushed exchanges at the bus stop; when staying out beyond the dark meant a reprimand from the elders; when flowers and cards still carried the weight of the relationships Her stories with mythical horses and shapeshifting tigers will always continue to remain close to my heart