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characters Stealing Parker ì PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ç Red hot author Miranda Kenneally hits one out of the park in this return to Catching Jordan's Hundred Oaks HighAfter a scandal rocks their conservative small town 17 year old Parker Shelton goes overboard trying to prove that she won't turn out like her mother Unds and starts making out with guys a lot But hitting on the hot new assistant baseball coach might be taking it a step too farespecially when he starts flirting bac. oh the cover is OUT You know it's sort of cute but ermmmthe guy's legs are set up on top of each other in such an angle it almost makes him look coughsGAYyes my eyes do notice A LOT

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Red hot author Miranda Kenneally hits one out of the park in this return to Catching Jordan's Hundred Oaks HighAfter a scandal rocks their conservative small town 17. I bought three Miranda Kenneally books namely Stealing Parker Things I Can’t Forget and Catching Jordan I honestly had no idea all these books are part of a series called “Hundred Oaks” and that I should have read Catching Jordan first I just went through GR average ratings and decided to read that which has the lowest average Lol Anyway onto the review I think the plot and themes have much substance than what one would expect of a contemporary romance book if only the execution of the entire thing weren’t so sorry about the term “meh ish” I know I could be immature sometimes or okay a lot of times but these characters almost every single one of them are just plain childish I couldn’t find any connection with any of the mostly paper characters who are flat and predictable Thankfully the plot allowed for some development for the major character although in the end it still felt like an instant happy ending without proper resolutions for several of the major conflicts in the storyI probably would have enjoyed it better especially because of the sports element but since the entire narrative is blanketed by religious subtexts I was constantly annoyed because it came across too heavy and at times uite inappropriate and stereotypical Honestly I was battling with myself on ditching the book as early as 35 or so pages because of those glaring moralistic issues tackled head on chapter after chapter Whatever happened with graceful subtleties But just the same the story still aimed to inspire and leave learning lessons in life and yes it was uite entertaining so that has got to count for something ;

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Stealing ParkerYear old Parker Shelton goes overboard trying to prove that she won't turn out like her mother a lesbian The all star third baseman uits the softball team drops 20 po. 45 Stars Parker Shelton is a high school senior that’s gone through some major hurt in her life Her mother took off with another woman leaving Parker her father and brother to deal with the damage Her “good friend” Laura not only abandoned her but takes pleasure in her family’s fall from grace She uses every opportunity to make fun of Parker insinuating that Parker bats for the other team just like her mom Parker feels the need to prove Laura and other gossipers wrong by uitting the baseball team losing weight and kissing every cute boy possible Trouble with that is she really misses baseball doesn’t like hurting boys and doesn’t care for the reputation she’s getting When her best friend Drew proposes that she take a job as a manager to his baseball team Parker sees this as a way to get close to the game she misses Complications arise when she meets the new junior coach Brian and he starts paying attention to her Brian makes Parker feel special and she can’t help but feel a connection with someone just as passionate about the game as she is Parker is and should be off limits to Brian He’s twenty three and a school teacher and Parker isn’t even eighteen yet To add confusion to this situation is Will aka Corndog yes the name is ridiculous but there’s a story behind it Will starts paying attention to Parker and they connect on so many levels She’s shied away from Will in the past first because of her heartless “friend” Laura and then later because they were both competing for class valedictorian That competition is now over the decision has been made and Laura is no longer in the euation Suddenly Will is prominently in the picture so easy to talk too and so very understanding This story tugged on my heart I felt so bad for Parker She had the rug pulled out from under her and instead of having her friend Laura to support her she uses it as an opportunity to crush her like a bug Jealous much You bet as you’ll see In addition to having no support from Laura her dad basically checks out and Parker is left to step into the role her mother held doing the household chores and cooking for the family Parker was easy to relate to and like She was never bitter or hateful even when she had reason to be Also I would’ve liked her less if she continued on kissing a bunch of boys and kicking them to the curb Once she clues in on the effects of her behavior you see some definite changes I had mixed feelings for Drew Parker’s best guy friend In some instances he was really supportive of Parker but still something turns me off of him in the end I fell hard for Will Here’s a uote I loved “Hey” he says giving me a bright grin showing off the dimple in his right cheek Yeah yeah I know you’re hot Corndog I fight the urge to roll my eyes Thanks to the years he’s spent baling hay on his dad’s farm Corndog has gone from not to hot from scrawny to sinewy from geek to god and now has to beat girls off with a stick Yep he’s wrapped in a drool worthy package but the insides are uite nice too swoon Who can resist a boy who’ll sit and watch a chick flick with you and enjoy it Will was there for Parker when she needed him most Plus you can’t help but admire the way he cares for and loves his little brother Oh my heart I did want a little with a certain couple in the end but I’ve been assured by Miranda that I get my wish in her next novel Things I Can't Forget I loved Catching Jordan so much that I have to say I was a little afraid to read this and be disappointed I had no reason to worry Stealing Parker stole my heart and I can’t wait for Miranda Kenneally’s next story Random favorite uote that had me laughing “You were in the euipment shed with Corn Fritter” “Corndog” Will Dr Salter and I say simultaneously You can read this review and at The Readers Denuotes are taken from an uncorrected proof and may change in the final copy