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read Diplomats Daughter reader ¿ ebook Ê This original version is no longer available The Protectors Series can now be found under its new series title of 'Love Under Fire' published by Serenity Press Diplomat's Daughter has been re edited and re released as Notes of Desire available in e book and printGhter has been re edited and re released as Notes of Desire available in e book and pri I enjoyed reading this short sparky thrillerromance uite a lot The characters were very appealing especially Cecilia who despite being a privileged and precious daughter is not spoiled rotten Instead she is thoughtful sweet and considerate and has a slightly wicked sense of humour which comes in useful when she begins to fall for her stoic serious and seriously hot bodyguard Jared Jared is a true hero and gentleman and its sweet to see these two come together when they are so well suited A nasty threat overshadows their growing relationship but Jared soon sorts that out We also get introduced to the main male character of the next book in 'The Protector's' series and he sounds like a lot of fun and possibly trouble I look forward to reading about the charming Simon soon

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This original version is no longer available The Protectors Series can now be found und Wow I loved this book Right off the bat it sucked me into the story It was so suspenseful I couldn't put it down waiting with baited breath for what was going to happen next The romance and romantic tension built up slowly sweetly I loved how Cecilia and Jared got to know and appreciate each other naturally for who they are None of it was forced The bedroom scenes were loaded with sexual tension building throughout the book They were tastefully hot without being clinical or embarrassing This is a terrific book I could read again I'm so delighted to know it's the first in a series because I loved the supporting characters and I can't wait until the next book to find out which of the protectors will be the featured character I hope Ms Wren will bring back Jared and Cecilia as well Love them Loved this book Great romantic suspense And the writing is excellent too

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Diplomats Daughter The Protectors Book 1 Er its new series title of 'Love Under Fire' published by Serenity Press Diplomat's Dau WARNING SPOILERS2 stars seems too harsh as this book was an easy read This is a first novel and I think a lot of my complaints are easily explained by that But anyway here goesCecelia our heroine by virtue of being entirely too perfect perfect daughter perfect hostess perfect body to guard was made two dimensional There was nothing about her with which I could identify There was no reason for me to care for her If she had a habit or flaw that was everyday and every person this would have made her human and less cardboard cut out Something like a coffee addiction A romance book reading habit embarrassing covers or audio books of same could have lent themselves to some fun moments A reality tv habit the voice or similar Something that cause her to be human 'it's the finals tonight I need to see if X wins vote for X to make sure he wins A weakness for really good uality chocolate or pastries that can be indulged in Paris and the following guilt Something that I might do or want to doI know Jared Knight our hero is meant to be a Bond Chuck Norris type who you can drop in to any situation with a swiss army knife and a roll of lifesavers and he'll come out with it solved sorted and information extracted BUT His perfect civility towards everyone gave him absolutely no personality Every time I pictured him I saw Agent Colsen from SHIELD Iron Man Avengers rather than any of the Bonds In fact I thought this whole book would work as an Agent Colsen novel if you made Cecelia a cellist And I don't think that's a good thing Jared is meant to be the leader of his little band of specialists but where was the kick ass uality?The glimpses of the bad guy were well done They were creepy as a result of the minimalist approached used with them Strangely enough I know a Gary SmithThe actual abduction and rescue was just a little too fast given the build up The set up was well done taking out her father to get her in a hospital but then it was a brief moment of panic on behalf of Jared a phone call to Bryce and we're off to rescue herThe post kidnapping drama happenings were too drawn out for my taste I've no doubt it would be a horrible experience and some PTSD might be expected but maybe it was how this was presented the loss of her hairThe grief over her hair was a little misplaced If she had never had short hair and this was the first cut so to speak it would have made sense and you could have made all sorts of allusions about the loss of innocence and the loss of her hair BUT she had her hair that short five years ago The scene of being upset should have been about remembering being powerless and maybe her having a temper tantrum but not about hair length Yes it's a bitch to grow but she knows she can wear the style The short hair option doesn't hold any mysteries for her so the upset seems misplacedAnd where is her anger I would figure that at some point post rescue once you're on the road to recovery you're going to have a mad at the world stage Where was her tantrum even if it was about her hair Again this would have humanised her and made her identifiableThe embassy part isn't well explained either I don't know what country they represented I assume it's a Western nation eg US UK but if that is the case then 1 If US and Jared is brought in as the specialist then why does he have a house used and stocked not a safe house in the city Security is insane at US embassies so there should have been guards cameras etc The same except perhaps security could be said for UK This then gets further complicated as why is his team of specialist friends so easily ready and available at a call 2 If they represent a little exotic locale then why wasn't this used and mentionedThe setting felt very non descript and sterile It could be anywhere and this again alienates the reader Simon was the lone highlight for me He had personality In fact the scenes he was in highlighted the lack of personality in the other characters for me I've downloaded a sample of the next book which is Simon's and I'm seriously tempted to buy it Both characters just in that small sample seem to have a lot personalityI'm considering the purchase