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43* When Gore Beat Bush review È eBook or Kindle ePUB Ö At 5 pm on September 11 2001 an ashen faced but composed President Al Gore stepped into the East Room of the White House to deliver a televised address to the nation With him were former presidents Clinton and Bush as well as Texas governor George W Bush — flown to WashiTions Greenfield takes readers deep inside the Gore administration and reveals high level meetings top secret programs and ego fueled battles that forever altered the global landscape And in Greenfield’s hauntingly plausible parallel universe the law of unintended conseuences has a dramatic effect on the fate of the United StatesIt’s the 'butterfly effect' writes Greenfield where one dead butterfly millions of years ago leads to a contemporary world immeasurably coarse less kind It's the notion of the old nursery rhyme 'For want of a nail the kingdom was lost'. Jeff Greenfield's short story 43 isn't the only alternate history about what might have been if Al Gore had defeated George W Bush in 2000 but it is in my opinion the best thought out When he does a counterfactual Greenfield has a knack for starting by making one small change that most people if any have not previously thought of as that important In this instance he presents a plausible scenario where Elian Gonzalez's mother survives her crossing from Cuba defusing the crisis that polarized the Cuban American community in Miami thereby delivering Al Gore tens of thousands of extra votes in FloridaGreenfield is also very good at weaving real life considerations into his narrative For example Joe Lieberman essentially stabs Al Gore in the back after 911 Some commentators have found that harsh and even accused Greenfield of having an axe to grind with Lieberman but any observer who remembers the period should recall with perfect clarity that Lieberman campaigned only half heartedly for Gore in 200 and then went on to betray the Democratic Party over supporting the Neo Conservative foreign policy Saying he would not do something like the same thing just because he was Vice President is blinkered or myopicTwists like that the automatic hypocritical opportunistic and unflinching Republican intransigence to the Gore administration and several others make the story an enjoyable short story However I suspect Greenfield's background as a journalist has led him to introduce too many balancing notes into the story in order to make neither it or himself sound like a Gore partisanAn example is that early in his administration Richard Clarke and Gore successfully circumvent bureaucratic resistance to arm Predators years ahead of when this actually transpired A Predator attack drone was then used to kill Osama bin Laden prior to 911 Having pushed hard to make that happen he then bends over backwards to explain why the same thing could not have been done to prevent 911 grasping at Labor Day weekend and a string of coincidences to do it I suspect he made a choice and that choice was that to have Gore beat Al aeda so completely would come across as too partisanChoices such as that one abound so ultimately Al Gore cannot catch a break no matter what he does By the end of the story he looks to be sailing towards a fierce primary challenge in 2004 from Hillary Clinton and in all likelihood winding up a one term president Of course all of that assumes as Greenfield did that Gore would simply roll over and ineffectually take it The man who successfully turned American opinions on climate change around with a single documentary is completely absent from the analysisAny counterfactual scenario is ultimately about choices and it is easy to come in and second guess the choices made With that in mind I happily give 43 a four star rating and would tell any political nerd that it is a light easy read that is hard on facts good on analysis and overtly fair to everyone concerned Therein lies the reason it is not a five star story however Real life is seldom fair

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Resident of the United States How might events have played out Would Osama bin Laden have loomed as large Would the 911 attacks have been even worse Would we have invaded Ira Would the economy have plunged into recessionThis is the provocative alternate universe of 43 a riveting thriller by veteran political commentator Jeff Greenfield Richly reported and anchored in actual events 43 When Gore Beat Bush is the fascinating follow up to Greenfield's bestselling Then Everything Changed which imagined what if scenarios for the Kennedy Ford Carter and Reagan administra. The premise of this book sounded interesting What would have happened in America had Gore been declared the winner we all know he actually did win technically of the 2000 election against George W BushGreenfield does a respectable job of incorporating realistic events actual uotes and probable scenarios into how he plays out the time period between the 2000 Election and the ultimate events of the book in 2002 Even given the author's statement that there are potentially millions of possible alternate universe ways in which this story could have played out the seuence of events the author selected were for me flawed in that what triggered the events was too minor and the butterfly effect of conseuences was too severe For a uick read that was 199 on the Kindle this was fine and minorly intriguing I was hoping for much however

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43* When Gore Beat BushAt 5 pm on September 11 2001 an ashen faced but composed President Al Gore stepped into the East Room of the White House to deliver a televised address to the nation With him were former presidents Clinton and Bush as well as Texas governor George W Bush flown to Washington from Dallas on a military jet his first visit back to the capital after the close race that lost him the presidency just months before That's not how you remember itImagine if the 2000 presidential election had turned out differently and Al Gore had defeated George W Bush to become the 43rd p. This is the wave of the future these not uite novella length ebooks Not sure if I like them or notThe original setup Gore doesn't lose Florida partly because Elian Gonzales' mother didn't die in the crossing was interesting but then it sorta went OFF THE RAILS which is just about what happened in the bigger actual book sized book of his alternate histories which I got after reading this which I suppose I was supposed to do So basically this is sort of like a fictional ad for his not a novel sighGreenfield's a funny and slick nonfiction writer but his fiction is sort of thuddingly traditional