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MotherlungeMOTHERLUNGE is an elouent and irreverent debut novel about first sex true love chronic sibling rivalry; it’s about the deepest fear of young and not so young adulthood the fear of inhe. What a voice Scott can make even something as mundane as recycling interesting to read about and I love her dark sense of humor This is a story about motherhood yes but also about being a sister and a daughter in a highly dysfunctional family And there were all kinds of nuggets of wisdom which I felt compelled to post to Facebook or tweet but did not For example First everyone says As Long as She's Healthy Then As Long as She's Happy As if these are modest hopes reasonable bargaining points in a negotiation with management That's All We Ask I'll tell you truthfully my darling these are too much to ask for I'm sorry

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Motherlunge Read Ê 8 ô MOTHERLUNGE is an elouent and irreverent debut novel about first sex true love chronic sibling rivalry; it’s about the deepest fear of young and not so young adulthood the fear of inheriting a disappointing life It's motherly advice too—featuring wigs dogs road trips and medicine—a guide to the essential experiences of being femaleRiting a disappointing life It's motherly advice too featuring wigs dogs road trips and medicine a guide to the essential experiences of being female born unto a librarian named for the. Taking Care of Your Genetic MaterialMotherlunge by Kirstin Scottby David G PaceOriginally appeared in 15 Bytes Magazine phrase “taking care of your genetic material” first appears in Kirsten Scott’s smart debut novel Motherlunge through a father talking warningly to his son as the son begins to date seriously But in the gynecological world of this novel where the female body is relentlessly inscribed with the bio medical terminology of a textbook the “material” is a baby the possibility of a baby and all that that means to the modern woman in particular to the twenty six year old narrator TheaMotherlunge is a full frontal assault on every dappled dimpled and doily enhanced image we’ve had of both women and mothers Think Sandy or Orem Utah—scrubbed clean with culturally defined markers of motherhood riven with Victorian charms that are neither really Victorian or charming Then think the opposite That is Scott’s literary world That the story is also hysterically funny even as it makes you suirm is a tribute to the writing—an exuisite mix of the scalpel scraping along the physical curves of the female form and the cumulative and ultimately sublime effects of pushing out another human onto a steel table scrape and plopThea is the second daughter in a family of four from Montana Mother Dorothy could never uite manage being a mom taking to her bed soon after the birth of both her girls Early on she’s headed towards psychiatric care Husband Walter is helpless on the scene eventually booted out to his own place next to the local library where he works and finds refuge So far American Gothic all around it would seem Then there are the girls First Pavia seemingly confident definitely likable and also driven After marrying she’s moved six or seven states away to a “big city” that sounds a lot like Boston where upon getting pregnant she immediately separates from her husband Jack This is where Thea comes in She makes the trip east settles into the town house with her sister and the now half orbiting very confused brother in law and a Great Dane pup the size of the original Honda to await the arrival of Xavier or “X” as he is often referred to in the bookThis is telling Is “X” for Xavier or for some unknown variable in an euation whose sum is simply “catalyst”The story is Thea’s The voice alternating between short chapters—sort of expanded epigraphs really of present day older Thea—and the other casing the narrative arc exploding from the catalyst babe If Pavia is typical oldest child Thea is definitely typical youngest undisciplined promiscuous one who takes pot shots at everyone archly clarifying her antecedents and wryly adding in the text “italics mine”Thea has a running commentary on everything and everyone Jack whom she might sleep with; her sometimes photographer boyfriend; the “big city”; long distance trucking couples; her hometown of Supernal Montanayou name it Even her uterus bafflingly empty considering that she lies all the time about being on birth control gets called out And this is where much of the humor and irony plays out in Motherlunge Even though she’s a smartass you can’t help but find Thea compelling in

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Goddess of sight” waiting for the future to arrive With sly wit and surprising joy MOTHERLUNGE considers the flaws in the family line and celebrates the promise that staggers alongside. Mothers daughters and mental illness sounds depressing but this author writes about it with love and insight