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SUMMARY Conuering the Dark Axe The Northern Knights #2 ☆ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Æ A match made in hellStubborn and Defiant Hardened by a lost love before battle scarred Rourke Thorsson accepts his fatehe must take to wife the sister of his dead betrothed But the fiery Saxon hellion has not acceA match made in hellStubborn and Defiant Hardened by a lost love before battle scarred Rourke Thorsson accepts his fatehe must take to wife the sister of his dead betrothed But the fiery Saxon hellion has not accepted hers and fights him every inch of the way She possessed an unbreakable spirit none the. Story Rating 4 StarsCharacter Rating 4 Stars Romance Rating 4 StarsHeat Level 4 StarsFavorite Character AlexaOverall Rating 4 StarsI truly wish there were of these types of Medieval Romances out that are offered in ebook form Amber Dane wrote a really good romance that I thoroughly enjoyed from the first page to the last The theme of this book has been done many of times but it's a theme that has always' attracted me to medieval romances The theme is the kings merciless Knight get's awarded and given land with a bride in tow Rourke the hero is feared far and wide they don't call him The Dark Axe for nothing When he arrives there to take his place and his bride his only intention is to get his heir from her and nothing Alexa the heroine is a proud feisty woman with her mind set on getting rid of the Norman Bastard that the King has ordered her to wed She is not afraid of this HUGE and handsome warrior of a man with his scary frowns and bellowing voice She defies him at every turn even taking a sword to his throat a time or two during this story She never backs down and he just gets ruthless towards her and her behavior to the point that he ends up tying her to her bed and later after she attempts to escape he goes as far as to using chains to secure her The night after they wed he consummates the marriage taking her maidenhead and claiming her his bride Even though they have hatred for each other the lust their body's feel for each other is not denied The love scenes are very sensuous and this story has just the right amount of heat that I so enjoy in my romances Of course with most of these medieval romances their are plenty of evil villains running around to contend with The action this added to the story was really good and made it hard for me to put the book down As each one is dealt with and both of our Hh's have been in harms way their feelings for each other grow I must add that if your a faint of heart reader some of the scenes may be a bit violent for some readers At the end of course we get our HEA and an epilog which makes me happy I do so look forwards to the next book in this series but I must admit that this is book 2 and I read them out of order so I of course plan on getting book 1 Gem Of Gravane in the very near future and reading it too I usually don't read a series out of order but I can say that in doing so in this case was fine and if this book sounds good for you and you want to read it I can say that it reads fine as a stand alone Be warned though because if you do read Conuering The Dark Axe and enjoy it as much as I have your going to want to read of Amber Danes book's tooI recommend Conuering The Bad Axe to any romance readers who have read and enjoyed Bodice Ripper style romances from the 80's

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Der and bounds her to him in ways than one And she vows to kill him before giving herself over to the unbridled passion he ignites within herYet when haunting secrets unfold and old enemies return to exact their pound of flesh Alexa's heart is tested and she is not sure if it’s strong enough to save th. Conuering the Dark AxeHere is another wonderful story by Amber Dane The Hero and heroine had to overcome being stubborn and learn to trust and love each other The story kept me on the edge of my seat The story was full of action between the lord and his lady that I didn't want to put the story down I have read all three books in the series and all of them are wonderful reading I must admit that I read the last one first because I didn't realize it had two stories before it Amber is a wonderful writer and always makes me feel like I am there watching everything that is happening I hope you will enjoy reading it as much as I have

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Conuering the Dark Axe The Northern Knights #2Likes of which he’d ever encountered and Rourke is determined to bend her to his rule no matter what it takesFearlessWith her sister now dead strong willed Lady Alexa is forced to wed in her stead to one of the most feared men in Northern England the Dark Axe The Norman warlord demands her total surren. I read this out of order but would be fine as a stand aloneBut I immediately purchased Gem of Gravane after finishing this one and cannot wait for Darc 's story hopefully we don't have to wait to longI was pulled into so many emotions while reading this which was just what I wanted Lately I've gotten lucky with great reads This had it all a plot villians action suspense awesome Alpha male romance well the type expected of those times I guess and literally heart renching moment's I loved every minute of it I do want to advise there are some parts where the displining was a bit harsh but I felt due to the circumstances I wasn't bothered by it at all Amber Dane is now on my fav list 0