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review Silent Revenge Ð eBook or Kindle ePUB ↠ In just six days Lady Jessica Stanton will turn twenty five and inherit enough money to make her one of England’s wealthiest women And when that happens her stepbrother Colin will swoop in to take it all—along with her freedom The only solution find a husband strong enough to stand up Necessity Jessica and Simon agree that theirs will be a marriage of convenience But no legal document can protect Jessica’s heart when she learns of Simon’s hidden motive for marrying her For despite her best intentions Jessica has fallen in love with her husband And love is the last thing either of them wants though it may be exactly what they both need. This book was very promising when I read the blurb but it didn't live up to my expectations The villain was far fetched and the love between the MCs felt non existent Jessica is a recluse She is the secret legendary modiste who provides designs for ladies' gowns she is a wallflower but this is because she is deaf She dreads that people will know so she keeps to herself She played the part of proud and strong woman until the villain comes prancing in and then she has to have a husband Yeah After that it all goes downhill for me Simon is a penniless earl who desperately needs money to restore what his father wasted before him And after he first meets Jessica he becomes so unlikable so rude and sometimes even vile in the way he treats her I mean they both stipulate that the marriage is of convenience and I understand that Jessica fulfills her part of the bargain which is to be unnoticed and undemanding But Simon being typical arrogant noble that he is wants to get his way in everything He constantly pushes her to do things she does not want he exercises his husbandly rights on a whim without asking he hurts her with his words even though she can't hear she can read lips very well and the funny part she hears than most The intimate part is very flowery almost moonbeams and fluttering wings like I mean they just had a sexual scene and I didn't even know that it was going on it was so veiled I understand soaring and all that but really They didn't mesh well at all and then suddenly she loved him he loved her but he still hurled insults when he thought she was not looking and then felt guilty and went on offensive when he got caught with the proverbial hand in a cookie jar But as Alexander Pushkin said in his work Eugene Onegin “The less we love her when we woo her The we draw a woman in” maybe Jessica was alright with that kind of treatment The less he gave her the she craved him Last 20% were good The villain was revealed and boy was he a sick psycho Truths buried in the past came to light enemies were defeated and they lived happily ever after FINI

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T man will marry her once they discover her secretNot only is Simon Westland Earl of Northcote bankrupt but the London gossip continues to speculate that he had a hand in the untimely death of his wastrel father Now he is desperate to find a woman to keep him from losing everything But what woman will want to marry a suspected murdererThrown together by sheer. There is always a book that you read and think what is everyone going on about Have I just read a completely different book Silent Revenge is such a book for me I feel really bad only giving it 2 stars but I could not get on with the booksThe story starts off with Jessica attending a ball and sitting off to the side because she wants to blend in as a wallflower She does not want to draw attention to herself and discourages any male interest The only reason Jessica has decided to attend the ball was to see a dress designed by herself This is kept a secret that only she her friend and the madam who sells the designs knows being worn to the ball However before the Lady arrives the ball is all a flutter as Simon the Earl of Northcote decided to attend the event He dominates the room with his massive presence and gossip starts flying as he was accused of killing his own farther for money Jessica takes notice of him as she is attracted to him When Jessica is told by her solicitor that her evil step brother is not dead as previously assumed and her stepbrother will try to prove her insane to gain her inheritance she hatches the plan to marry someone who can stand up to him and protect her She turns up at Simon’s house to offer him a marriage of convenience while Simon is trying to get drunk at home to forget and make himself feel better She propose this and he is really rude I don’t have a problem is the main character is a jerk as long as he redeems himself I mean I LOVED Sebastian from The Devil in Winter and Sandro from The Unwanted Wife Simon was too cruel though and I do not feel his character made up for it by the end of the book“Damn you woman Stop your lies I would rather watch every stone and timber of Ravenscroft fall down at my feet than marry you”I liked Jessica it turns out she is deaf and has taught herself to lip read I felt so sorry for her when she proposes marriage and Simon refuses her as he thinks she’s lying She turns to her friends for help she wants to leave the country to be safe Simon turns up at her friend’s house yes apparently they have mutual friends and finds out she was telling the truth He decides to marry her to get revenge from her stepbrother He makes sure Jessica knows he only marrying her for money though The lack of communication is what annoys he he does not want to admit to her he married her for revenge he too harsh with Jessica and they do not spend that much time together I found it unbelievable that Jessica can read someone’s lips from a carriage aswell I think there were too many issues in this book for me to enjoy it By the end of it I was a bit meh I did not care if they feel in love and stayed together or not I really really wanted to like this story because it had so much promise This book hasn’t put me off reading Laura Landon books as the writing was good it was just the story was not for me

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Silent RevengeIn just six days Lady Jessica Stanton will turn twenty five and inherit enough money to make her one of England’s wealthiest women And when that happens her stepbrother Colin will swoop in to take it all along with her freedom The only solution find a husband strong enough to stand up to Colin But even if she’s able to find someone able to protect her wha. Great marriage of convenience story wallflower with a secret disability and cold man set on revengeJessica is a wallflower that keeps a secret a disability from the ton When she inherits a fortune her stepbrother comes after her set on sending her to an asylum and on stealing her money A marriage of convenience seems to be the only solution for her problem and she ends up with Lord Northcote a cold and unfeeling man set on revengeThe story is emotional beautiful and well writtenGreat read