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review Ç Un indovino mi disse Û PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ô It was 1976 when Tiziano Terzani was warned by the fortuneteller in Hong Kong Beware You run a grave risk of dying in 1993 You mustn't fly that year Don't fly not even once Sixteen years later Terzani had not forgotten Despite living the life of a jet hopping jA is an anarchy fueled by money rather than ideology where Mao has been transformed into the god of traffic Surrounded by the loss of diversity wrought by modernism Terzani asks if the missionaries of materialism and economic progress aren't destroying the continent in order to save it Fortunately there is a flip side to his occasionally dispiriting commentary one that Terzani discovers in his hunt for fortunetellers Through his side trips to seers who read the soles of his feet the ashes of incense and even the burned scapula of sheep it becomes clear that the Orient of legends myths and magic still determines people's lives as much as the uest for money By staying earthbound Terzani lived to tell of an extraordinary journey through the ever shifting kaleidoscope of Asia Lesley Ree. A really fantastic book about a journey through Asia sans the use of an airplane The reader really gets to see the world through Terzani's eyes I enjoyed the montage of experiences the poverty the joy the strength of belief the greed that Terzani portrays Though many have attempted dispute of the so called Asian Economic Miracle Terzani may be one of the first to present a cogent human side to why things are perhaps not so perfect He shows the loss in vivid color that has nothing to do with the numbers so coldly presented in other pieces He shows the social cost the breaking of human networks the resultant up cropping of civic and health problems that arise from globalization and shows a balanced view of what this really meansAs a non fiction story it reads like fiction sans any problems in believability It's the kind of book that makes you want to plan a similar journey

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O connect Thailand and China; and even Florence to visit his mother a trip that would take him 13000 miles across Cambodia Vietnam China Mongolia and Siberia In this way that jet hopping journalist rediscovered the art of travel the intricate chains of chance which lead to discovery and the mass of humanity he'd overlooked in his rush for newsworthy uotes And he also saved his life Terzani's odyssey across Asia is full of revelations and reflections on the dramatic changes underway in Asia Having spent two decades on the continent he brings a deep love for the place to his journeys but also the eyes of someone troubled by the changes he sees Burma and Laos finally open to outside contact are now funnels for AIDS and drugs; Thailand has been traumatized by its rapid development; Chin. This travel book uses the device of the author's avoiding air travel due to a fortuneteller's prophecy to give the author an excuse to do several travels by land mostly in SE Asia but also on a train trip to Italy The travel parts are mildly interesting though since the book is uite old only of historical interestUnfortunately he carries out his fortuneteller theme by consulting a randomly chosen fortuneteller everywhere he goes which could have been interesting had he taken the time to learn something about the various techniues used but since he lumps together highly trained astrologers with palm readers and psychics the result is what you'd predict Mostly poor uality readingsIronically in the course of his travels he meets with two well trained astrologers without having any idea of what their training implies One is a student of the Hamburg school who in my experience can give dazzlingly accurate readings about events He laughs at the idea of a person of South East Asian origin learning astrology in Hamburg obviously unaware of what Hamburg means in the history of technical astrology and doesn't end up getting a reading from the manLater he encounters another well trained astrologer and gives him someone else's birth data which results in a very accurate reading about the other person and a missed opportunity to learn something about his own character Much of the book is also taken up with the author's musing very shallowly about his life about which he isn't willing to tell us very much and philosophizing again very shallowly The idea that there might be something to meditation and a spiritual life overwhelms him at the end and I got the feeling we were supposed to admire him for the discovery I was glad he had made such a discovery but suspect this book would only be of interest to highly intellectualized people with an overwhelmingly materialistic outlook To anyone with any experience with serious spiritual disciplines or the fortune telling techniues which reuire years of study this book is of little interest

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Un indovino mi disseIt was 1976 when Tiziano Terzani was warned by the fortuneteller in Hong Kong Beware You run a grave risk of dying in 1993 You mustn't fly that year Don't fly not even once Sixteen years later Terzani had not forgotten Despite living the life of a jet hopping journalist he decided that after a lifetime of sensible decisions he would confront the prophecy the Asian way not by fighting it but by submitting He also resolved that on the way he would seek out the most eminent local oracle fortuneteller or sorcerer and look again into his future So after a feast of red ant egg omelet and a glass of fresh water he brought the new year in on the back of an elephant He even made it to his appointments Cambodia to cover the first democratic elections; Burma for the opening of the first road t. This book is very well written I really like the author he has a very easy going and readable style; he's articulate intelligent observant and deeply reflective Whether you are interested his adventures in Asian countries and his thoughts on their cultural developments and how the west has impacted them or his metaphysical musings and some surprising personal experiences as he searches out mystics psychics and fortune tellers this books is a pleasure to read because the author is able to slow down and really absorb the atmosphere wherever he happens to be then reflect on it and communicate the experience so well that it's easy to imagine I'm there I lived in Asia for 11 mo's in 2000 and his book took me right back as if it was yesterday I enjoyed the book so much I searched for the authors home page to write and thank him for the book and I was very sad to find that he passed away There's a really good obit here