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Flashes by Tim ORourke Free read ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ã Flashes is the first in a new series of YA paranormal crime novels in which a 17 year old girl cannot help seeing glimpses of dead people who seem to want her aid much to the consternation of her boyfriend who has just started work for the local CIDThis is the fullHis is the full paperback novel which was originally released in three separate parts over the course of three months via ebo. 35 starsThis is something like my sixthseventh maybe even eighth book by the author and I've liked some than othersHe always writes different stories stuff I've never seen or read before and blends paranormal a bit of horrorgruesomeness and a splash of romance His books tend to be very English in language and setting and being from England and reading most books set in America they're a nice changeNow for the story I had an inkling as to who it might be from about the 60 70% mark Things just started to add up view spoilerChild crying Mum being dead It suddenly clicked hide spoiler

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Dead people who seem to want her aid much to the consternation of her boyfriend who has just started work for the local CIDT. 35 StarsI liked Charley from the very beginning she’s a strong character Her flashes have meant years of online taunts and bullying and the book begins with the funeral of her only friend Natalie Tom makes an eually good first impressionThe story narration between both characters which I liked Sometimes I felt the style was a little abrupt but this worked to the books advantage at the end of the story during the big reveal by adding to the tension Which brings me to the murder hunt I thought I’d figured out the ‘who’ uite early on in the story and I was correct This took some of the fun out of the mystery but I did still enjoyed reading about Charley and TomI know this is a first in a series and I see so much potential that I do really want to read the next book particularly because I want to know what happens to Charley and TomFlashes was intriguing and a good starting point for what I think sounds like a highly enjoyable series

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Flashes by Tim ORourFlashes is the first in a new series of YA paranormal crime novels in which a 17 year old girl cannot help seeing glimpses of. 'Flashes' was originally released in three instalments as a hugely successful e book Now appearing in print for the first time I'm not sure if I would have been able to stand the suspense if I wasn't able to sit down and consume the whole book in one go It was utterly gripping and a brilliant addition to the YA crime genre which keeps getting hotter and hotterBritish author Tim O'Rourke's day job is a policeman which meant that I felt assured from the start that all the details about the police force and the way in which they investigated the crimes in the book were absolutely authenticThe main character seventeen year old Charley has flashes She has suffered from them as long as she can remember but after the death of her best friend Natalie they start to become vivid Charley is able to see through the eyes of victims of murders She can see their final minutes Desperate to prove to her father that the flashes are real she sets out to investigate the death of a local girl called Kerry wanting to show that she's not going mad or suffering from an overactive imagination She ends up assisting a young police officer called Tom but what she begins to uncover is far frightening than she could ever have predictedThe point of view of each chapter alternates between Charley and Tom showing events unfolding through their eyes I thought this was a clever way of showing how Tom has to try to rationalise what is happening to his superiors and where all his leads are coming from where as Charley has nothing to guide her but her instinct 'Flashes' was a really thrilling read I did guess the culprit uite early on in the book although there were a lot of false leads thrown in but I was still very surprised at some of the revelations which were revealed at the end Also although I was correct in my assumption about who was responsible I had no idea about what the motive could be This book is YA crime at it's best I was glued to the fast paced story and to Charley's need to unravel the truth no matter what the cost I'm so pleased that there will be in the series because I can't wait to see what cases Charley and Tom will investigate next