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Ust how difficult it was to swim against an upstream of insiders partisans and old guard networks allied to undermine his agenda including members of his own party He would pass some of the most significant legislation in American history but his own weaknesses torpedoed some of his greatest ho. While this is a detailed record of some inside information about President Obama's service Todd reverts to the Beltway journalist's need to find criticism whether merited or not As informed as Mr Todd claims to be he fundamentally understates the depth of the opposition President Obama has had to contend Concluding that arrogance is a prevailing problem of this President is not supported by the facts What the author assumes as his premise in many instances he ignores in the President's opponents or turns against as a basis for criticizing the President I cannot tell if Mr Todd was personally insulted by the President insulted as a media insider is offended by what Barrack Obama stands for or just thought he could sell books Books about history written by journalists always mischaracterize the media role in governance or are in denial about it I wished for so much from Chuck Todd

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The StrangerPesIn The Stranger Chuck Todd draws upon his unprecedented inner circle sources to create a gripping account of Obama's White House tenure from the early days of drift and helplessness to a final stand against the GOP in which an Obama at last liberated from his political future finally triumph. This book is both maddening and depressing Chuck Todd does an unfortunately fantastic job of laying out all of the failures of the Obama administration Todd sets out to answer the uestion of how it is that Obama could be such a brilliant campaigner and such a poorly performing president Todd's answer is reflected in the title of the book One could win an election running as an outsider someone uncorrupted by the Washington swamp but once there the outsider finds there is no way into the rooms where decisions are made Before you can teach the town to speak a foreign language you have to be fluent in its native tongue He claims that Obama simply has never mastered the ins and outs of Washington politics and is too impatient and condescending to do so As Todd observes More than a few of his advisors even those closest to him have wondered how someone who disdains retail politics could have risen so high up in the ranksNothing really earth shattering in this book and most of it is a chronological re hash of Obama's years in office Sadly the book almost seems to dwell on all the low points but really it's because Obama has had so few wins Even his signature win the Affordable Care Act was won so sloppily that it seems like a loss That said Todd does end the book on a positive note Despite it all Barack Obama believes he has left the country in a position to become a better place should his vision work And framed that way the future is brighter for Obama’s place in the history books Whether it’s the energy advancements the stimulus bill funded simply the aggressive fuel mileage standards might do the trick the health care benefits that no matter their birthing pains will be available to future generations or the engagement with an emerging China the administration has put in place building blocks that can become a lasting legacyA well written and engaging chronicle but ultimately uite disturbing

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The Stranger Download ß PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ß Chuck Todd's gripping fly on the wall account of Barack Obama's tumultuous struggle to succeed in WashingtonBarack Obama won the presidency in 2008 partly because he was a Washington outsider But if he'd come to the White House thinking he could change the political cultChuck Todd's gripping fly on the wall account of Barack Obama's tumultuous struggle to succeed in WashingtonBarack Obama won the presidency in 2008 partly because he was a Washington outsider But if he'd come to the White House thinking he could change the political culture he soon discovered j. Yeahit was okay but not much I'm not sure what I expected but what I got was a fly on the wall look at most everything that made the news about President Obama's run up to and taking the highest office in the land Mr Todd did not trash Mr Obama and I think his book was fair and neutral In many places it was boringMr Todd painted the President as frustrated and impatient not only with his Republican enemies but many of his staff as well The thing I learned from this book if it is accurate is that Mr Obama dispite his obvious intellect had no experience or skill at basic managementI consider myself a liberal independent with libertarian leanings I voted for Mr Obama twice without regret What I HATE and I seldom use that word is those people who make it their business to make our President fail I didn't agree with much that President Bush did but I did not trash him in public or private I support the office of President no matter who sits in that oval office chair Our's is supposed to be a democracy that elects by our votes If a person can endure all the crap that goes with running for the office and wins I believe he or she deserves all our support I am truly saddened that this nation is not what it professes to be It has evolved into a system controlled by MONEYI think the most serious problem in America is the general lack of accountability Too many knowingly break the laws because they know they can bully or buy their way out of trouble The system is broken The bad guys are winning In my opinion Mr Obama ran for president with the naive idea that he could change the system for the better for all of us Sadly I think he now knows that cannot happen because too much MONEY is against him The 1% rules The 1% care not for the poor and underserved They would rather build ships and planes and bombs rather than spend money trying to educate the children of the 99% I'm kind of glad I'm 64 Maybe I won't have to see what is in store for our children and the phucked up world they are being born intoHaving all that out of my system for now I'll just say that this book is worth reading even if you just skim over some of itMichael