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Fire in the Blood (Bad Witch #4) Free read Ï 9 Ú The danger intensifies as the Bad Witch series continues It’s good to be bad Patience Roberts is the last summoner standing between magiciankind and certain demon invasion After banishing two or three demons a day for too long gods know she’d like nothing better than a little down tOves he’ll do whatever it takes to protect Patience And one day build a life with herWhen an old demon enemy punches through the barrier between the worlds Patience must draw on every ounce of her reputation as a cast iron bitch to temporarily banish him To get rid of him for good she’ll have to sacrifice one too many pieces of her soul to leave room for love Praise for Fire in the BloodFIRE IN THE BLOOD is a sizzling suspenseful paranormal romance Robyn Bachar has given us three wonderful new creations with Patience Faust and Harvey along with all the supporting cast of characters I've fallen a little bit in love with Faust he's so willing to give everything for Patience that you can over. Being the last summoner standing between the demons and the magical community isn’t all that Patience Roberts thought it would cracked up to be and she’s on her last legs She’d love some sexy down time with Faust her favorite dark Fae and lover Still there’s little time for anything but work when hunters assassins and vampires are hot on her trail and finding herself vulnerable than ever to Faust is something she can't afford Patience will never admit how attracted she is to Faust though his kind never stays interested long enough to make it worth the risk As one of the last members of the Shadowspawn faerie clan Faust is determined to hold on to what he holds most dear and that happens to be Patience Patience must draw on every one of her summoner skills to battle an old foe and will banish him back to Hell using any means necessary No price is too high to pay even if her humanity and her one chance at love is at riskThe second book in Robyn Bachar’s Bad Witch series Fire in the Blood can be read as a stand alone though I think you’ll appreciate the depth of this story if you pick up the first one Bewitched Blooded and Bewildered That being said I just didn’t get the same charge out of this book that I did out of the previous book It was a solid story and I’m a sucker for the FaustPuck type character but I really felt like the characters weren’t as well developed as they could have been We’re told that Patience is a “cast iron bitch” but I just found her to be wishy washy Yes I wanted her to do the “right” thing in the end but I expected a little angst in her journey to get there I felt the same way about Faust he’s supposed to be than a little bit mischievous and naughty and the best the author could do was say that he has guilt by association In one sentence she was backing away from any deeper intimacy the next Patience is ready to sacrifice the last part of her humanity to save Faust It just didn’t seem believable They were certainly explosive in the bed room but it wasn’t enough to offset the blandness of their characterizationStill the plot was solid and I like the way the author creates the gritty urban paranormal world that seems to go on right under our noses it’s my personal version of crack There’s dysfunctional family dynamics bad employers jealous ex’s too everything that we love to see in our entertainment which spiced things up for me Fire in the Blood by Robyn Bachar is a decent follow up to Bewitched Blooded and Bewildered and sets up what should be a very interesting third installment to the series

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The danger intensifies as the Bad Witch series continues It’s good to be bad Patience Roberts is the last summoner standing between magiciankind and certain demon invasion After banishing two or three demons a day for too long gods know she’d like nothing better than a little down time with her number one distraction FaustBut with vampires hunters and assassins lined up to take her out who has the time Still she has to admit her resistance to the amorous faerie is wearing thin Not that she’ll ever let on after all faeries are notorious for their short romantic attention spansFaust a Shadowspawn faerie watched as his outcast clan dwindled to nothing Determined to hold on to the woman he l. Woah that was a super uick read Having slogged through the previous 3 books I was ready for a bit of a ride here but it was actually a lot straightforward than the previous installments This book is about Patience who we met in the previous books She's one of the only summoners left in the world that is being inundated with demons If that wasn't bad enough then there's also the shadowy government agents trying to take out supernaturals and a very unstable vampire who is throwing a hissy fit When we had little hints of Patience in a relationship ish with Faust I was hoping we would see that grow in this book Boy does it everWe go right from are they a couple to hearts and love and all that cupid stuff This read like a sudden fated mates story which was a little weird because they had been hooking up for a while before now There's even some sudden reveals about family and lineage thrown in not in an incesty way just to keep things shocking As an overall storyline I'm not sure a lot happened other than the seemingly docile bad guy from the start of the previous book being suddenly out for revenge The pacing was better here so I'm down for at this point

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Fire in the Blood Bad Witch #4Look the fact that he's a Shadowspawn faerie and a member of an outcast clan FIRE IN THE BLOOD is impossible to resist and is an absolute must read Fresh FictionThough it was my first in the Bad Witch Books I was able to fall into Fire in the Blood easily I enjoyed the interaction between Faust and Patience Bachar did a great job of keeping a strong leading lady while still allowing her to have a vulnerable side If you are looking for a new story to spark your interest Fire in the Blood will do just that Faeries vampires and demons and some steamy scenes Fire in the Blood has a little bit of everything A great read to keep you warm on a cold night  Sizzling Hot Book Reviews 4 Heart revi. Thank you to Netgalley for the ARC in exchange for an honest review This is definitely a paranormal romance I do love paranormal reads This one had a very strong main character Had a very strong attitude at times as well But this had a mix of demon and fae I do recommend it for those of paranormal books Now I did read this with out reading the first 2 books in the series I did stand very well on its own but I am sure there were things I did not get based on the fact I had not read the first 2 books