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Ide of romance from the breathtakingly discoveries of new passion to the poignant depths of a shared lifetime Love newly minted or aged like fine wine is ever young at heart savor the pleasure of romance with Best Lesbian Romance 201. Sweetly romantic ff is the theme for this book Each lesbian encounter shows a different flavour of women loving women The variety is a pleasing as well as comforting This collection is a slow and smooth rolling arousal It's a gentle foreplay for those who are beginning their journey into the girl on girl action This book contains a bit of tame to kinky Each writer does a good job of creating a self contained story with beginning middle and end Some kick up the heat factor while others generate a fond smile at the innocenceThe two stories which stood out the most are Night at the Wax Museum by Delilah Devlin and The Color of Autumn by Joey Bass Ms Devlin delights the reader with her paranormal lover with a snarky attitude This twist on vampires is both humourous and erotic Sexy fun is uite arousing Ms Devlin balances it perfectly down to the end The ending is fitting and with a witty biteMs Bass reminds the reader of first love In this story an outcast slips out of her protective cocoon because of love Young love is never sweeter than how it is shown in this short story The way Desiree's self perception changes 180 degrees because of a chance meeting it's heart warming It's a fantasy dream bringing a smile to many a reader because each of us have felt awkward during our teenage years And hopefully we all met that one person who changed our life for the better We may not have stayed with that person forever but they made a profound positive impact This sentiment is powerful and why this story spoke to me This anthology of talented ff writers is recommended to romance readers who prefer women provided by BDSM Book Reviews

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Best Lesbian Romance 2013Radclyffe is on a mission she wants to rock your world every single year And she does We marvel at every year's batch of annual excellence Swooningly romantic shudderingly erotic poundingly good prose that will tug at your heartstrin. Home to Her Country Just letting her walk away without an explanation is not something Vika is capable of doingAs much as it hurt Ana really has no choiceSpain may be spectacularly beautiful but Vika has not come here to sightsee She now realizes why Ana has left which does not stop her from hopingLove is not always easy Oftentimes it takes compromise and hard work to keep it goingWhere the Girls Are Sandra’s marriage has finally reached its expiration date so now it is time to explore her deepest desiresThe want is definitely there yet Emily knows she needs to take careFor a long time Sandra has known although the knowing and doing are two completely different things Emily expertly navigates Sandra’s concerns as well as her bodyThe world opens up for those who have the guts to explore itSgt Rae Their days as soldiers may be over Still Jenny will never forget how the horrors of war have brought them togetherIt makes Rae’s heart soar when she sees what her girl has doneThe excitement escalates as she hears Sgt Rae getting closer Jenny puts a lot of work into setting this up but the rewards will be worth every minuteA little thought and ingenuity goes a long way in keeping any relationship alive and flourishingThe Loneliest Road When Lila loses all hope of ever dancing again there is only one thing left to doIt is hard to imagine life beyond the Marines and this is the first stepThe Shoe Tree is little than a curiosity for many For Lila it is the end of a dream She has hoped to do this alone Now she is glad to have this woman share her painGiving up on a dream is painful and heartbreaking but having someone who feels the same can often ease the sorrowThe Cherry Stem The fiery passion they have once shared seems to be buried under the pressure of everyday lifeShe sees the look in her eyes and knows it is time to do something about itThis feeling of uncertainty is driving her nuts It will not take much for her to explode and that is exactly what happensIt is almost impossible to imagine foreplay lasting this long The result is well worth the waitLife Drawing Painting is a fun past time for Audra This class however makes it feel so much Posing nude for a bunch of strangers is most certainly not Joni’s idea although she cannot say she is sorry for agreeingAudra finds it hard to concentrate when the subject she is supposed to be painting is stealing her breath away Everything about Joni turns Audra into a uivering mess making it very difficult to get up the courage to speak with herI love how Audra lets her imagination run free even if she has a hard time expressing herself beyond her canvasLucky Charm Ice fishing is not exactly the most romantic of hobbies which only makes her determinedWinning the tournament is why Maribelle is sitting on a frozen lake in a hot pink fish shack but it is not the only reasonThe obstacles thrown in her way the fun it gets Her beautiful Maribelle is catching fish left and right while she is exactly where she wants to befront and centerIf you have never thought fishing could be a contact sport this story is about to change your mindThe Color of Autumn Unlike her princess sister Dizzy can care less about what is cute and fashionable which does not exactly make her Miss PopularityBeing the new kid on the block Angela Hart takes the first opportunity to make a friendStunned speechless Dizzy cannot stop staring at the beautiful girl who just popped out of the neighbor’s tree The Angela talks the enrapt Dizzy becomes and all of her concerns slowly fade awayThis innocent first meeting is delightfully fun and wonderfully uirkyV Day Diaries Never having been much of a romantic she always seems to get herself in trouble come V DayBette can care less about the date on the calendar which is a good thing consideringThe chocolates flowers and general commercialism drive her nuts She loves that Bette is of the same mind because they do not need a “special day” to show each other how much they careAh now here are two ladies after my own heart Why waste time and money on worthless gifts when just enjoying each other makes so much senseNight at the Wax Museum Feeling skittish is not how Krista Pike wants to spend the rest of her life but for now she will just have to dealStuck in the same room night after night year after year Mina gets her fun where she canRats absolutely freak her out although Krista is suddenly sure what she is hearing is no rat Mina may be wax by day but when night falls she is most certainly all woman albeit one with very sharp teethThis story takes a detour into the paranormal which only incites the senses Georgia on the Mind Ladylike behavior is the end all and be all for a southerner especially for the women in Georgia’s familyGetting her car fixed is the only thing on Sandra McKenna’s mind which does not seem like it is going to happen any time soonSeeing how desperate Sandra is Georgia offers her a ride secretly hoping it will be a beginning Sandra has never heard anyone talk as much as Georgia Still she discovers she likes ita lotLearning to go with the flow may be a bit harder for a Yankee although with a girl like Georgia by your side the journey will be well worth itExotic Masuerade Angel may not be a wallflower exactly yet she feels she is far from the belle of the ballSeeing Angel watching the scene is than she can stand It is time to move on to private and personal endeavorsWatching the woman chained to the wall captures Angel’s attention but only for a moment The woman at her back is enticing and full of promisePlay should be a part of any relationship which is seen at its most delectable entertaining with these two ladiesThe Bucket List That one little kiss is never far from Suzanne’s thoughtsIt is hard to remember why this cannot happen when Ellie is with herThe last thing Suzanne wants is to come between Ellie and her partner Still it does not stop her from fantasizing There is comfort and stability in keeping the status uo although Ellie is not at all certain she can continue to do soThis story is tinged bittersweet You want Ellie and Suzanne to find happiness but is it worth the pain they could causeTommie’s Dream Lover The desert is Tommie’s home–forever and always Liza needs to see the world outside of this dusty little townHeartbroken does not come close to how Tommie feels when she watches Liza drive away She has always thought Liza to be the answer to her dream Could she have been wrongWhen you know where you belong is it worth holding on to that placeUn dress You Up in My Love At first Dixie is sure this girl is the last thing she wants as a roommateFirst impressions can be misleading as Darla uickly points outWhoever could have thought they would be here Now Dixie is glad Darla put her in her place You have to love a woman who knows her worth and stands up to what she believes inThe Last Rays of the Summer Sun The rhythms of the house are going to take some getting used to but she cannot wait to beginThey have not played like this for a long time and Angel is than readyWith the twins off to college the whole house is their playground once again They will start with their favorite game show and see where the night takes themA little friendly competition is always a great way to get the blood pumpingStaying Power Watching her ride is a thing of beauty Then again anything she does is captivatingIgnoring her feelings is getting harder with each passing dayFinally getting the chance to touch is almost than she can take Their age difference may bother her but for now it holds no weight against their passionA stunning woman on a magnificent horse is enough to get anyone going and it just explodes from thereThere is enough love laughter and passion within these pages to keep everyone happy From the sweet innocence of young love to the fulfilling richness of years together–it is all here and each story is beautifully written Women are complex creatures at the best of times and these authors embrace every aspect of their personalities If you are at all intrigued by lesbian romance–or just romance in general–this will be a fabulous addition to your collectionLototy Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance More

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Read & Download Best Lesbian Romance 2013 Ý PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ä Radclyffe is on a mission she wants to rock your world every single year And she does We marvel at every year's batch of annual excellence Swooningly romantic shudderingly erotic poundingly good prose that will tug at your heartstrings etc at the Gs etc at the beginning of every single year or every time you open the volumeLove stories from Cheyenne Blue Andrea Dale Charlotte Dare Sacchi Green Anna Meadows Radclyffe and others span the tumultuous exhilarating roller coaster r. Best Lesbian Romance 2013 is an anthology from Cleis Press edited by Radclyffe contains stories from Cheyenne Blue Andrea Dale Charlotte Dare Sacchi Green Anna Meadows Delilah Devlin and Radclyffe to name just a few As the title suggests it’s a book of lesbian romance tales but this isn’t mainstream romance Not all of the tales have erotic content or sex but some of them doTheir common ground is the lesbian romance of course and the fact is these are all incredibly well written stories As is always the case with anthologies there were some tales I liked better than others but this is simply a matter of personal preferenceI loved the fact that there was so much variety in this book There were younger women older women ones in between New lovers women that only just met jilted lovers ladies that have been together for years The settings also all varied massively from a tiny village in Spain to various points across America to domestic settings classrooms wax museums masuerade balls and much much My particular favourites from this collection were Cheyenne Blue’s ”Home To Her Country” and Radclyffe’s ”Staying Power” Having said that there wasn’t a weak story in this collection It’s a riveting sexy – in some stories – emotional read that’ll tug at your heartstrings It’s full of love loss and regret and the imagination of the included writers is vast and brilliantThis is the first collection of Best Lesbian Romance that I’ve read but I’ll definitely be looking out for others whether it is the newest or older ones as Radclyffe obviously puts together stunning anthologies If you enjoy reading about lesbian romance across a spectrum of settings plots and ages then you should definitely check out Best Lesbian Romance 2013 It comes highly recommended