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DOWNLOAD è MONEYEXPRESSCARD.CO.UK ¼ Carol Ann Martin LOOM WITH A VIEWDella Wright has come to peaceful and picturesue Briar Hollow at the foot of the Blue Ridge Mountains to realize her lifelong dream of owning a weaving studio To promote her new business Dream Weavers Della is offering weaving workshops for all levels of ab. This book has just two flaws 1 The opening chapter while it does introduce readers to the leading characters though we do not officially meet the future murder victim until much later there is a good deal of rambling Chapter two rambles as well albeit to a lesser extent2 There is no murder until you are one third of the way into the book I know a lot of lifetime mystery buffs particularly those who have gotten spoiled to having that proverbial corpse by the end of chapter one may grow impatient as several chapters that follow reveal NO corpse as well In fact you will have to wait until the early double digit chapters to finally see your corpse and that's the closest I will come to dishing out a spoilerWhat's good about this book1 Humor The leading character Della's voice and internal monologue is both relatable and endearing 2 Small town gossip Seriously what kept me going while I was waiting for my corpse to show up was all the delicious gossip that kept right on foreshadowing just who was about to get himself murdered And of course there was plenty of gossip about everyone the victim pissed off In all honesty it kind of reminded me of a light hearted version of Agatha Christie's Miss Marple's most common method for solving cases Judge the following parallels for yourselfMiss Marple The little old lady with the knitting needles picking up clues by eavesdropping on gossipDella Wright The middle aged woman who gains trust and bonds with the small town locals through her weaving classes Those small town ladies just love to gossip and fortunately for us Della is a willing listener3 Once the corpse is foundthe pace really picks up In other words once you get through the first two slightly awkward chapters it gets good Then once the murder is committed it just gets better and betterBetween Della making a fresh start in a small town the work she does to accomplish her true dream making new friends maybemaybe not falling in love and juggling all of that with her amateur sleuthing I think the best way to sum up this brand new series is that it's chick lit meets murder mystery It just has all of the charm and humor of a small town and the added element of woman learning how to grab life by its horns but always with that suspicious backdrop Should she trust her new friendsacuaintances lest one of them might be the killer Light and fun book Perfect beach read

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CHARACTERS ê Looming Murder ì LOOM WITH A VIEWDella Wright has come to peaceful and picturesue Briar Hollow at the foot of the Blue Ridge Mountains to realize her lifelong dream of owning a weaving studio To promote her new business Dream Weavers Della is offering weaving workshops for all levels of ability In her first class she meets half a dozen of t Students is suspected of the crime Della can’t help getting entangled in the investigation with some help from her criminologist friend Matthew But can she weave together clues as well as she weaves together yarn and stop a killer from striking againFEATURES WEAVING TIP. This first in a new series started off really strong and I thought yay a new series to get excited about But from there well it sort of fell apart Not completely it was still a good enough read but not nearly as good as it's potentialFirst the setting is excellent; small town at the base of the blue ridge mountains Most of the action takes place in only two places so there's not much of a mind map setup but it wasn't really missed and didn't detract from the storyNext the characters We start with a charity weaving night that introduces us to the main characters and coincidentally the suspects I really liked the female dynamic and was all set for a good 'friendship' setup for the series But Della spends most of the book talking down to her closest new friend Jenny someone who believes she can read aura's and tarot Della treats her as a bit of a silly child because of this and it hurts the book Della was supposed to have been a Financial Analyst in her previous life but seems to have no money of her own and needs to take advice from the men in her life about her own financial decisions Plus I was over hearing about the damn high heels Marnie is introduced as a bit of a shrew but then becomes likeable as the book progresses And the final female character Dolores is portrayed as a nasty scheming piece of work until the last third of the book where she becomes a bit of a hero in the piece And finally Michael the childhood friendlove interest He is an Ass One minute he's talking to Della like she's a child and constantly nagging at her and the next he's blushing and running away from her at the slightest provocation WTF Total turn off All in all the characters felt all over the place I never knew how I was meant to feel about any of them except Michael whom I'm sure I am meant to like but really I'd just like to kick him in the jewelsFinally the plot Very well done and wow way to keep me completely distracted with lots of suspects and red herrings and then shock me at the end Totally didn't have a clue until Della did ExcellentNot sure I'll read the next one or not though I'll admit to finding the weaving bits very interesting I'll have to see how I feel once the next book comes out

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Looming MurderIlity In her first class she meets half a dozen of the town’s colorful characters who seem as eager to gossip as to learn how to work a loom But when a shady local businessman is found murdered Briar Hollow suddenly appears a lot less idyllic And when one of her weaving. That Della is a real piece of work Something I’ve noticed in the few cozy mysteries I’ve read is that the protagonists are OBSESSED with weight Their own weight and the weight of others Della is short and doesn’t have the best figure so she wears 4 inch heels to compensate even when she’s just sitting at her house weaving She absolutely cannot give up food or coffee except the few times she says she won’t eat something because of the calories She points out the weight of everyone around her and it’s just really bizarre Also this takes place in a small town in the mountains of North Carolina where I’ve lived for 20 years and she doesn’t think that anyone in town would own a gun Please According to her bio the author splits her time between San Diego and the Canadian coast I didn’t have to read that to know that she hasn’t spent any reasonable amount of time in small town North Carolina Della was just such a weird ridiculous and contradictory character that I debated putting this book down a few times but the mystery was intriguing that is when it finally got started around page 100 3 stars because it’s hard to complain about cozy mysteries They’re like candy I devour them uickly and even the “bad” ones are still sweet