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To Travis's friends however that Jodi was a lot invested in the relationship than he was Travis was seeing multiple women and his relationship with Jodi eventually came to end But rather than move on Jodi moved from her home in Palm Desert California to within just miles of Travis's home where she continued to insert herself into his life I hate having to say I really liked it for a rating but it's simply because of how it was written I was uite surprised of Shanna Hogan's insight into the entire case and its history Compared to the other major book written on the case Hogan brings much to the table for everyone to walk away with a complete picture of Arias and Alexander as possible I came into watching the trial much later than most completely drawn in by the manipulation Arias was able to do being behind bars Though that manipulation seems to always fail her sooner or later she just doesn't seem to be wise that it does I think this was the first time another side of the Mormon faith was played out in court other than what Warren Jeffs did for it So that was another factor that caught my interest Though in the end it was the horrific manner of death for Alexander that I was left with and a life cut short a life that seemed not what Arias tried hard to sully but that of a young man with many strengths compared to his weaknesses many people who loved him Hogan exposes his killer for what she is a lying manipulative monster Hogan doesn't expose this by providing her point of view of Arias but by Arias' own words and actions many of them I was not even aware of after believing I had learned everything there was to learn from the case trial I'm not sure why Arizona has the death penalty if Arias is not sentenced to one After reading this I'm sick of hearing of Jodi Arias I can only imagine how much it is for Alexander's friends and family Knowing that is when words fail me I have compassion for what Arias' family is going through as well for them they lost someone too However after learning Arias' mother went to great lengths to slander Alexander's name because her daughter told her to I lost any and all respect for the family Perhaps the best part of the book was Hogan's poignant afterword Jodi Arias will forever be frozen in time behind prison walls She will grow old without seeing a career blossom exchanging vows with someone she loves experiencing the joys of motherhood or growing old with her grandchildren climbing her lap She will be known as a monster a liar a freak of human nature Her worst nightmare will be seeing Travis Alexander live on in memory for those who loved him and those who despise her His lasting words left online will live on what he worked hard for will be remembered than his dirty little secret

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Picture PerfectMormon motivational speaker Travis Alexander was involved in a relationship with a beautiful photographer until it turned deadlyIn June 2008 in Mesa Arizona the body of 30 year old Travis Alexander was discovered brutally murdered in his home He had been shot in the face slashed across the throat and stabbed in the heart Alexander had bee So around page 50 I got a little tired about hearing what a wonderful caring resilient example of Christ Travis Alexander was and even wondered whether Shanna Hogan had developed some sort of crush on him while learning and writing about him Also did she convert to Mormonism after finishing the book? Because I felt as if I were reading a sales pitch for this cult like religion The fact is that although Hogan abundantly praised this man for his many great character traits his flaws shine through uite clearly if you read between the lines Alexander was a player The author may excuse this as him having a “goofy humor” all she wants but the fact that he took a date to a restaurant and then asked the waitress to feel his butt which she did or that he sent texts to former girlfriends telling them he wanted to have a baby with them while laughing about it with one of his male friends is just bizarre When he had a girlfriend he was constantly on the prowl for another or several other ones betraying their trust and treating them like cardboard cutouts rather than people He was a notorious liar and pretender who told his bishop he wanted to make amends because he had sexually sinned but while working his way up into the church's good graces still kept sinning As “kind” as his church buddies and friends remember him and as much as these pages glorify this man to no end it became clear what a dishonest misogynist he was; as was his involvement in a clothing line for women that would “teach them not to show too much skin” aka not dress like “whores” What a lovely man and example of “Christ” indeed Needless to say that does not warrant his violent death under any circumstances but it definitely makes me wonder whether there is a little bit to Jodi Arias' claims of him being at least emotionally abusive sending mixed messages and the obsession with each other being mutual Secondly for a book that took roughly 50 pages to illuminate every little detail of Mr Alexander's life it was bizarre that Ms Arias' upbringing wasn't worth than a mere very biased 10ish pages You can tell that the author is doing her darndest to make her sound like a promiscuous crazy person from the get go What are the sources of friends allegedly being worried about Arias' mental state throughout her entire life? When and why did they say this and to whom to her or anyone else? Does her father who asked her if she was bipolar on one occasion actually know what bipolarity is or was this just his way of asking her if she had a mood or mental disorder? I would have loved to know all that The author meticulously listed everyone who spoke in favor of Alexander's character but would have us believe no one – no one – ever spoke favorable of Jodi? Ever? As mentally ill as I personally consider Ms Arias this is just not believable to me Something is rubbing me the wrong way about all of this On top of this the author has the gall to write that Jodi “felt as if as if? she was being abused” by her parents who used to beat her sometimes with objects and sometimes so hard she keeled over Her retaliating in kind when she grew older is portrayed as senseless and unwarranted “violence” I'm speechless And shocked This although I did my research on the author and scrolled through her and her family members' social media and saw that they appear to be these typically military loving zero tolerance hardliners which would at least explain the lack of empathy for Arias' abusive upbringing Suffice it to say that I preferred the later chapters in the book as they highlight the forensic and criminological part of the case Jodi Arias' defense and that the deed had been meticulously planned on top of having been carried out in an unusually drawn out and cruel way The author wouldn't have had to work so hard to make the perpetrator look as unappealing as she did with her ever changing stories of what happened that night her deceit and lack of remorse Arias did that all by herself This way the book comes across as so one sided it is hardly credible inappropriately overemotional and apologist where Alexander and his escapades are concerned while at the same time condemning Arias for her own transgressions at the same time and lacking crucial parts in not illuminating Arias upbringing and development further Overall still an okay read as there were only very few grammatical errorsswitched or missing words and Hogan did get the timeline and events right which is not a given with True Crime books unfortunately

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Picture Perfect Epub ✓ 368 pages ↠ Mormon motivational speaker Travis Alexander was involved in a relationship with a beautiful photographer until it turned deadlyIn June 2008 in Mesa Arizona the body of 30 year old Travis Alexander was discovered brutally murdered in his home He had been shot in the face slashed across the throat and stabbeN a devout Mormon handsome and hard working beloved by all and his death came as an enormous shock Suspicion pointed to one woman Jodi Arias Travis had met Jodi at a conference 18 months prior and he was instantly taken with the beautiful aspiring photographer Separated by 400 miles they began a long distance relationship It became clear Picture Perfect by Shanna Hogan is the best book I've read so far about the Jodi Arias case Ms Hogan's writing flows beautifully and her attention to detail is perfect Loved the back stories on both Jodi and Travis as well as their relationship The author leaves her opinion until the very end so that the reader can make their own assumption on whether or not they think Jodi is guilty Highly recommended to anyone who has followed this case or is new to it