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美少女戦士セーラームーンショートストーリーズ 1 Bishōjo Senshi Sailor Moon Short Stories 1Credete di aver letto tutte le avventure di Usagi e delle altre Guerriere Sailor SbagliatoNaoko Takeuchi ci regala altre piccole perle per non smettere di fantasticare assieme alle nostre beniamine Picc. A collection of seven off the wall and funny short stories of 'Sailor Moon' none of which are actually about Sailor Moon herself but her Guardian friendsFirst off there's 'Chibi Usa's Picture Diary Beware the Transfer Student' About Chibiusa's first days at school her classmates and vampires Sailor Moon and Sailor Venus are idols for Chibiusa as well as for the rest of the kids They show up to defeat a vampire in a few panels Cute art standard story for little uns and BTW I didn't know vampires liked flowersThe second story is called 'Chibi Usa's Picture Diary Beware of Tanabata' revolving around the Chinese legend of Tanabata of Shokujo and Kengyu Haruka and Michiru make a cute cameo appearance Mamoru is an idiot the cats’ roles diminish as time goes on and there's straw feminism mixed with stereotyped assumptions about men as well Plus like with the 'Codename Sailor V' manga there's the implication that only young slim pretty girls can be happy because they'll have handsome men in their lives I wouldn't call this a subversion or deconstruction of an old legend when it sorely relies on gender stereotypes to get its point acrossThird is 'Chibi Usa's Picture Diary Beware of Cavities' A typical monster of the week story about fearing dentists Add in a rather weak healthy eating message and the job’s done; no insight to be found here At least Sailor Moon and Sailor Venus share in a battle again with Chibiusa thank heaven this is her last Picture Diary entry she's had enough of the spotlight And wow these stories are excessively boisterous I'd even call the artwork for the comedy scenes an eyesoreNow onto the 'Exam Battle Stories' exactly what it says on the tin The Inner Sailor Guardians are at their high school entrance examination period Ridiculous evil spirits to fight come and go too In 'The Melancholy of Mako Chan' we learn about everyone's favourite vigorous and feminine big sister Guardian Makoto Kino Sailor Jupiter as she procrastinates studying to go bargain hunting for pretty things to cook clean and drink tea during the girls' study groups 'Ami Chan's First Love' Ami MizunoSailor Mercury studies hard nearly all the time and contrary to her usual kind nature where exams are concerned she is tough on her friends to study as well She can understand and solve any and every problem Except for love letters which make her break out in hives In this story she obsessively competes against a rival who keeps getting the same perfect score as her in mock exam results to the point where she might be falling in love with someone she only knows by pen name Of course Ami's ideal man would be Albert Einstein and with so much emphasis on her being extremely intelligent 300 I why would she choose her own exam board pen name to be Mercury Isn't that a dead giveaway of her secret identity Like if Clark Kent were to submit a story to the Daily Planet under the name “Supes” Or if Bruce Wayne ran a business called “Bat Management” But aside from that this is a great Ami centered story She is drawn with such an array of expressions it's both funny and charming and boy is she competitive My favourite line from Minako is Rival euals enemy eh I think I'll stop trying to improve my grades then since I don't wanna get killed by Ami Chan Umino appears Even Usagi remarks that she forgot about his existence in the past year'Rei's and Minako's Girls School Battle' An instant favourite if you're a ReiMinako fan and consider the pairing to be canon or you think it should be They always look the perfect match when drawn together We delve into the hyperactive boy crazy superficial mind of one Minako AinoSailor Venus and what she thinks of each of her friends including her exact opposite Rei HinoSailor Mars Despite being jealous of Rei Minako does admire her refined friend This could be interpreted as their own special love story about a love hate relationship between two teenage girls growing up into high school age with new wider experiences ahead of themThe seventh and fortunately the last story is 'Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Side Story The Secret Hammer Price Hall' It is full of valley girl speak Oh joy I hate this sexist stereotype its overuse in the media in the 1990s early 2000s and how it typically has vapid Barbie clones effortlessly butcher the English language merely by opening their mouths In this case it’s most bizarre because the two valley girls are meant to be speaking Japanese They are called Ganguro girls here Culture sharing Approbation My eye twitches just reading the horrendous dialogue even if it is parody and I don't blame the translator for the interpretation One other thing; I do not care about brands and I never have Why would Chibiusa be friends with such airheads in the first place At least Hotaru Tomoe is at hand in her part as the straight man she is my hero in this While there are some genuinely funny moments Chubster Mask made me laugh out loud and the self aware Sailor Moon laments her lack of presence in these stories despite being the main character it is obnoxious and messy overall There’s too many grown men fetishizing young girls and apparently 'Sailor Moon' is a franchise in its own universe with its own cosplay manga and anime Whatever clearly it's not meant to be taken seriously just like the other stories And whenever an enemy shows up why do the Sailor Guardians keep transforming from their civilian identities in public in front of everyoneAnother thing isn't the cover of this volume the cutest most precious thing ever Takeuchi san's art continues to amaze meMy final 'Sailor Moon' manga review is coming up with the second short stories volume containing in my opinion much better and sophisticated storytelling; the best the franchise has to offerFinal Score 355

Free read 美少女戦士セーラームーンショートストーリーズ 1 [Bishōjo Senshi Sailor Moon Short Stories 1]

Free read ó 美少女戦士セーラームーンショートストーリーズ 1 [Bishōjo Senshi Sailor Moon Short Stories 1] ï PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Ö Credete di aver letto tutte le avventure di Usagi e delle altOle storie che come un gioiello ritrovato o un cioccolatino nel freddo dell’inverno ci scalderanno il cuore col sapore del ricordo Dal diario segreto di Chibiusa alle vicende scolastiche di Ami e di M. This was fun but not really anything necessary to read unless you’re really into sailor moon like I am

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Ako fino al mistero dell’Hammer Price Hall sei racconti bijou per poter continuare a sognare come sempre in due edizioni una da edicola e una da fumetteria per accontentare anche i palati più raffina. Well this was absolutely horrible I cannot believe that the intended age group is teenaged girls On top of that I cannot believe that I read and watched sailor moon as a 14 year old No wonder I was so fatphobic and had a kind of fetish of being with older guys plus my eating disorders I'm not blaming it all on sailor moon I'm just saying sailor moon was part of the problem and did not help solve it Number 1 the fatphobia and issues with body image and encouraging eating disorders 2 the pedophilia these two images the characters are grade school girls and yet Naoko Takeuchi has no problem with sexualizing them In one of the images they transform and say that they are grade school cosplayers It can be seen that a man has blood coming out of his nose as a response to this In anime and manga that means the man is having an erection This is disgusting And in the other the girls' panties are showing and tuxedo mask a roughly 18 year old man dating a 14 year old girl is looking at their panties This is absolutely revolting I just can't I know I have already said this but I can't say it enough Naoko Takeuchi apparently has some sort of pedophilic fetish Mamoro is 18 who dates Usagi 14 Helios pegasus is obviously a grown man dating chibi usa I don't care if she is 902 years old it is clear that she has never matured and that is why she looks and acts like a 6 year old I'm utterly disgusted and will not continue with the short stories series