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read Honor's Splendour reader Ä Paperback ¸ moneyexpresscard » New York Times çok satanlar yazarı Julie Garwood'dan sürükleyici bir hikâye kalbinizi ısıtacak karakterler Leydi Madelyne acımasız ağabeyi Baron Louddon'ın zalimce planlarının cezasını çekmektedir Kurt olarak bilinen Baron Duncan i?er Zamanla her ikisi de birbirlerine karşı koyamazlar ancak Madelyne lordu gibi cesur ve bir kurt kadar güçlü bir şekilde onuru için mücadelesini sürdürmeye devam eder Tek kelimeyle büyüleyici Romantic Tim A re read that had me smiling and entertainedSet in the medieval times this book gives us fierce Baron Duncan of Wexton who seeks revenge against the man who raped his sister what he doesn't count on is falling in love with the women he aims to use in order to gain his revenge Madelyne At times Madelyne's switch from meek to defiant and back again had me pausing ever so slightly but it didn't drive me madThere's a sweet and gentle tone to this one that I enjoy Potential Triggers view spoilerReferences to rape and murder hide spoiler

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New York Times çok satanlar yazarı Julie Garwood'dan sürükleyici bir hikâye kalbinizi ısıtacak karakterler Leydi Madelyne acımasız ağabeyi Baron Louddon'ın zalimce planlarının cezasını çekmektedir Kurt I have to say I have yet to read a Julie Garwood novel that I don't love but there was something special about Honor's Splendour that makes it stand out in my mind and has made it one of my favorite readsGarwood's books feature women who though they might not know it at the time are strong honorable compassionate and very wise Watching them come into their own is such an enjoyable experienceThe same can be said for the men of her novels They are usually gruff arrogant and very set in their ways but at all times honorable Now to Honor's SplendourSeeking revenge Baron Duncan of Wexton sets out to kidnap Madelyne the sister of Baron Louddon the man responsible for the brutal attack on Duncan's sister Adela What happens though he could never have anticipated Madelyne became the captor holding Duncan's heart as no other woman ever hasMadelyne spent years being abused by her brotherBaron Louddon and has finally had enough Packing her few belongings she waits for the right moment to leave her brother's fortress hoping to find safety in Scotland at the home of her cousin As she awaits the moment she can escape she spots Baron Duncan stripped of clothing and tied to a post in the courtyard left to die in the freezing night Unaware of Duncan's purpose for being there to kidnap her she risks all to set him free to protect him from her brother What she didn't realize was that Duncan didn't need rescuing Allowing himself to be captured was part of the plan for he and his men to gain access to the fortress and Madelyne herselfFreeing Duncan from his bindings and gathering his clothes Madelyne takes him into the visting priests uarters behind the chapel where one simple act of compassion will change her life and his foreverWhich leads me to my favorite uote from the book found on page 28 and gave me one of those sigh moments that I love so much Lady Madelyne had sealed her own fate She'd warmed his feetJulie Garwood has become one of my favorite authors and Honor's Splendour one of my favorite books

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Honor's SplendourOlarak bilinen Baron Duncan intikam ateşiyle Louddon'ın arazisine adamlarını saldığında genç kızı esiri olarak kaçırır Fakat bu mağrur güzeli tanıdıkça onu hayatı pahasına koruyacağına dair and i? Yay another great book by Julie Garwood The story opens with Baron Duncan of Wexton stripped of his clothing tied to a post and left to freeze to death by Baron Louddon's men But as soon as he's alone Louddon's sister Lady Madelyne comes to his rescue and frees him Ducan can't believe his luck not that he's in any real danger and in need of her help because his capture was all part of a bigger plan but fate is just giving him what he came for Duncan's sister Adela was raped by Louddon about a month ago so he decided to kidnap Madelyn and force a confrontation with her brother seeking revenge for what he's done Having Madelyne unselfishly help him is beyond anything Duncan expected and he falls hard and fast for her Obviously it takes some time until he realizes thatAs soon as Duncan is freed he and his men attack Louddon's men and destroy his fortress When the battle is over Duncan is disappointed to find that Louddon is absent since the coward Baron escaped to London soon after Duncan was captured thinking of establishing an alibi for Duncan's death Knowing that Louddon will go after them Duncan takes Madelyne as his captive to his home And so it begins a most romantic storyThis book hooked me from the start with one of the most beautiful opening scenes I've ever read Oh I've heard about the whole feet warming and such beforehand as it's often mentioned as a memorable scene by many readers but it didn't lessen the impact of it It was exciting to actually read the whole scene and not only a snippet of it and I was smiling and sighing like a ninny the whole time Like Duncan I fell in love with Madelyn there and thenAs I'm beginning to expect from Garwood's heroines Madelyne was a bit ditzy and clumsy but her kindness and courage won me over Her inability to tell a lie was charming sometimes funny and in the end saved the day See it pays to always tell the truth especially if you tell it in a way that gets people a little confused Duncan was also what I've come to expect from a Garwood's hero an arrogant but honorable warrior protective patient and completely devoted to Madelyne He did force her to marry him but it was for her protection among other reasons like his yet unprofessed love for her and his desire do bed her ; and he never meant to hurt or harm her in any wayHonor's Splendour was all about Duncan and Madelyne realizing they were made for each other and as a bonus making Louddon pay for his sins I loved the way Ducan explained to himself why he felt compelled to sneak into Madelyne's bedroom to sleep with her when she was still his captive I smiled with his listing the reasons for marrying her I sighed every time he sighed just for show of course with one of her antics I laughed with her attempts at learning self defense To sum things up I adored Duncan and MadelyneThe only thing that bothered me a bit in this book was I felt it dragged a little after Duncan and Madelyne said ILY to each other Things got too calm and uiet after that and I couldn't wait to see how Duncan was going to finish Louddon for good I trusted Duncan but I didn't trust King William and his special friendship with Louddon could be a problem In the end everything worked out and Duncan and Madelyne got their true HEA after all this is Romancelandia This was only my fourth book by Garwood and based on what I've read so far I can't wait to read of her Working my way through her backlist will keep me entertained for a long time and I couldn't be happier