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Gem Of Gravane The Northern Knights #1 characters È eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ô Falling in love with her was not part of his plan Aric Claydon weary and in the foulest of moods arrives in Northumberland from Normandy to claim his Saxon bride Lady Danielle almost a year late The girl is far from a ravishiAn warrior with hope the formidable man will be the end to her silent suffering and peace will finally come to her people Yet all hopes of salvation are dashed when the handsome warrior arrives in the night and takes one look at her Danielle knows a man like Aric could never love or offer her comfort but she is determined to make the most of it and prove to him that there is room for her love in his warrior's heart. This book was a pleasure to read It's nice to have a heroine that's not a skinny drop dead gorgeous woman or a feisty take charge person They usually seem to be one or the other Having an overweight plainish limping heroine was good Likewise I liked that Arik never really changed his personality by the end of the book he was the same guy he started out or lessWhat I didn't like was that she was always in tears Enough already with the tears I don't think women in those days cried over every little thing and she certainly made up for a lot of them If she wasn't sobbing her eyes were swimming in tears or glistening with tearsOverall a good read I'm looking forward to reading something else by Amber Dane

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Falling in love with her was not part of his plan Aric Claydon weary and in the foulest of moods arrives in Northumberland from Normandy to claim his Saxon bride Lady Danielle almost a year late The girl is far from a ravishing beauty nursing a small affliction and other irksome habits Yet compelled by a knight's oath and loyalty to his king Aric performs his duty The Lady Danielle is a means to an end to complete. Amber Dane breathes new life into the medieval romance novel Her characters stay true to who they are even as they grow The scenery is descript but doesn't bog down the chapters And one particular villain involved is uite peculiar If you read this you will understand my reference oAric is the brutish strong authoritive knight in this first installment of the series And he couldn't have been better Danielle is silent yet strong stubborn yet giving and loving The way Danielle blooms under the callused hand of a dark rough battle seasoned warrior is beautiful to read And the way Aric remains all of those things but still is able to grow into such an amazing hero is fantasticThough I'm not expert the dialogue and old world English were done so well In fact I didn't once have to 'think' about what a certain word or phrase meant Ms Dane magically cast her words so that even an old world begginer such as myself could understand without one stumbleThere were a couple of small editing issues incorrect words doubled up word areas but they were very few and far between Bravo on doing such a great job on editing your self published work It's hard to find a self pub with such great editingOverall I truly love this book and cannot wait for Rourke's story to follow However I have to ask myself How will Amber Dane make me fall in love with her next hero and heroine as much as I love Aric and Danielle I don't know if she can but I think she should release book 2 so I can find out o

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Gem Of Gravane The Northern Knights #1His gain and if he's lucky bless him with an heir and nothing Soon enough Aric learns his new bride is not as timid as he first thought but mysterious and with secrets of her own Even as he gives in to the fiery passion she wields he vows she will never hold his heart But when danger and treachery abound he will stop at nothing to protect herThe Lady Danielle resigns herself to the fact that she must marry the Norm. Amber Dane's Gem of Gravane is perfect Aric is the uintessential Knight; he is tough protective chivalrous and has a hidden softness about him Danielle is the ultimate heroine; strong stubborn spunky and sexy with her voluptuous curves Once I started reading Gem I couldn't put it down It is well written thorough and intriguing Dane has created a classic as engaging and enthralling as Jude Deveraux and Johanna LindseyDane adds humor in her dialogue and story telling that makes this medieval romance as fun a read as it is mysterious and thrilling I fell in love with Aric and Danielle and found myself part of their uniue story I cannot wait for the next book in Amber Dane's The Northern Knights Series