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Let It Be Me review ´ 3 Ü London weather is chilly—and the social scene even so Luckily Bridget Forrester is just getting warmed upBridget longs to meet a gentleman who doesn't mention her beautiful sister upon shaking her hand But since being branded a shrew after a disastrous social season Bridget knows she's lucky to even have a man come near her It's Ugh to make a lady flee the countrySo Bridget heads to Venice for music lessons with the renowned Italian composer Vincenzo Carpenini with whom she's been corresponding But not only is Carpenini not expecting her he doesn't even remember her His friend theater owner Oliver Merrick does though And one look into her tantalizing green. Kate Noble has some good things going for her If she's in the right mood and the planets are aligned properly she can create a fantastic heroine Unfortunately her stories in the past were such that the idea seemed far better than the actual book that was the result of the idea Something was always missing or something is done in a way that had me going Honey why do you do that to your story Let It Be Me is easily one of the best books she has done so far but it's not going to change my current opinion of her books unfortunatelyBridget Forrester is a fantastic heroine It is as if the author had done some magic trick and snatched my mind and placed it inside the heroine's head because everything about Bridget's insecurities feels so real You know sometimes a person is uite normal in many ways but just can't fit in That's Bridget She loves music and she's never happier then when she's playing the piano but this isn't something that your average English lady in 1824 is encouraged to doThe poor dear is also constantly overshadowed by her sister who is the ideal English debutante in so many ways and as a result she often feels so insecure and even defensive when she's in town Her insecurities lead to become stand offish in society and she develops some kind of acerbic humor as a defense mechanism Without really doing anything she develops a reputation for being shrewish as well as weirdOne day she receives a letter from Vincenzo Carpenini a music composer that she once met when she was younger Back then he was apparently very impressed with her piano playing and when this letter shows up asking her whether she's interested to be his pupil it's like oh god finally someone recognizes that she's good at something It turns out that the letter was written by Vincenzo's buddy Oliver Merrick who was hoping that Bridget would help them reverse their fortunes after Vincenzo slept with his patron's daughter and jeopardizes his position as the powerful Marchese di Gribaldi's favorite music composerBridget learns of the change of plans after she has let the whole of London's Ton believe that Vincenzo is coming over to find her which as you can imagine a situation best described as beyond awkward When circumstances allow her to go to Venice and meet Vincenzo in person she may however finally find the adventure of a lifetime Oliver is one of the happiest people in the world to see her but alas she seems so taken by his buddy that poor Oliver finds himself standing awkwardly in that sad place called friend zoneOne thing that flows very clear from every word is the beauty and even sensuality of the music that we know today as classical music Beethoven's Piano Sonata No 23 in F Minor the piece that Bridget would play in a competition that would hopefully restore Vincenzo's position as the favored one in town becomes a powerful and evocative representation of Bridget's sensual awakening as well as coming of age The best scenes in this story are those where Bridget just closes her eyes and live the music This is one of the reasons why Bridget is a fantastic heroine her passion for her music feels very real not some kind of hobby a romance heroine pretends to be interested in until she find

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London weather is chilly and the social scene even so Luckily Bridget Forrester is just getting warmed upBridget longs to meet a gentleman who doesn't mention her beautiful sister upon shaking her hand But since being branded a shrew after a disastrous social season Bridget knows she's lucky to even have a man come near her It's eno. This started out reeaaaaaaalllllly slow to me Though I did like the premise that this was a Regency Romance that doesn't take place in England which is really nice but I did not like Carpenini And Kate Noble rather sneakily slow rolls the development of the Oliver character but once he kind of blossoms into full force which really doesn't happen til like the 60% mark then it was adorable and I thoroughly enjoyed Oliver hurray for introverted characters and loved the ending

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Let It Be MeEyes has him cursing his impulsive letter writing which brought her across the continent Yet before Merrick can apologize Carpenini has ordered her awayLittle does either man know that they will soon be embroiled in a wager that will reuire the beautiful Miss Forrester's help or that there'll be far at stake in this gamble than mone. Bridget Forrester didn’t have a very good first season Her older sister Sarah was a rapturous success and Bridget found herself the subject of constant comparisons Bridget responded by outwardly acting the shrew – and inwardly losing all confidence in herself especially in her ability to do the thing she loves most of all play the pianoforteWhen “Let It Be Me” begins the gently bred Bridget receives a letter from a renowned Venetian composer Vincenzo Carpenini who had heard her play several years earlier when she was little than a child He offers to become her teacher on his next trip to England But that trip never materializes and after a disastrous attempt to play publicly Bridget and her sister and mother decide to take a tour of Italy that eventually leads them to Carpenini’s doorUnfortunately Carpenini did not write the letter; it was his friend and financial lifeboat Oliver Merrick Carpenini resists the thought of taking on Bridget as a student – until he’s confronted with a competition that will pit his skills as a teacher against his new nemesis the Viennese composer Gustav KleinSo Bridget becomes his student But she’s rusty and the piece she’s asked to play – Beethoven’s No 23 – is a complex and impassioned work Bridget knows she is out of her depth as well as petrified of performing in public and of failing in general Which is why and when Oliver comes to her rescue engaging in a variety of activities to help Bridget become comfortable and engaged in her lessons including – yes – arranging for harleuins to juggle while she practices to keep her from becoming too nervous So not exactly clowns then But you knowWhen Oliver and Bridget walk home from one of her practice sessions he gives her another lesson this time in kissing It’s not long before Bridget begins to realize that there’s to Oliver and that he’s also helping her discover that there’s to her too“Let It Be Me” began slowly slowly than Flunky liked with a lot of action centering on Bridget and her woes in England Even when the story moved to Venice things seemed to delay and it wasn’t until Bridget began her lessons with Carpenini that “Let It Be Me” seemed to move onto firmer footingOnce it did Flunky began to enjoy the tone and pace of the story In a pleasant deviation from every other historical romance she has read of late Flunky found this to be a story of building heat one where Bridget and Oliver’s connection take time to grow They are not immediately concocting new and creative ways to rip off each other’s garments and while there is a physical component friendship is at the heart of the attraction It felt real to Flunky easy appealing and charming without being overly tweeNow that all said it was a shame that it wasn’t of the book While Flunky found the concept of a musical competition appealing many members of her family are musical although not Flunky herself it often felt as though we were sandwiching a romance into a story about a music competition And yet when it actually came time for that competition to take place – well it all came together nicely so maybe Flunky doesn’t know her Aeolian harp from her bandoneonWhile Flunky