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review The Fairest Beauty 103 Ú A daring rescue A difficult choice Sophie desperately wants to get away from her stepmother's jealousy and believes escape is her only chance to be happy Then a young man named Gabe arrives from Hagenheim Castle claiming she is betrothed to his older brother and everything twists upside down This could be Sophie's one chance at fBetrothed to someone else he promises himself he will see the mission through no matter what When the pair flee to the Cottage of the Seven they find help but also find their feelings for each other have grown Now both must not only protect each other from the dangers around them they must also protect their heart. 25 Snow White has been one of my favourite fairy tales ever since I was a little girl It was one of the few Disney VHS we had in the house and I watched it often I always found the story thrilling and exciting and was hoping that The Fairest Beauty would convey the same feels But careless impulsive book hoarding me bought it a long time ago without realizing it was a YA novel I do not like YA novels Mainly because I prefer to read romance between adults and not teenagers but also because they are an odd mix of far fetchedness and good plot with too many implausible actions to take the story seriously but enough adventure to keep you interested and the long and short of it is that I never know what to make of them I know that this book is a fairy tale retelling and is therefore meant to be light and for enjoyment purposes only but I couldn't help wishing as I read along that the author had taken time to develop the characters and work on the plot I saw so much potential for an amazing story filled with lavish period details of the 15th century which were seriously lacking here and a great re working of the original Snow White plot that the mish mash presented here left me really disappointed The general idea is really good I grant you but that is just the problem; it reads like an outline than a novel Snow White aka Sophie is a scullery maid at Hohendorf Castle where the mistress of the house the redoubtable Duchess Ermengard loves to torment and bully her She locks her up in the dudgeon for trifles makes her work hard and insults her all day long Sophie nevertheless remains a good humble and charitable girl always ready to forgive her enemies She displayed very good examples of Christian virtues throughout the story and even though she was a bit too bland and lacked personality I really liked her She truly was Snow White personified with her immeasurable goodness and incredible beauty and I found her very loveable Her prince however the hero Gabe was another story Okay I admit he was cute in a very immature and boyish way wanting to play the hero and rescue the fair maiden and all and his intentions were good all along but let's face it the poor guy was an idiot He just leaves his castle to go find Sophie after Pinnosa told his family that she was in danger and not only does he have NO plan at all on how to rescue Sophie prove that she is the daughter of a long lost Duke defeat the evil Duchess run away and bring her back to safety at his own castle but he EXPECTS THAT EVERYTHING WILL GO WELL I kid you not He arrives in Hohendorf pretending to be a poor pilgrim or something but doesn't remove his jewelry or his fashionable boots that clearly proclaim his nobility and then wonders idly why everyone is staring at him and why no one believes his story Then when he finds Sophie and blurts out the truth about her birth he expects her to swoon in his arms and fall on her knees in a fit of gratefulness before hopping on his horse with him to ride back to Hagenheim I swear I almost DNFed Almost I was close sooo closeBut I chose to read on only to be disconcerted by what happens next In order to charm the Duchess towe're not sure what because poor Gabe doesn't have a plan he decides that he will sing to her and play his lute and maybewhat What is he hoping for That she will just let him and Sophie go Is he daft or what But brace yourselves it works It works I couldn't believe it I wasn't sure if it was all a ruse on the Duchess' part or if she was as imbecilic as she was vain but it was definitely the latter Why Duchess Ermengard who kills anyone she pleases and doesn't let strangers come to the castle suddenly lets herself be charmed by Gabe's playing I have no idea but it made NO SENSE I'm serious the first part of this book with Gabe's rescuing at the castle was horrible It was so bad I should have DNFed right there Everyone knows what happens in Snow White anyways Except about the super fun twist about Gabe actually being engaged to another chick and Sophie being engaged to Gabe's elder brother Isn't this exciting Things get complicated though because even though they are trying so hard to deny their attraction to each other Gabe and Sophie fall in love Who would have thought They aren't supposed to be in love THEY ARE BOTH BETROTHED TO SOMEONE ELSE Oh the horror What are they going to do This is an insurmountable obstacle Duchess Ermengard and her killing potions and mad guards in pursuit to kill you both you can handle but the forbidden love Oh Too much Have I mentioned that Gabe hasn't seen his fiancée in over a year and that Valten Gabe's older brother has never even seen Sophie And that Sophie doesn't have any parents so far that could interfere and that Gabe's parents are very kind and understanding Had I mentioned it Yet there they are lamenting over the fact that they can't be together and trying to either fight their love Sophie or determinedly stating that they will find a way to defy conventions and be together Gabe He keeps saying that he will find a way for them to be able to marry yet he does nothing Anne exploded at this pointDUDE YOU HAVEN'T SEEN YOUR FIANCEE IN OVER A YEAR MAYBE SHE DOESNT EVEN WANT TO MARRY YOU ANYMORE WHY DON'T YOU WRITE HER A LETTEEEEERRRRRR AND AAAAAAAAAAASSSSSKKKKKThis is the 15th Century for heaven's sake it's not like there wasn't any paper and uills I don't how I did it but I managed to finish the book I must admit that the parts with the Seven were good and kept me interested and I liked to meet Gabe's brother Valten I happen to own The Captive Maiden the next book in the series and Valten's story and I must say that I had enough interest in him to make me want to read his book I'm just crossing my fingers it won't be as stupid as this one Fairy tale all the way or fairy tale not at all but please no in between If you're going to make this a complete fairytale esue piece of fluff then go all the way and at least have Gabe resurrect Sophie with a kiss when she eats the apple but if it was supposed to be a reasonable and plausible story I don't know what to say Paper and uill man Communication Someone went a little crazy with Snow White gifs I apologize ;

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One chance at freedom but can she trust another person to keep her safe Gabe defied his parents Rose and Wilhelm by going to find Sophie and now he believes they had a right to worry the girl's inner and outer beauty has enchanted him Though romance is impossible she is his brother's future wife and Gabe himself is. An utterly beautiful retelling of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs The Fairest Beauty captivated me It was sweet and enchanting dramatic and suspenseful and of course filled with romance I loved the characters they were fresh and alive Sophie was perfect in the role of Snow White even better than I could have imagined I liked that she struggled over the love triangle going on knowing she was promised to Gabe’s brother knowing she should be honorable trying to convince herself she thought of Gabe as just a brother She was innocent and feminine and it was so refreshing Gabe and Sophie’s escaping journey was both daring and “hold your breath” and also sweet and fun The Seven were endearing The ueen was indeed an evil ueen The new characters put into the classic tale added fresh meanings and fullness to this retelling of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs And of course it made it ever so much better that it was a Christian rewrite of the classic fairy tale That just makes it all the happy for me ^^ It took a while for the end to progress but all in all The Fairest Beauty was well worth waiting for –A beautiful story to match a stunningly gorgeous cover I have never enjoyed the fairy tale of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs so much

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The Fairest BeautyA daring rescue A difficult choice Sophie desperately wants to get away from her stepmother's jealousy and believes escape is her only chance to be happy Then a young man named Gabe arrives from Hagenheim Castle claiming she is betrothed to his older brother and everything twists upside down This could be Sophie's. Seventeen year old Sophie is a scullery maid for the cruel vain Duchess of Hohendorf The Duchess enjoys sadistically punishing everyone who crosses her path but saves a special hatred for Sophie for the girl is strikingly pretty and the Duchess envies her Meanwhile in the nearby fiefdom of Hagenheim the Duke’s family has taken in an elderly woman on Death’s door The old servant Pinnosa tells the Duke and his two sons with her dying breath that Sophie daughter of the late Duke of Hohendorf still lives Sophie matters to the Hagenheim family because she was the betrothed of Valten Hagenheim’s heir The betrothal took place when she was an infant and he was five Two years later Sophie was apparently dead of one of the many fatal illnesses that cycled through medieval Europe Valten isn’t sure whether to believe Pinnosa’s story He’s vaguely curious but can’t go to Hohendorf anyway because he just broke his leg in a jousting accident His younger brother Gabe who’s something of a wild child thinks that this lead is too interesting to delay investigating He defies his parents and rides to Hohendorf badly disguised as a pilgrim to search for his brother’s betrothed And he finds her—a pretty and genteel lass who endures the obsessive sneering of the Duchess and the invasive advances of the fiefdom’s huntsman Lorencz Sophie can also read an extremely rare trait in scullery maids but a common one in aristocrats To the surprise of exactly no one except Sophie who has no self esteem Gabe starts falling for the girl himself The Duchess panics realizing that the handsome and silly young man who just rode into her territory is probably a Hagenheim agent here to rescue Sophie So she imprisons him in her dungeon while sending Lorencz to drag the girl into the forest and kill her Gabe escapes and Lorencz is unable to finish the dreadful deed demanded of him Sophie and Gabe find each other but now they’re lost in the wilderness with a murderous duchess sending agents to kill them no food or medical supplies and no uick safe way to HagenheimContent Advisory Violence Lorencz slams Sophie’s head against a tree to knock her cold and tries to stab her but decides against it Gabe and Sophie both get wounded with arrows; his injury becomes infected and needs several weeks’ tending view spoiler The Duchess stabs Sophie in the heart but the knife gets caught in the wooden cross pendant the girl always wears under her clothing and she survives The Duchess falls into a brook and is drowned by her heavy clothing while fleeing the scene of the crime hide spoiler