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Me Before You kindle Ç 369 pages ô Jojo Moyes ô Discover the love story that captured over 20 million hearts in Me Before You After You and Still MeThey had nothing in common until love gave them everything to lose Louisa Clark is an ordinary girl living an exceedingly ordinary life—steady boyfriend close family—who hasSter of the Universe Will Traynor who is wheelchair bound after an accident Will has always lived a huge life big deals extreme sports worldwide travel and now he’s pretty sure he cannot live the way he isWill is acerbic moody bossy but Lou refuses to treat him with kid gloves and soon his happiness means to her than she expected When she learns that Will has shocking Being a male reader on a booksite you kind of expect to be outnumbered when it comes to the sexes But that doesn't keep alarm bells from blaring like a convoy of reversing trucks when practically every reviewer of a book is of the female gender And when the author in addition is touted as the winner of multiple romance novel awards your primal male instinct is to run like your being chased by some primordial predatorSo it was really against my instinct and better judgement that I began reading this book But this is NOT a romance novel In fact it is a brilliant comment on the issue of euthanasia which claims it's brilliance by reading like a romance novel and not a political comment Having personally cared for a handful of terminal people over a period of years I feel I can safely say that many of the thoughts on serious auired disabities and the uality of life is fairly realistic and though the romance part can't avoid a bit of Hollywood sheen it never really gets unbelievable and helps the reader engage himherself in the characters and thus in their horrible dilemmaThoroughly engaging and thought provoking this is the best book I've read so far this year and I so did not see it coming

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Discover the love story that captured over 20 million hearts in Me Before You After You and Still MeThey had nothing in common until love gave them everything to lose Louisa Clark is an ordinary girl living an exceedingly ordinary life steady boyfriend close family who has barely been farther afield than their tiny village She takes a badly needed job working for ex–Ma As much as I like a good love story I wouldn't call myself a romantic Not by a long shot In fact I can be pretty cold hearted when it comes to romance books remaining emotionless in the face of tragic heartbreak and loss The Fault in Our Stars didn't move me Eleanor Park was cute but still an average read for me There's just certain things that I don't like Emotionally manipulative books that feel as if the author set out with an agenda to tug at my heart strings that would be up there with the worst I guess I subconsciously rebel when I can see what the author's trying to do to my feelings I avoid a lot of adult chick lit for this reason because experience has shown that most of these books are like Lifetime movies melodramatic and cheesily message drivenBut somehow despite my reluctance to try this book because it seemed it would fall into all the aforementioned boxes I ended up caving under the pressure and grabbing this book from my local library I didn't expect much I was just going to try a little bit and see how it went feeling confident that it would be crappy and I would be right But hell I got schooledI just I can't even pretend any screw the book snobbery I thought Me Before You was wonderfulI laughedI criedI shipped like crazyI stayed up most of the nightBeing proven wrong may never have felt so goodI got the giggles about halfway through chapter one and struggled to get rid of them Humour books are always a difficult sell because I guess it always depends on what you find funny but I found Lou Clark to be an hilarious heroine She's one of those charming but unfortunate individuals that finds herself in numerous awkward situations but somehow gets through them and just warms your heart with her delightful lack of propriety I don't know if there is really such a thing as a British sense of humour but I've enjoyed a bunch of British chick lithumour with similar MCs Bridget Jones Confessions of Georgia Nicholson so maybe there's a pattern here with my tastesIf you're considering this book but think you're a shameless unromantic like me DO NOT read any uotes from it People keep pulling up these uotes about the meaning of life and carpe diem and it makes the whole thing seem much cheesier than it is I thought there was a pleasant lack of cheese hehe It's also nowhere near as romantic as everything tries to make you think the cover the UK one is even worse the blurb the title when actually there's very little romance There is a touch of finding love in unexpected places and against the odds but the main focus of this book is about life and the importance of choicesIf you haven't already been told the story is about Lou who needs a job and Will who needs a carer after an accident left him paralysed Completely unable to move anything below his mid torso Will longs for death and wants to go to Switzerland to put an end to his misery Horrified by this discovery Lou sets out to improve his life and give him a reason to live and look forward to each day The relationship between them is told in such a wonderful way and develops through several stages each filled with hilarity I think people's reactions emotions and decisions felt completely realistic in Me Before You even if I didn't always like them The whole book was filled with the funny ridiculous situations that we expect to find in comic fiction but balanced out with a hard dose of reality It makes you think about things you didn't think about before without seeming like the author wanted to make you think about them

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Me Before YouPlans of his own she sets out to show him that life is still worth living A Love Story for this generation and perfect for fans of John Green’s The Fault in Our Stars Me Before You brings to life two people who couldn’t have less in common a heartbreakingly romantic novel that asks What do you do when making the person you love happy also means breaking your own hear There goes my heartHold on I need a few seconds to make sense of what happened I can’t believe it I was warned it would come as a shock and even the author gently glided our thoughts toward that idea but I still felt that PANG in my chest when reading the endingThat’s all I’m going to say about that for fear of spoiling anything for youLouisa is a simple girl She works She cares for her family She does what she has to do She doesn’t take risks or ever act recklessly It’s not who she is; her responsibilities come firstWill’s playground is life itself He has a great job a great girlfriend and the means to go wherever he wants and do whatever he desiresThat is before the accident happens Now he’s in a wheelchair paralysed and dead inside The man he was before is gone now he can’t even recognize himselfWhen Louisa and Will meet there is no love at first sight She is his new caregiver He is someone she can’t decipher But the they spend time together the Louisa discovers the wonders that life has to offerI read Me Before You expecting to discover the most poignant love story on earthBut I found something else instead This is the story of a twenty six year old woman who has no long term objective in life and doesn’t think about her future She never left the country and stays away from anything remotely dangerous Will is determined to open her eyes to the unknown With him by her side she gains confidence determination learns not to let anyone dictate her actions and finally realizes what is best for herShe needs him in her life even though she doesn’t know it and he relishes in her presence He is her sun and she is hisThe themes of acceptance family friendship and life are even present than the love one And I realized that it’s all those developed themes that made me like this book so much Cheesy corny clichéd overdone are all terms that DO NOT apply to this bookIt’s unlike any contemporary book I’ve read before Louisa is a charming woman with a sense of humor and fantastic imagination Reading the book through her perspective was utterly delightful We also have sporadic chapters narrated from other characters such as Will’s mom and Louisa’s sisterMaybe you’re not a fan of romance Maybe you don’t like chick literature or maybe you never read adult booksI’m here to tell you that it doesn’t matter It will not affect your enjoyment of this bookYou know why? Me Before You will win you over whether you want it to or notBlog | Youtube | Twitter | Instagram | Google