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Free download Ava by Carole Maso ↠ E-book, or Kindle E-pub Þ From her hospital bed on this her last day on earth she makes one final ecstatic voyage People places offhand memories and imaginary things drift in and out of Ava's consciousness and weave their way through the narrative The voices of her three former husbandsEr to the music that is silenceAVA is an attempt in the words of French feminist philosopher Helene Cixous to come up with a language that heals as much as it separates The fragments of the novel are combined to make a new kind of wholeness allowing environments states of mind and rhythms not ordinarily associated with fiction to emerge AVA's theme is the poignancy of mortality the extraordinary desire to live the inevitability of deathamp the things never done never understood the things never said or said right or said enough Ava yearns and the reader yearns with her struggling to hold on to all that slips away. i'm amazed this isn't popular at first i thought the comparisons to david markson might have just been superficial and based solely on the format but the similarities go deeper both writers play with this kind of cyclical repetition of phrasesideas that works toward building a character's full consciousness wittgenstein's mistress to me is the definitive portrait of total aloneness in literature but ava is something different for someone deeply anxious about death at the best of times it was an occasionally painful read even though it is very passionate and life affirming it's about piecing together the fragments of past selves in an attempt to build something meaningful just before they evaporate forever and kind of a radical forbearer to contemporary feminist autofiction a beautiful book

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From her hospital bed on this her last day on earth she makes one final ecstatic voyage People places offhand memories and imaginary things drift in and out of Ava's consciousness and weave their way through the narrative The voices of her three former husbands emerge Francesco a filmmaker from Rome; Anatole lost in the air over France; Carlos a teenager from Granada The ways people she loved expressed themselves in letters or at the beach or at the moment of desire return to her There is Danilo her current lover a Czech novelist and others lovers of one night as she sings the endless joyous erotic song cycles of. Spare and poetic fragments trace a life from the death bed mixing memory and found epiphanies from other authors Maso does this sort of thing so excellently that I have to wonder why other writers get all the credit for this techniue in general Or why Maso isn't so much better known than she is

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Ava by Carole MaHer life because Dusk and the moment right before shapes are taken back is erotic And the darkThe voices of her literary loves as well are woven into the narrative Woolf Eliot Nabokov Beckett Sarraute Lorca Frisch among others These writers comment on and help guide us through the text We hear the voices of her parents who survived the Treblinka death camp and of her Aunt Sophie who did not War permeates the text for on Ava Klein's last day Ira has invaded Kuwait And above all we hear Ava's voice Hers is the voice of pleasure of astonishment the voice of regret the voice of gratitude as she moves closer and clos. I happen to really like associational books books built of fragments and images and repetitions which build themselves in their accumulation in your head rather than as a linear narrative and AVA is a classic a passionate and well travelled well read sensual woman a singer a writer a teacher of comparative literature dying at 39 of a rare blood disease as she dreams back through her life in phrases and images It reuires a bit of detective work to tease out who these images are describing and to layer them into three dimensions as the book goes along that the first husband Francesco was a filmmaker and her true match a relationship that drowned in promiscuous sexuality of both parties It is to this husband her thoughts return and return Determined to reshape the world according to the dictates of desire Other characters include a friend who died of AIDS Aldo a fellow singer; Anatole her French second husband whose child she miscarried; Carlos a very young Spaniard who she married on a whim; her current lover Danilo a novelist Czech or Polish the worrier Danilo laments the USA He says we have forgotten how to be AmericanThere are also a host of women whose separate identities are are less clear though no less beloved; Carlos' mother grandmother Ana Juiia and her satin shoes that someone steals; Marie claude and Emma Anatole's mother perhaps The giant head of Francoise Gilot in stone We took photographs though photographs were not allowed Marie Claude and Emma and Anatole and me smiling in the bright light and so much sea in the room called Joie de Vivre And the images and voice of her mother a survivor of Treblinka who in turn meditates on her own family her sister Sophie who did not survive the camps There are lines from other writers throughout including Eliot and Paul Celan and Lorca as well as refrains of feminist thinkers Moniue Wittig and Helene Cixous and the overarching figure of ColletteWhat I love most about this book is the rich sensuality of Maso's writing it is not primarily an intellectual book like David Markson's written in similar style but a book of passion for the things of this worldI had gone in search of Colette the great writer 9 Rue de BeujolaisNot perhaps the menage a trois he had in mind And the smell of mushrooms and applesNathalie Sarraute Helene Cixous Moniue WittigWinter rosesLonely beautiful Anatole Ashes I was Madame Forget For awhileIn Ava Maso has created a woman who burned through her life in travel in the pleasure of the flesh to live to sing to eat she remembers the spaghetti bolognese she and her lover ate almost important than the lover Her awareness of death looks like thisThe Bleecker Street Theater closes for good And suddenly it is clearWe are losingThe scales tip Please invoice me Input me Format me Impact me